How Many Hours Should a Year 9 Student Study?

If you are asking how many hours should a year 9 student study, you do not have to trouble for long because this is an already settled dilemma. Study hours differ from student to student, and also according to the course or competition a student is studying for.

For a normal course, 1 hour per subject will be a good strategy, whereas preparation for any competitive exam demands proper management of time and schedule for each day. One should be regular and stick to the schedule made for each day. For competitive exams at least 6-7 hours study is mandatory.

Preferably, it is recommended that you create your own set of study guidelines. These will be guidelines that motivate you to study (and not have you staring at the wall for several hours).

Yes, you still need to study those painful subjects. The reality is studying is the only way you’ll effectively encode information (i.e. move information from your working memory to your long-term memory). But the focus needs to shift from quantity of study to quality of study.

Red Lights to Avoid as a Student

In order to meet up with the regular hours to keep up with the demands of studying , there are some things that are needed to be avoided and things that are of course needed to be observed. Hence, check out these avoidable factors all in the bid to know how many hours should a year 9 student study:

  • No mobile device use – no social media, messaging or calls during study time
  • Finish any homework for the day before starting study – remember they are separate
  • Focus on one topic at a time
  • Highlight class notes or handouts
  • Prepare summaries in your own words to revise concepts and skills learnt in class

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  • Draw diagrams, mind maps or brainstorms to show the main ideas and links between them
  • Explain a topic or key concept to someone else
  • Prepare glossaries of technical language for the topic or course, include examples of appropriate use
  • Memorize short quotes
  • Read summaries aloud – you can record yourself and play them back while travelling
  • Write key concepts on flash cards with an explanation on the back to use for quick recall testing
  • Read widely about topics being studied – add any new information or quotes to your summary

Exact Number of Hours a Year 9 Student Should Use to Study

As reading or studying is the process of taking in the sense or meaning of letters, symbols, etc., especially by sight or touch, we cannot give an ultimate answer to the question asked in this content. This is because reading hours differ when it comes to surviving academically as a student.

Some read or study for fifteen hours non-stop, while others read for some reasonably short period of time and yet each of them makes it to the top of their class. However, to answer the question of how many hours should a year 9 student study, the age and other necessary factors need to be put into consideration. And so, it is to be concluded that a year 9 student should study for no longer than 360 minutes (6 hours).

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