Lessons to Expect in an Online Human Resources MBA Program

Lessons to Expect in an Online Human Resources MBA Program: An online MBA with a human resources management concentration gives students the tools to build, develop, and mediate interrelationships crucial to business success. Coursework often balances theory and practice, with a strong foundation in core concepts like science for business, economics, and finance.

Core Courses

In an online human resources MBA program, students learn about the leadership, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in modern business. A degree in this field may be best for those with a management background. Still, those with undergraduate degrees in other fields can find many programs with different concentrations or tracks that will suit their career goals.

In some MBA HR online programs, students on a full-time accelerated track will complete their coursework in about 12-18 months; part-time and self-paced enrollment for working professionals is also available. Coursework balances academic theory with career-oriented skill development and features faculty with real-world industry experience. A sample of the core courses offered includes organizational behavior, sourcing methods, interviewing techniques, and talent acquisition and marketing.


Human resources professionals often profoundly understand how the people within their organizations work and what drives their behaviors. These courses typically teach students how to use this knowledge to help employees perform at their best and achieve company goals.

Elective courses can help students learn more about specific aspects of the HR field that interest them or allow them to tailor their degree programs to meet their career goals. Popular options include employment law, compensation and benefits, data analytics, and human resource management.

Some online MBA programs offer courses that prepare students to sit for an examination offered by the Society of Human Resource Management or the Professional in Human Resources certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute.


Most MBA – HR management programs help students develop leadership skills to better manage their organizations’ business operations. This requires leaders to know how to handle people, win their trust, and resolve issues via efficient communication.

The online human resources MBA program also helps you understand organizational behavior, as each employee has distinct behaviors, motivations, and psychologies. Understanding these factors allows you to encourage employee growth and development to help the organization meet its operational goals.

In addition, an online HR management program provides the training necessary to advance within your career and take on additional managerial responsibilities. Depending on your interests, you can choose from specializations like talent management, employee relations, and strategic human resource management. You can also pursue a dual degree by earning an MBA and your HR management degree. A dual degree requires more commitment but offers a more holistic understanding of business practices.

Career Opportunities

An MBA program can be a major financial and time commitment. Students should consider whether it will help them meet their long-term career goals and ensure the school fits their schedules.

An online Master of Business Administration specializing in human resources management prepares graduates to manage people and the processes that support organizational growth and development. The curriculum includes Science for Business, Managerial Economics, and Human Resource Management Theory courses.

The degree also teaches the analytical skills and negotiation techniques that allow HR professionals to work effectively with leaders in all company areas. HR managers are often responsible for vetting talent, creating policies, and implementing change, and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that they can earn six-figure salaries.

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