Benefits of Guidance and Counselling Course in Nigeria.

Guidance and counselling course is described as an enlightened discipline whereby people study to help people by facilitating growth and positive adjustment through self-understanding.
Guidance and Counselling Course

Counselling is a learning process in which a counsellor helps an individual or individuals learn, understand themselves and their environment and be in a position to choose the right type of behaviours that will help them develop, grow, progress, ascend, mature and step up, educationally, vocationally and socio personally.

In other words, Guidance and counselling is a transformative process of helping people to learn all that are to be learnt both in and outside the school.

A graduate with a degree in guidance and counseling gains extensive training, knowledge and experience that allow him or her to help individuals in need of personal, emotional, behavioral and/or professional guidance.

The kind of treatment and advice a professional is qualified to provide depends on what type of counseling they specialize in, which may include rehabilitation, mental health, career, school, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, marriage, and/or family issues. What are the benefits of guidance and counseling course in Nigeria?

Job Opportunities for Guidance and Counselling Course in Nigeria.

Here are some of the  job opportunities for Guidance and Counselling Course in Nigeria:

  1. Clinical Therapist
  2. Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  3. Geriatric Counselor
  4. Higher Education Counselor
  5. Hospitals
  6. Human Services Educator
  7. Marriage and Family Counselor
  8. Mental Health Counselor
  9. Professional Counselor
  10. Rehabilitation Counselor
  11. School and Career Counselor
  12. Social and Community Service Manager
  13. Student Affairs Administrator
  14. Substance Abuse Counselor
  15. Addictions Counselor
  16. Chemical Dependency Counselor
  17. Clinical Professional Counselor

Where to Work with Guidance and Counseling Degree in Nigeria.

  • Rehabilitation Centers & Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Nonprofit or Social Service Agencies
  • Mental Health Facilities & Agencies
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Halfway Houses
  •  Public or Private Practice
  • Correctional Facilities and/or Prisons
  • Retail Businesses
  • The Educational System
  • Career Centers

Aims of Guidance and Counselling.

The aims of guidance and counselling are not different from the objectives of education.

The rationale behind counselling is that it is believed that individuals who understand themselves and their world will become transformed, productive, effective and happier human beings. Below are some of the major aims of guidance and counselling.

  1.  To help develop individual an awareness of opportunities in the society through relevant and useful information.
  2. To help students develop the skills of self-study, self-analysis and self-understanding.
  3.  To help students in making appropriate and satisfactory personal and educational choices.
  4. To help student develop positive attitudes to self, to others, to work and to learning.
  5. To help students acquire the skills of collecting and using information.8) To help student acquire as early as possible in their lives a positive image of self through self understanding and self-direction.
  6.  To assist individual in the process of developing and acquiring skills in problem solving and decision making.
  7.  To help build up/or sharpen the  perception of reality, development of a sense of autonomy and to whip up the motivation for creativity and productivity.
  8.  To help route the nations human resources into appropriate useful and beneficial channels thus preventing unnecessary economic bottlenecks.
  9. To help identify and nurture human potentialities in various fields of study endeavours, thus ensuring adequate manpower in the various sectors of the nation’s economy.

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