Impact of Remote Studying and Online Homework on Students’ Productivity

Impact of Remote Studying and Online Homework on Students’ Productivity > Being a student comes with a lot of challenges. You have to participate in classes, take notes, and pay attention to the professor. You have to work on group projects and collaborate with your peers, but also write your essays. Apart from this, there is always the worry of getting enough sleep and having healthy eating habits.

There are the challenges of having a social life too, not only an academic one. All these make college years full of activities, but rewarding in the end. To all these challenges, a new one has added a few years ago: the one of learning from home.

Remote studying was not so popular before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was the necessary option to not halt education and work. So, which is the impact of remote studying and online homework on students’ productivity?

Remote Learning: Suited for Who?

It’s true. The internet has created a lot more jobs and opportunities to expand your knowledge. However, remote studying and learning were applied to the whole educational system. Any school in the world had to shift to online homework during the pandemic, which affected the productivity of students. But they were affected differently.

Remote learning might not be suited for children, but it is suited for students. When the entire class depends on the learner, as is the case with first grades where children learn to write, remote studying might not be appropriate at all. They need guidance all the way. And when parents are working, they might not get the support they would otherwise get in face-to-face classes.

Things might be a little bit distinct when it comes to colleges. Students might be prepared to learn remotely, as they are involved in a lot of study activities that happen the same way. However, expecting that students will stay eight hours in front of a laptop without being distracted is far-fetched. They have a lot of assignments to complete, as part of online homework. They might feel they need help with it, so ordering homework online becomes a viable option. Even with the help they can get from professional writers, keeping up the pace might feel problematic.

Positive Effects on Productivity

Just like with any other topic, there are two distinct groups. Students who felt positive effects on productivity when all this thing with remote studying started. And, of course, the second group who felt negative effects. We will focus on the positive effects first.

No matter if you are in school or college, if you are a student who is motivated, perseverant, and has exceptional time management skills, you will likely say you love remote studying. And indeed, is one of the best things that could happen to students who are organized and dedicated to their learning goals.

They already know how to efficiently organize their work, complete their essays, and keep up the pace with all online classes. The time spent on commuting is now used wisely for academic purposes or hobbies. Being disciplined helps you cope with these changes easily and adapt to them.

Negative Effects on Productivity

Probably a higher percentage of students felt the negative effects of remote studying and online homework on their productivity. And the impacts are huge. A lot of students felt a loss of motivation and engagement when education shifted to online. Professors and teachers indeed have to adapt their courses and classes, but students need to put in effort and attention too.

Something that not all were able to do. Being part of face-to-face classes allows you to ask questions and get answers fast. It is also about that interaction with your peers, who can be of tremendous help. Having a colleague explain to you complex concepts can help you progress and understand the lesson better. Which is hardly happening in an online setting.

Also, the productivity of the students might be dwindled by remote studying a lot. It depends not only on how the teacher delivers the information or how attentive the students are. It depends on the learning environment too. If your room is filled with things that distract you, if your phone is ringing continuously, if your family is disturbing you, learning becomes increasingly strenuous.

Final Thoughts

Remote studying and online homework are here to stay. However, this shift from face-to-face learning to online studying brought with it both positive and negative effects. These effects depend on the individual and personality characteristics of each student, but also on how the teacher builds the lessons. On top of this, the learning environment is essential. If it’s full of distractions, focusing and finding your flow to achieve productivity will be problematic.

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