Highest Paying Government Jobs With Salaries and Duties

There is going to be a lineout of some of the top highest paying government jobs with salaries and duties which they perform as rightly expected by the stature of their offices. Unlike many private jobs, government jobs are popularly respected simply because of the future considerations attached to them. Usually, government also gives a lifetime sustenance package to its workers.

In so many countries, graduates prefer government jobs to the private ones owing to the security it has. Well, we are not here preoccupied with comparing what and what makes sense. The major purpose is to show you the list of the highest paying government jobs with salaries and duties which you may not know but also deserve to have knowledge of.

When it comes to providing information to the foregoing, there are thousands of highest paying government jobs across the countries of the world. The government of the United States of America, for instance, is the one of the largest employers in the world, with a wide variety of jobs in nearly every industry. You can find public sector jobs in law enforcement, legal practice, public affairs, foreign languages, international relations, homeland security, science and engineering, business and technology, medicine, social work, education, and the postal service.

You can work in a civil service role at the local level through your city or county government or at a regional level through a state or federal government agency. Nonetheless, getting a government job depends on your skills, interests, and educational qualifications. Some civil service jobs, such as in the postal service, require you to have a high school diploma or equivalent, and you must pass a written test to demonstrate your English language skills and general aptitude for the responsibilities of the position.

Other government job duties require you to have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a relevant field, whereas some require a law degree.

The very examples of highest paying jobs in the US are highlighted below. Check them out:

Police Lieutenant

A police lieutenant is a person who has been awarded the rank of lieutenant within a police department, and operates within the leadership structure as part of their job duties.

Salary: $75,500-$149,000 per year

Duties: As a result, they supervise other officers within a precinct and report to the police captain or other superior officers. They still perform all the duties that are required of a police officer when upholding the law. Police lieutenants will command a unit of officers when working in groups out in the field, as when police are sent to handle large-scale situations.

Government Affairs Director

A government affairs director manages local, state, and federal relationships that benefit the programs and policies of a company.

Salary: $110,000-$153,500 per year

Duties: Your duties can range from social to legislative to administrative. As a government affairs director, you develop public policies and programs to help local communities, generate support for formal legislation to support your goals, and manage public relations for your agency.

You strategize ways to achieve impact in areas of public policy which most affect your department’s operations and interests. Your responsibilities include generating public support for relevant issues, lobbying for policy changes through appropriate channels, and maintaining current knowledge of government changes and actions.

Medical Examiner

A medical examiner determines a deceased person’s cause of death by conducting an autopsy. Their examination may include inspecting the condition of internal organs, running a toxicology screening test, performing pathology tests to detect diseases, evaluating tissue or fluid samples, and documenting distinctive markings, such as scars, bruises, wounds, tattoos, and birthmarks.

Salary: $64,000-$268,500 per year

Duties: Medical examiners typically work in morgues. They often work with law enforcement during investigations. They may visit crime scenes to assist a CSI team, and they testify in court. Medical examiners are also responsible for maintaining death records and issuing death certificates in most jurisdictions. In some cities or states, there is overlap in job duties with medical examiners, forensic pathologists and coroners.

Director of Regulatory Affairs

A director of regulatory affairs (RA), as one of the highest paying government jobs with salaries and duties, oversees industry-specific practices and ensures all government and company regulations are being met.

Salary: $150,000-$198,000 per year

Duties: Their responsibilities include assessing a company’s compliance with industry regulations, both external and internal, developing new policies, and training employees. Industries with an RA, or government affairs director, include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banking, or telecom. They may also process legal paperwork and forms, so business law experience is helpful in this job.

Qualifications you need to be a director include a bachelor’s degree in business or a field related to a regulated industry (such as life sciences or finance), management and industry experience, and excellent written and oral communication skills.


A commissioner is appointed by judges to perform a variety of judicial functions, set on a case-by-case basis. As a commissioner, you are likely called upon to adjudicate cases and act as a judge when a judge cannot be present; your powers are limited by state statutes but are generally equal to judges with regards to minor cases.

Salary: $196,500-$196,500 per year

Duties: You have the power to pass binding judgments after hearing court cases. You are particularly useful to the judicial system in that you free judges to focus more time and energy on complex cases requiring their expertise. Being a commissioner is a significant responsibility, but one that can provide invaluable experience for a career in the judiciary or in politics.

Your job duties include serving as part of judicial committees, hearing cases, and processing court-related documents. Commissioners are required to be members of the state bar and have admittance to practice before the supreme court.

Incident Manager

An incident manager is responsible for the maintenance of a company’s or organization’s information technology systems.

Salary: $129,000-$193,000 per year

Duties: More specifically, they handle any and all technical issues that arise in the system. As an incident manager, your responsibilities are to identify and record any problems that occur, and develop software or hardware solutions to prevent them from happening again. You create and implement incident management response procedures, including an incident report system that identifies and flags problems, especially when they involve the security of the company’s network.

You likely have additional duties like overseeing technical support teams and logging incident reports. You need excellent computer skills and experience in other IT positions to excel in an incident manager career.

Police Captain

A police captain is also one of the highest paying government jobs with salaries and duties. It is a high-level officer in a police department who is typically responsible for an entire district or precinct. As a police captain, you answer to the police chief.

