Faith Academy Facilities and Location.

Faith Academy Facilities – Faith Academy boarding school was established in 1999, The first of the Faith Academy group of secondary schools. Academic excellence, spiritual prowess and creativity is the motto of the school.

Faith Academy Facilities

The school has continued to shine bright in more than 15 years with success stories from parents and children as they work towards the development of a total child.

Faith Academy Schools are Co-educational Christian Mission Secondary Schools established to provide high-level professional instructions and learning that will culminate in Academic Excellence, Spiritual Prowess and Creativity in her students.

Faith Academy came into being as a result of the vision given to God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo (Ph.D), in a mandate to raise an army of future leaders through Academic Excellence and Spiritual Prowess.

The school, having an impeccable vision of raising a breed of intellectually and spiritually sound future leaders, took off on the 25th of October 1999 and graduated her first set of student from the Senior Secondary School by 2003 / 2004 session.

Faith Academy Schools are committed to developing the values, abilities and skills that the students will require to enter into the world as instruments of change and establish themselves in it as frontliners.

Faith Academy Facilities.

The Faith Academy Facilities on ground has been there since inception and they are a practical display of sound architectural and engineering skills. The Faith Academy layout comprises the following structures and facilities:

  • 80 classrooms for junior Secondary (JS) and Senior Secondary (SS) schools.

  • 2,400-seater dining hall

  • 2,400 capacity Boys and Girls Hostels with orbit fans and water heaters

  • An ultra-modern ADMINISTRATIVE Block with a standard fully air-condition Board Room.

  • An ultra-modern, well-equipped, multi-Purpose Science Laboratory, which can comfortably sit 95 students at a time.

  • Well-equipped Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories, each of which can comfortably sit a minimum of 60 students at a time.

  • A well-equipped home Economics Laboratory

  • A music laboratory with modern musical instruments

  • An Introductory Technology Workshop for wood-work, metal-work and auto-mechanics.

  • An Ultra modern computer center with 50 units of computers

  • Fully- air condition ultra modern library complex.

  • A standard sick bay.

  • A mini-stadium (sports complex) under construction

  • Fully air-condition staff rooms.

Faith Academy Location.

Faith Academy is located 10 kilometers away from the Sango-Ota Junction on Ota-Idiroko Road, Ogun State in Nigeria. It occupies a 63-acre portion of part of the land known as Canaan Land. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ACADEMY

  • Ensure a high standard of educational system that will result in academy Excellence and Spiritual Prowess in students.

  • Help each child discover his/her talent abilities to become productive and fulfilled citizens to the glory of god.

  • Fire our students with a desire for achievement and excellence for continuous self-education, self-improvement and self-efficiency.

  • Help each child discover and actualize God’s plan for his/her life in His kingdom, the society and in the world as a whole.

  • Produce people of valiant characters imbued with a deep sense of honesty, integrity and industry.

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