How To Join Nollywood

How To Join Nollywood In Nigeria (All You Need To Know).

How To Join Nollywood In Nigeria (All You Need To Know). Many actors and actresses who started without connections made many sacrifices, many succeed and  yet some didn’t succeed. Such is the cost of being an actor.

How To Join Nollywood

I will be talking  about one of the three biggest movie industries in the world – Nigeria’s Nollywood.  What does it take to become an actor here? What does it take to join Nollywood particularly? There are so many things one need to know before joining the Nigeria movie. industry.

How To Join Nollywood or becoming a Nigeria movie star is something you should take seriously because acting is a good job and career. This career put food on so many tables and you can make a living out of it.

There are some actors and actress that are paid at least Two hundred and fifty thousand a day (=N=250,000.00) don’t wow, it’s the truth and there are more.

There are steps I will be sharing with you  on how to join Nollywood in Nigeria and I hope following these steps will place you on the right part in the Nigerian Nollywood industry.

So before thinking of how to join Nollywood, these are some of the things you must have in mind. The big deal about acting isn’t about having the dreams, it’s about getting into the groove.

World over, getting to establish oneself as an actor is not as easy as sitting in a cinema hall, watching another actor play his role in a block buster movie. Read on below...

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) 

Have you heard of Actors /Actress Guild of Nigeria (AGN) in Nollywood? If you’re thinking on how to join Nollywood in Nigeria, AGN is one thing you should know before you start making inquiry to joining the movie industry in Nigeria.

The word AGN as illustrated above means Actors Guild of Nigeria, it is a union that represents and regulates the affairs of the actors and actresses in Nigeria.

AGN is to protect the right of their members against wicked producers and directors.

Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Registration Fee

1. AGN New member’s Registration Fee

AGN New  Registration Fee is now Eighteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira only (18,500), for the purpose of responding to popular demands by members and the need to effectively carry along all Geo-political zones.

The breakdown is this;

  • N15,000 Joiner
  • N3,500 Insurance


  • Nine Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N9,500) to the national account of AGN with teller evidence or App evidence of Payment online (AC no: 0030710723. Access Bank)
  • This will be taken to the State and the balance of Nine thousand Naira (9,000) paid to the state
  • Take the teller to your state Chairman for processing or call the National Secretary: 08033029401.

AGN Existing Members Fee

Existing Members Fee is now out at Nine Thousand Naira only (9,000) annually for the purpose of responding to popular demands by members and the need to effectively carry along all Geo-political zones.

The breakdown is this;

  • N6,500 AGN National Account
  • N2,500 State Account


  • Six Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N6,500) to the national account of AGN with teller evidence or App evidence of Payment online (AC no: 0030710723. Access Bank)
  • This will be taken to the State and the balance of Two thousand Five Hundred Naira (2,500) paid to the state
  • Take the teller to your state Chairman for processing or call the National Secretary: 08033029401.

How To Join Nollywood As An Actor Or Actress

Here’s how to join Nollywood in Nigeria and everything you need to know:

1. Ensure You Have Talent

What it takes to imitate a character perfectly is not usually picked from the street, it stems from inside you. And that’s the driving force of acting. It keeps pushing anyone who has it to display it.

This ability “Talent” is the criteria number one in pursuing a career in any movie industry. And Nollywood is not an exception.

2. Develop  Your Talent: 

Acting is a versatile career. It involves doing things you were not born with, things obtainable thousands of miles away. Sometimes, it may be to speak another language, portray a foreign culture or a rude character (Villain).

Your ability to play the roles with ease and perfection makes you a talent.  But one thing about talent is that, it needs development.

3. Register In a Talent Agency

This part is very important to you remember that been an AGN member do not mean you can now act, it just mean that you a member of the association.

And according to AGN they do not give jobs or look for job for anyone so just like model they look for their agency in this case look for a director and register under his production so that whenever he has a job and they need other cast to fill in the role he chooses from his members so if you are not one he won’t matter how talented you are you may not be chosen for an important role.

There are lots of acting agencies in Lagos, make enquiries and find one to register with. This is part of the steps to becoming a Nigerian Nollywood actor or actress.

 4. Comedy Talent

There’s a question you really need to answer while developing your talent. Am I better doing comedy? Humor has a big way of making people rich.

In fact, the richest actor in the world is a comedian. Therefore, determine what side of acting you really belong.

Start with what is available around you, it could be church, school or anywhere there is a drama role to play. Make sure you record most of it.

Remember, a whole lot of others are working to get the same role, and that’s why you need to work harder. A little edge you have over another person may be what the film director really needs.

You could join a talent hunt organization. Sometimes, producers and directors work with such organizations to get a suitable talent for a character.

5. Go For Auditions

Every movie has audition. It is through this practice that producers and directors get the best talents. So, look out for opportunities to test-play a role.

Producers always put words out whenever there is audition or when there is a need for fresh talents. Attend as many as possible, you will only need one movie, one role to make your mark.

The benefit of audition is that it helps you to get exposed to movie makers. And that’s multiple choice, in case this doesn’t work, you will get to know about another. Until you get a role, don’t stop.

6. Move to a Big City 

Some people advice that in order to become a Nigerian Nollywood actor or actress, that you should move to a big city like such as Lagos, Enugu, Asaba etc. because such cities makes it easier to get hold of the opportunities that you are looking for.

But that is not totally true although big cities like Lagos as more chances in becoming that movie star you want to, but you should know that not every actress or actor in such cities has the job.

The right thing is that be ready to move, when you get an opportunity to act and to attend an auditioning travel

Required Expectation After Joining  Nollywood

Up coming actors earns up to N100,000 to N500,000 per role/movie while already established actors earn up to N5million. The earning is not exclusively through acting.

