Check Your NECO Results

How to Check Your NECO Results In 2021/2022 (

Check your  NECO Result in 2021/2022 is the next step in mind after a successful NECO exam –  To ease checking of results, NECO has designed a new Results online system that offers a convenient way to Check your NECO Results.

Check Your NECO Results

As soon the results are released, it will be made available via NECO Results  system (

Checking NECO Results by using NECO Results system, candidates can check their SSCE, BECE and NCEE results by purchasing tokens.

The token(s) can be shared with candidates, parents, schools, organizations or any person who wished to view the candidate’s results.

In another dimension,   Candidates do not require a token to check common entrance results

With the new NECO Results system, candidates can visit the Results portal to check their results using token.

How To Obtain Token

Tokens can be obtained in two ways:

  1. By creating an account, login-in and purchasing the token online using the payment options.
  2. By purchasing the token and sharing with another candidate via email or printing it out.

How to Check Your NECO Result in 2021/2022

To check your result, follow the five (5) simple steps above. You can also email or print your result

1. Select year Examination Type
2. Select year of examination
3. Enter your card PIN number
4. Enter your Examination Number
5. Click on “Check My Result” button
Note: NECO Result Card is N300 only.


  • First, visit the NECO website at with your examination registration number.
  • Click on ‘NECO Results’ and then click ‘Check Result!’. You will be taken to NECO results checking system ( to fill the required details.
  • Choose your exam year. i.e. 2020
  • Choose your exam type. i.e. SSCE Internal (JUN/JUL)
  • Enter your Token and Registration Number in the right columns
  • When you have filled all the details, click on the button ‘CHECK RESULT’ to access your NECO result.

How to  Check  NECO Result With Token

Here’s  how to Check NECO result in 2021/2022 with a required token; to get the token follow this steps;

  • Visit NECO website at
  • Create an account using the link or login-in if you already have an account
  •  After registering an account, proceed to buy the token online using any of the payment options.
  • Only one token is allowed per candidate but can be shared with candidate’s parents, schools, organizations or any person who wish to view the candidate’s results.

NECO Support Unit

1. Official Contacts
  • 08069232760, 08052218069,
  • 08052218070, 08126886938,
  • 08126886939, 08189342653,
  • 08189342754
2. Support mail

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