Salary: $87,000-$172,500 per year

Duties: Your job duties include allocating budget resources to each section of your division, analyzing crime data to determine trends in your area, and providing information to the press about ongoing or resolved investigations. You need strong leadership skills and significant experience as a police officer to be eligible for a job as a police captain.

Economic Development Director

An economic development director is a city government employee who helps spur the city economy.

Salary: $89,500-$153,500 per year

Duties: Your two biggest responsibilities are to persuade new businesses to move into your town and to encourage existing businesses to expand. You attend fundraising events for civic and business groups and interact with donors to make connections with potentially valuable economic partners.

Your duties include developing strategic programs for economic and financial growth, analyzing market trends, writing city tax policy proposals, and advising the city manager and the city council.

Incident Response Manager

An incident response manager supervises a team of IT professionals who respond to cyber attacks, network intrusions, and computer crimes.

Salary: $89,000-$172,000 per year

Duties: Your responsibilities are to direct security personnel as they investigate security breaches and implement counter-measures. Prior to any breach or incident, your duties require you to analyze the activity on your organization’s servers and networks, locating vulnerabilities and implementing safeguards and procedural changes to prevent possible attack.

Public Affairs Director

A public affairs director combines government relations with media communications to create a positive public image of their client or to spark interest. In this role, you must form relationships with various people in the public and generate new opportunities for your clients.

You may oversee a public relations staff, maintaining all communication activities with the media or the public in order to control the result.

Salary: $89,000-$171,500 per year

Duties: Your job duties include conducting market research on public opinion, calculating budgets, and pursuing advertising campaigns with your client’s goals in mind. You also arrange interviews, write speeches, and do anything else needed to repair a client’s reputation. Qualifications for a career as a public affairs director include experience in public relations, specifically in a high position with a PR company.

Community Development Director

A community development director manages and directs planning and management initiatives for a city organization or community, such as an elderly residential community.

Salary: $94,500-$159,000 per year

Duties: As a community development director, your job duties include working closely with community partners, such as businesses, community organizations, and the public, to develop strategies for improving economic, architectural, and community initiatives while preserving neighborhood or community cohesion. You also monitor programs and budgets for department initiatives.

Qualifications for this career include a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, education, or public administration as well as several years of experience in public policy and planning and communication and leadership skills.

Incident Response Consultant

An incident response consultant works in cyber security and prevents incident escalations.

Salary: $140,000-$193,000 per year

Duties: Their duties are to monitor, improve, and integrate security and remediation protocols and systems, such as firewalls. Based on this analysis, they provide advice and train incident responders on how to continuously monitor systems and investigate breaches.

To become an incident response consultant, you need career experience in cyber security, typically as an incident responder or computer forensic analyst, as well as a degree in IT systems, computer science, or a related field.

Country Manager

As a country manager, you oversee corporate relocations, international removals, and operational activities of your company, as well as create and monitor financial plans.

Salary: $106,000-$190,000 per year

Duties: Your duties range from recordkeeping responsibilities to managing personnel. Often, country managers must travel for work or they may relocate for a specific role. Your career requires communication, technology, interpersonal skills, and cultural sensitivity.

You work with diverse populations to meet larger organizational goals. Qualifications for a country manager position vary, but in general, employers expect a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business, or another relevant field. Experience in similar jobs is also an asset, though it depends on the industry.

Director of Labor Relations

No doubt as another one of the highest paying government jobs with salaries and duties, your job is to manage and oversee company policies and procedures that relate to employees and their work environment.

Salary: $119,000-$156,500 per year

Duties: In this role, you may help develop solutions to problems, address employee concerns, and oversee the HR department within the company. Many aspects of this job depend on the employer. For example, if the company employs unionized workers, the director of labor relations is often responsible for communicating with the union and working to prevent labor interruptions. For companies without unionized workers, directors of labor relations often focus on training, employee communication, and benefits packages.

Computational Linguist

A computational linguist is a type of computer professional who develops programs that help computers create human language. You must be experienced with programming artificial intelligence (AI) to translate typed words into corresponding linguistics.

Salary: $97,500-$153,000 per year

Duties: In this career, you develop programming that can translate data into a variety of languages. You may even work on computer programming that can translate data from one human language to another. As a computational linguist, you are skilled in natural language processing (NLP) and the use of programming languages like Java.

City Manager

As a city manager, you have a host of official political and administrative duties carried out at the instruction of a city council or mayor.

Salary: $66,000-$150,000 per year

Duties: In smaller municipalities, a city manager may directly implement a wide range of governmental policies, while in larger towns and cities, you generally head up different departments within city government, such as the budget office, human resources, or public works. Regardless of the size of the city, you have a role with significant responsibilities related to budgetary, managerial, and operational strategies and goals.

Public Policy Manager

A public policy manager is a broad descriptor that can relate to many different areas, as there are a lot of varying sectors of public policy.

Salary: $118,500-$145,000 per year

Duties: Generally speaking, a public policy manager is responsible for working within the government to dictate how legislative actions are implemented. Your duties in this career can also involve interaction with the public, such as providing a query response to questions asked regarding specific policy implementations. A public policy manager directs the actions of regulatory departments to provide for the adequate application of governmental policies.

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