Interesting Facts About Amazon

40 Interesting Facts About Amazon (Updated).

Interesting Facts About Amazon started in the garage of Jeff Bezos’ home located in Bellevue where Amazon’s was  founded. Jeff picked the company name “Cadabra” coined from the word “Abracadabra” initially before deciding to go with Amazon.

Interesting Facts About Amazon

The reason for the change of heart was when someone misheard Cadabra as Cadaver. Jeff also fancied “Relentless” as a company name. Enter as your URL and see what will happen.

When Amazon started operating, in its very early stages, only books were sold.  The very first book to be sold on Amazon was titled “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies.” It was by Douglas Hofstadter.

There was a massive programming error in Amazon’s early stages that allowed customers to deceive Amazon into sending them cash. How they did this was by ordering a negative quantity of books and Amazon will end up crediting the cash to your credit card.

Years back, 1997 to be precise, Barnes and Noble took Amazon to court, saying their 1990s slogan “Earth’s Largest Bookstore.” was not true. They both ended up settling out of court and Amazon did not stop using the slogan.

No doubt, the historical background of Amazon is part of the interesting facts about Amazon to be mentioned. As Amazon began to take over, their first set of employees worked for nothing less than 60 hours weekly.

Amazon’s regular habit of employing several seasonal workers originated after the crazy holiday season of 1998. Amazon lacked workers so much so that the employees worked for a longer time and even involved family and friends to complete some of their work.

However, the undisputed  and interesting facts about Amazon  is that Amazon is an household name across the countries of the world., Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington that focuses in e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

It is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization.

Interesting Facts About Amazon.

Here,  we have  shed light on the 40 most interesting facts about Amazon and things you possibly don’t know about this mega e-commerce company called Amazon:

  1. Astro is Amazon’s new home robot that brings together advancements in AI, computer vision, sensor technology, and voice and edge computing.
  2. Did you know? Amazon will hire 100,000 veterans and military spouses by 2024
  3. Amazon is making cybersecurity awareness training available—for free—to other companies and individuals
  4. Amazon is committing another $24.8 million for local affordable homes.
  5. Amazon is the first, and only, marketplace to protect customers in third-party product liability cases.
  6. Amazon donated more than 1 million emergency supplies to communities affected by natural disasters in 2021.
  7. Amazon jobs have an average starting pay of at least $18 per hour.
  8. Upskilling 2025 is Amazon’s $1.2 billion investment to provide free skills training to U.S. employees over the next four years.
  9. Amazon has spent $15 billion in COVID-19-related costs to prioritize employee health and safety.
  10. Our global selling partners―the majority of which are small and medium-sized businesses―have sold 7,400 products per minute in Amazon’s store.
  11. Beginning in January, our front-line employees are eligible for fully funded college tuition after three months on the job
  12. Customers have 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses to order products from on Amazon.
  13. Amazon creates jobs in communities around the U.S.—400,000 new jobs in 2020 alone.
  14. We’ll have 100,000 electric vans delivering customers’ packages by 2039.
  15. Amazon has eliminated over 1 million tons of packaging material since 2015.
  16. Our full-time employees have comprehensive benefits starting on day one.
  17. Amazon employees make at least $15/hr. That’s double the federal minimum wage.
  18. Amazon is No. 2 on Fortune’s 2021 World’s Most Admired Companies list.
  19. Amazon has started on-site COVID-19 vaccinations for front-line employees.
  20. Amazon invested more than $1 billion in Rivian and ordered 100,000 electric delivery vans from the company.
  21. More than 1.9 million small and medium-sized businesses sell in our store, and they make up close to 60% of our retail sales.
  22. AWS plans to distribute $12 million in 2021 and expand scope of its initiative to fight COVID-19.
  23. Amazon Technical Academy helps employees become software engineers in nine months.
  24. Amazon has a 2021 goal to reach 1.6 million underrepresented students globally through Amazon Future Engineer.
  25. Amazon has a 2021 goal to increase the number of U.S. Black software development engineer interns by at least 40%.
  26. Amazon employ 6,200 safety professionals at Amazon who solve complex problems and establish new industry best practices.
  27. When we survey fulfillment center employees, 94% say they would recommend Amazon to a friend as a place to work.
  28. Amazon offers employees competitive pay and comprehensive benefits.
  29.  Amazon dedicated labs have processed more than one million COVID-19 tests globally.
  30.  Amazon recognized front-line employees by investing $2.5 billion in additional pay in 2020.
  31. Amazon advocates for vaccinating front-line employees, and supporting community COVID-19 vaccinations.
  32. Every 4.5 seconds an Amazonian is tested for COVID-19.
  33. Amazon  partnered with food banks and schools to deliver more than 12 million meals to underserved families in 2020.
  34. In 2020, we provided more than $1 billion in AWS credits to help early-stage startups.
  35. Since 2015, we have eliminated over 900,000 tons of packaging material—the equivalent of 1.6 billion shipping boxes.
  36. Amazon’s new $2 billion Housing Equity Fund will preserve and create over 20,000 affordable homes.
  37. Climate Pledge Friendly labels appear on more than 25,000 products.
  38. Amazon aims to have 10,000 electric vans on the road as early as 2022.
  39. Amazon has helped transition over 700,000 students to remote learning during the pandemic.
  40. Amazon partnered with food banks and schools to deliver more than 12 million meals to vulnerable families in 25 cities worldwide.

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