10 Smart Tips To Keep Your Bananas From Spoiling.

Keep Your Bananas From Spoiling – After buying a nice green bunch of bananas, you often think you have several days (maybe even a week) to use them all up before they turn brown. But we all know bananas have a tendency to ripen pretty quickly.

Keep Your Bananas From Spoiling

The question is how do you keep your bananas from spoiling?  Relate with our 10 smart tips that can help you prevent your bananas from turning brown!  Learn the best food storage tricks to store bananas and keep them green for longer!

Know this About Bananas!

The word banana has its origin in the Arabic word ‘banan‘, meaning finger.

Bananas has a regular consumption, it is the most popular and inexpensive fruit in the world, it can help improve the health of a person in several ways. The banana is described as a ‘leathery berry.’ The flesh is firm, creamy, and satiating.

However, bananas are very difficult to transport and keep fresh. They are very fragile. Moreover, they ripen quickly. The bright-yellow skin turns brown as lots of brown spots almost cover the skin. The fruit becomes softer as it ripens, and loses its charm.

Smart Tips To Keep Your Bananas From Spoiling

1. Keep ripe banana in your fridge

Keeping  Bananas in the fridge is normal;  You’ve probably not seen it before, nor have you decided that’s where you should keep the tasty yellow fruit.

But it’s true: keeping the ripe, yellow bananas in a fridge can stretch the fruit’s lifespan. However, it’s not a good idea to do this with green bananas.

2. Freeze your bananas

Another way to keep your bananas good, is by freezing them! Our tip is to do so when they’re ripe. Don’t actually throw the full fruit in there, skin and all, but make sure to at least peel them.

You could also preemptively cut the banana up. This’ll make it that much easier if you want to work the frozen fruit into a recipe at a later moment!

3. Buy a banana box

No doubt you’ve been in this situation: you’ve taking a banana with you to work, but by the time you arrive at your workplace, it’s all brown and banged up from sitting in your bag.

This is where a banana box comes in: a hard case for your banana, that keeps it from bruising in your bag.

4. Hang your bananas

Bananas will start ripening the moment they’re taken from their tree. As soon as they’re plucked, the stem will start releasing ethylene gas. However, the ripening is slowed down when you hang the fruit.

Additionally, you’ll prevent bruising your bananas on your sink or the fruit bowl. Of course you can make your own construction to hang them, but fortunately they’re also available special ‘banana hangers’.

5. Buy green bananas

If we’re in the supermarket, trying to pick between green and yellow bananas, we’ll often go for the latter option. They just look tastiest! Still, it’s better to pick the green variant.

This way, they’ll be good for eating after turning ripe a little later. Or make a tasty treat out of them when they’re overripe!

6. Leave Bananas in a Bunch

Experiments have been run regarding whether bananas ripened quicker when in a bunch or together. The difference is very subtle but almost unanimously the results show that bananas left attached in a bunch will ripen a bit slower. Store bananas leaving them attached and out of the plastic bag

7. Store Bananas in a Bowl

You can leave bananas in a bowl and still avoid bruises. Simple]y place the bunch with their curved side facing the bottom of the bowl. This lets the fruit on top dangle away from the bottom fruits.

8. Wrap Banana Stems

Bananas release ethylene gas through their stems. The more gas that is released, the riper the fruit. So by wrapping the ends of the stems in plastic wrap, you prevent or slow down this gas from escaping.

9. Keep Bananas Out of the Sun

As mentioned above, bananas love tropical heat, but if you want them to last longer, keep them out of direct sunlight. The sunlight will ripen the bananas much quicker with it’s added warmth

10. Keep Away from Other Fruits

Place the bananas away from other ripe fruits. This can help delay the process of ripening. Ripe fruits produce ethylene, and unripe fruits ripen faster when exposed to ethylene. Ethylene speeds up maturation and abscission of fruits. This applies to bananas too.

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