Actors earn more even from endorsement and sponsorship. Corporate organizations, business brands always use popular faces to market their products. And that means a great deal to you as an actor who knows his job, who people like.

How To Become a Great Nollywood Actor

Now that you know how to join Nollywood in Nigeria, the next thing how to become a great actor.  Acting is the act of mimicking another persons character perfectly.

In most cases, it is a talent thing. I mean, you need to have the ability to copy a character different from yours excellently, that you would make it seem as if it is your real attitude.

That is where it starts. But no one has ever made it playing different characters to himself, you need to be seen by people.

And that is where it really matters, thereby triggering the search for Nollywood registration form online to help you realize the dream.

Becoming a great Nollywood actor may involve learn through script reading,  read the scripts of your favorite plays and movies. Familiarize yourself with the classics, like Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Anton Chekov, and Tennessee Williams. Read these scripts aloud on your own or with friends. With every reading, try to capture the feeling and emotion in the scene.

  • By exposing yourself to the “greats” of play writing, you’ll build up your knowledge of good scripts and develop an intuition for reading them.
  • Many copies of your favorite scripts can be found in part or whole online. Do a general research for your favorite movies.
  • The classics, especially ancient ones can usually be found online for free.

Nollywood Registration Form Online

Does Nollywood registration form online or Nollywood audition form online really exits?  Is there anything really like Nollywood registration form? Please, read the Beware below to find out how fraudsters are using this to defraud innocent people so you don’t become their next victim.

Beware Of  Fake Nollywood Audition Registration Form Online

If you log on to a site advertising registration Nollywood form online, and instead of displaying registration form, you get a phone number, please run for your dear life! I do not need to tell you its a bait to lure you into parting with your money or even getting killed.

Now, this is what scam victims see, those who hopefully call those numbers, they get subjected to sex abuse/rape, their nude pictures taken for blackmail and further extortion.

The supposed film producers keep demanding money from you until they get as much as they want or may never stop demanding. Then the phone number you once called, the location you have been to, the people you once meet, will exist no more and you will be left in anguish.

Acting career is fulfilling, but what fulfills more is how you go about it. Not everyone who wishes will become an actor.

Therefore, follow due process, contact the right people and make sure you conduct due diligence before meeting anyone. It is our humble wish that you remain safe in all you do including the process of pursuing your acting career.

How To Do Great in Nollywood Audition.

To make your dream come true and to prove that all the efforts were not in vain, we will share with you a few secrets of successful attending of Nollywood auditions. To be more relaxed and confident you need to note the following tips;

1. Make warm-up activities:

First, before you go to the audition, try to make warming-up activities. Show all familiar to your emotions, try to do it convincingly: show joy, surprise, frowning face.

Let your friends or relatives be judges, so they tried to guess the emotion, and at the same time, they will help you with understanding if you are convincing.

2. Calm down:

The biggest challenge before auditions are to stay calm and restraint. You should remember that excitement is enhanced by fear of the unknown.

You need to know in detail where and under what circumstances and conditions audition will be. Any details about the upcoming audition will be useful, who will be the audience, who is the director.

3. Have good diction:

It is highly important to have good diction and the ability to express thoughts. Having good diction, charisma, and good acting, you can succeed as an actor.

4. First impression:

It is necessary to decide what you want to wear, what makeup and hair dress to have, remember that first impressions are most lasting

5. Be punctual:

Never come late for your auditions. You should be on time, otherwise, it can serve you a dirty trick.

6. Be natural:

During auditions, much attention is paid to the way you react to life situations, the same emotions of joy and sorrow. Be natural, do not overact and you will succeed. how to join Nollywood in Nigeria

7. Be confident:

To be more relaxed and confident during the audition. Try to rehearse at home or in a public place. Dispel all doubts and fears.

Therefore, during the audition, you will be able to show all that you know and can do it without hesitation. Don’t be afraid to look like a fool, the main thing is not how foolish you look, but not to be a fool. Play as if nobody is watching you.

8. Be prepared:

In the beginning, you will be asked to tell a little about yourself. You will have little time (about 3-5 minutes), premeditate your story: it must not be too long and boring.

Try to find something that distinguishes you from the crowd. Talking about your talents, do not forget to show them.

How To Succeed In Nigerian Film Industry:

Here are the top  tips to get you on the right way in film industry in Nigeria. So get your camera ready and let’s get rolling…

1. Make Your Own Projects.

Making Your Own Projects is a good idea toward your success in the Nigerian film industry. You will learn so much from making your own projects, however simple.

2. Showcase Your Films.

There’s nothing like seeing the reaction to your work live, and it will improve your films especially the edit.

3. Build a Good  Team.

Film is a very collaborative process so get a group of like-minded friends together so that you can make more films faster.

4. Work With Other Producer.

Even if it’s as a runner, you will learn more and more importantly make connections. The film industry is all about connections so try to get out there to film festivals, screening events, Film Courses and join a film group.

5. Know the Right  Idea In Filmmaking

Filmmaking is not just about directors, cameras, and lights. There are a lot of other on-set jobs in the industry that could be easier to get into at the start.

Films productions need drivers, caterers, painters, carpenters, accountants etc. especially runners.

6. Read Every Helping Book.

If you know what part of filmmaking you want to pursue go for it. Read every book, watch every YouTube tutorial, take Classes, and more importantly start doing it on your films and other people’s projects.

7. Build a Good Reputation.

Your reputation is everything in the industry; so many jobs are through word of mouth. Build yourself a good reputation and you will be the one they recommend for the next job.

8. Advertise Your Films.

The internet is a great place to put your short films and build an audience. Whatever job you go for in the industry having finished work online shows your commitment as well as your skill.


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