5 Disadvantages of Modern Education.

The disadvantages of modern education here identify some of the pitfalls which formal education in the world’s civilization, regardless of whether it has been considerably beneficial or not, can cause to the children and to the whole universe entirely.

Modern educationists, due to the several challenges that education is daily faced with, has adopted different innovations by which modern education can measure up with the flow of modern civilizations in areas of technology, science, vocation, etc. One of such innovations is e-learning which features the use of phones, tablets, computers, projectors, etc.

5 Disadvantages of Modern Education.

Given this great sign of progress in the sector of education which so far has made it to be labelled modern, there are some of those things that are like bottlenecks or that you may see as drawbacks caused by the so-called modern education. Here is a list of them:


One of the 5 major disadvantages of modern education is the use of screens in online learning. Some students may have difficulty focusing while using screens. Young children are often distracted by things around them, while older students may be distracted by other activities on their devices. Many parents also choose to limit their children’s screen time, which becomes problematic when their school day has been moved online.


Another one of the 5 major disadvantages of modern education is boredom as many students frequently gets bored as the hours of learning classes are usually long and demanding. Even brilliant students get bored and tired.

Stress and Discouragement

I have seen intelligent students with great potentials and brilliance get discouraged and abandoned just because of exam results which may be sometimes unreliable or oftentimes not a measure of what they are intellectually capable. This is one of the 5 major disadvantages of modern education. One of the 5 major disadvantages of modern education is stress and discouragement.


Modern education across the world has become highly expensive and costlier than it used be and this is because of the many technological advancements that have befallen the modern world. Because of the growing disinterest of the government in providing free education in many of the African or third world countries, many parents have pulled out their children form schools, thereby increasing the number pout of school children across the world.

Moral Decadence

One of the 5 major disadvantages of modern education is moral decadence. The pace at which schools and various institutions of learning is running abreast with civilization further encourages the level at which morality runs aground in this modern time.

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