Courses offered in federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. 


Courses offered in federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. 

Courses offered in federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

One of the strong objective of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta is to develop and offer academic and professional programmes leading to the award of diplomas, first degree, postgraduate research and higher degrees which emphasize planning, adaptive technical maintenance, developmental and productive skills in agriculture, agricultural engineering and allied professional disciplines with the aim of producing socially mature persons with capacity to improve on those disciplines and develop new ones, but also to contribute to the scientific transformation of agriculture in Nigeria.  Therefore,  the following department or courses are offered in Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. 

These are the courses offered in federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.


  1. Mechanical Engineering

  2. Mechatronics Engineering

  3. Microbiology

  4. Nutrition and Dietetics

  5. Pasture and Range Management

  6. Physics

  7. Animal Production and Health Service

  8. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management

  9. Biochemistry

  10. Biological Science(s)

  11. Business Enterprise Management

  12. Chemistry

  13. Plant Breeding and Seed Technology

  14. Plant Physiology and Crop Production

  15. Soil Science and Land Management

  16. Hospitality and Tourism Management

  17. Mathematics

  18. Agricultural Administration

  19. Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

  20. Agricultural Engineering

  21. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

  22. Animal Breeding and Genetics

  23. Animal Nutrition

  24. Animal Physiology

  25. Soil Science Management

  26. Statistics

  27. Veterinary Medicine

  28. Water Resources and Agrometeorology

  29. Civil Engineering

  30. Computer Science

  31. Crop Production

  32. Crop Protection

  33. Economics

  34. Electrical / Electronic Engineering

  35. Environmental Management and Toxicology

  36. Food Science and Technology

  37. Forestry and Wildlife Management

  38. Home Science and Management

  39. Horticulture            




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