Legitimate Admission in 2021 Without UTME into Nigerian Universities

Legitimate Admission in 2021 Without UTME into Nigerian Universities is available to help reveal to prospective students or sitting-home candidates who have been so worried about getting admission this new year without the troubles of JAMB, now popularly called UTME.

Legitimate Admission in 2021 Without UTME into Nigerian Universities

Worry no more as your year of academic breakthrough has arrived with the New Year’s new blessing, for we have brought to your doorstep one reliable information that aims to set your mind free and get you up from your slumber of anxiety and worry. Yes! It is true! It is real and legitimate what we shall be reeling out you about universities across the nation where admission is certain without UTME or Post-UTME.

Legitimate Admission in 2021 Without UTME into Nigerian Universities

Here are tertiary institutions where admission is sure for you this new year (2021):

1. National Open University of Nigeria

This institution does not require you to sit UTME or post UTME to get admission. Their portal will soon be opened for applications from interested students who seek admission.

The university’s activities are almost entirely online. However, students meet with their facilitators and lecturers on interactive sessions which are almost every time. Even as the school does not require UTME or post UTME, it has been known to be one of the toughest schools to get admission in, and this is because of the rigours that come with their semester exams.

Log into their official website and complete the application form when available. It can be found in many parts of Nigeria and does not go on strike like other universities in the country.

The length of the majority of its programs is 4 years.


The program offered in this popular university is called Interim Joint Matriculation Board.

It operates an A’level program which runs for a duration of 9 months; after the program, students are then qualified to gain admission into 200 level in any of the Nigerian universities through direct entry without UTME or post UTME.

The program does not require your UTME result either, but your O’LEVEL result must be available.

The programs offered in these schools are legitimate. The UTME brochures give credence to the stated fact about universities in Nigeria that do not require UTME or post UTME before legitimate admission could be granted.

3. The Distance Learning Centers in Nigerian Universities

There are Federal and States universities who also offer legitimate admission to candidates or interested students without UTME or post UTME through their distance learning mode. This mode is no different from the regular mode of admission only that it does not come with the stress of having to worry about UTME or post UTME.

The University of Ibadan in 2020 announced that its students on the DLC mode would thenceforth be eligible for the NYSC opportunity.

4. Private Universities Also Offering Legitimate Admission in 2021

Private universities across Nigeria also run admission without UTME or post UTME, all you need is your O’LEVEL result, and the fact that you can pay their tuition fees. Some students can even be admitted without their O’LEVEL result, but such is based on special conditions anyway.

5. Diploma School Or Pre-Degree Program in 2021

All Nigerian universities where JAMB is required also give admission to students who desire to run diploma or pre-degree programs without JAMB.

This program is meant for students who want to study in any universities of their choice without the stress of UTME or post UTME since the diploma program runs for 1-2 years, and after the completion, students receive admission with direct entry into 200l.

The pre-degree application is a program that runs for 7 or 9 months; after the successful completion of which students can easily transit or seek for admission into 100 levels in any of the universities in Nigeria.

Lastly, I will beg you to try not to doubt this valid information as it is both helpful and reliable.

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