Confidence: A Key to Achieving Success

Discussing confidence as a key to achieving success, success is one big fat concept that is understood differently by individuals who are from uncommon backgrounds, stations, and cultural environments. These identified differences inform the diverse ways by which people approach the achievement of success in life.

Uncommon as it may be, it suffices to agree with the truth that the definitions of success are grounded in only unrelated perspectives. What this also means adequately aligns with the popular truth “different strokes for different folks”. That is, it is with the quality of the strength of character you have that you determine your success in life.

Unarguably, there are different qualities or traits of character which can be possessed by man. Through any of these recognized traits, man gets the key he uses to achieve his own defined success at least in any of his chosen field. By virtue of my personal experience, I have been able to decode a very important secret, what I consider a necessary recipe to unlocking the mighty portals of success.

Also, this discovery can be attributed to my own definition of the concept of success in my own line, and it is what has thus made goals assuredly achievable for me. Confidence, without argument at all, has proved to be the key to achieving success.

General Concept of Confidence

But first, we have to know what is generally agreed to be the definition of this great condiment before relative ideas about it began to override it. Etymologically, confidence comes from a Latin word ‘fidere’ which means “to trust”; this means, having self-confidence is having trust in oneself. There is clearly no event in human history which can be used to justify the place of the man who has chosen not to believe in himself.

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, starts in a day. But then the question needs be asked: can any great expedition, journey, exploit, exploration, etc. be ever initiated without that strong feeling or sensation of faith that is called Confidence?

Evidences of the Characters of Confidence

As much as one tries to look inwardly in a bid to finding response to this question, there is no doubt one already has answers to it. At least, if not from one’s own experience, one must have got it from the very many evidences or realities of facts which are available everywhere in the annals of human history.

  • King David

First, it is this confidence that made David in the Bible draw the attention of thousands of Israelites to the dawn of his reputation of greatness across the land. His bold decision that was clad in self-belief, faith, and self-esteem astounded even Goliath himself, let alone the many warriors that stood fidgeting over what harm Goliath could have done to them if David had not held the bull by its horn.

Here, there is the obvious reason to agree to the truth that confidence is an uncommon trait that is only imbibed and found in strong-minded individuals who are not only prepared for victory in their various endeavors, but also have resolved to be truly great.

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  • Edwin Barnes

Another very observable evidence in history is the confidence which was displayed by Edwin Barnes, the one who became assistant to one of the greatest inventors of the world, Thomas Alvan Edison. The life of this man aptly exemplified the superior stamina which the spirit of confidence can possess over and to influence the decision of overturning unfavorable fate.

Barnes, for one example of such benefactors, displayed an exemplary belief in himself even though he had no material asset to show himself approved. It was that the belief that he could achieve anything he desires inasmuch as he puts his heart to it was what made him “hop onto a freight train to meet Edison. He plans to propose to work together as business partners, whether Edison liked it or not.”

Benefits of Confidence

Below are the advantages of having self-belief:

  • Clarity

One good thing about possessing confidence in one’s journey to greatness is that, it helps you see no other thing better than achieving success, even if you have to burn all bridges and stake all what is left of you. By vividly positioning your future with some frame of clarity right in your mind, that one thing is then capitalized and written boldly on the walls of your vision with spices of faith and assurances of possibility.

  • Firelighting Capacity

Confidence, like an intoxicating substance, enables all mechanisms that will help you to see yourself capable of doing just any positive thing you put your mind to, rather than to assume yourself incapable of trying let alone achieving those things. It will create a blindfold on your face against all negative or dissenting opinions of those who do not believe in you, while it, at the same time, dissolves all cloudy mist which your own mind might have been tempted to capitalize or deify against the materialization of your goal to success, be it academic, financial, etc.

  • Eradication of Negative Energies

Although it is said that man is the enemy of himself, yet I tell you that confidence, when fully imbibed and appreciated by self, is the only effective poison to killing the lack of self-belief that pushes man to become the enemy of himself. That lack of self-belief is a negative energy on its own, as it is the only minor that can prove to be strong enough to want to stop you from putting on the spirit of confidence.

Causes of Negative Energies

What then could be the causes of our problem to not want to believe in ourselves? Can they be identified?

Yes, they can! And, this may not be hard.

As we come to the end of this journey of expressing my undamnable conviction about the efficacy of the trait of confidence in the achievement of goals and success in fields of personal choosing, it is time we recognized some of the WHYs they are. Identifying the root causes of this little innate evil shall surely give us the headway to becoming the overcomers which confidence allows for.

Over the years, by virtue of experience, it is quite disappointing that a lot of things which are close to us may have been the cause of this unhealthy energy. This may be one’s parents who always do not express confidence or trust in a child, or one’s poor environment where great achievements are limited only to the rich, the connected, or those who actively engage in ‘Juju’, the African magic.

It may also be the circle of friends one keeps. However, with ability to identify the cause of one’s own lack, it becomes imperative for a ready-made solution that will assist in reinstalling the spirit of confidence into one; thus, giving us the clarity and boldness with which we face any life’s damning challenges that may emerge on the way to achieving our success.

Let no one say it less, Confidence is the only key to achieving and attaining academic, financial, social, and career greatness cum success in this life!

Take it or leave it.

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