The 5 Major Causes of Family Stress

Quite a number of people have suggested certain facts as parts of the 5 major causes of family stress but none of them has been able to quell the problems. Else, even if they recognize many of these negative agents as why they easily feel anxious, worried, and disappointed mostly at their places of work, there is an attending difficulty that follows the efforts to settle it.

Family stress can be caused by many stressful events that build on each other or a single high-stress circumstance. Characteristically, they may start from argument and then escalate into cursing, and violent attack against each other. Some may just be burning on the inside, by being so cramped that it is unable to find expression.

When stress comes from the family, other than from places of work or our other platonic relationships, they are usually insoluble except the family or the blood relationship is naturally a peaceful one. That is why there is a higher percentage of possibility that tells how much these stress or problems can disastrously affect other parts or aspects of our lives.

Negative Effects of Stress

  • Health problems: Exhaustion or burnout in busy, conflicting schedules can build and cause both physical and mental illness.
  • Substance overuse: Increased dependence on alcohol, or drugs may occur due to stress.
  • Family discord: Lasting feuds or estrangement can occur among family members, especially those who don’t live together.
  • Difficulties outside the home: New challenges may arise at school or home, either with productivity or behavior.

What Causes Family Stress?

As said earlier, the causes can be easily predicted but what is hard is proffering the right solutions because family problems can be credibly dangerous and often disturbing. However, we have to pinpoint particularly the 5 major causes of family stress that you may be familiar with but do not know may be as serious as this:


Money is a common cause of stress for both individuals and families. In families in particular, there are multiple people who need money to meet a variety of basic needs. This area of life can get stressful when there aren’t enough breadwinners, or when certain unforeseen expenses—such as medical care—arise that the family may not be financially equipped to handle.

Financial troubles can also strain relationships if one or both partners feel anxiety over the need to cut back on spending. If you are looking for a cause of parental stress, add finances to the list. Trying to stay afloat and provide food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare for each family constituent can be a huge challenge and a source of stress and conflict.

Things can be further complicated when some family constituents are spending more or making more than others, or when concerns about finances cause them to lash out emotionally or behave in unproductive ways.

Parental Relationship Issues

Some families include two parents or a single parent who is dating. Romantic relationships are difficult, and these challenges may affect other representatives along the way. In families where there are two parents who are together, couples can lose touch with each other due to busy schedules, disagree with each other on parenting styles or finances, or simply drift apart over time.

These issues can affect the moods of the parents and therefore the atmosphere in the house—especially if they lead to fighting or divorce.

Parental stress can also cause your child to feel overwhelmed, as they may worry about the future of their family. Single parents who are dating may experience challenges around knowing when or how to integrate a new partner into their family’s life. While these are only a few of many possible scenarios in this category, it’s clear that romantic relationships that affect the family unit can definitely be a potential source of stress.

Health Problems

No one chooses to have mental or physical health issues. However, that doesn’t mean that a person with a health condition can’t sometimes contribute to stress for the rest of the family. In the best of times, families can come together to support a loved one who is ill in some way.

That said, stress can build up over time—especially when the health issue is chronic, long-term, or especially severe. It may be related to finances or deciding who will handle any necessary care, for instance. The person with the illness may also experience stress related to their condition and how it impacts their life and the lives of their families.

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It’s important to remember that everyone in a family impacted by health issues needs support and understanding. Having open conversations about how the illness is impacting both the kids and parents is a step toward managing stress levels.


Grief is a difficult process to work through, and not everyone in a family will move through it on the same timeline or in the same way. This mismatch can lead to frustration or judgment. Even without this factor, grief is a complex experience that can bring up a whole host of difficult emotions that can take a while to subside.

Dealing with the logistics of a person who has passed, especially if they were a parent, primary caregiver, or breadwinner, can also be extremely stressful for those left behind.

Losing an older parent can also be accompanied by the added stress of taking on a more active caretaking role for the surviving parent. Families dealing with loss need support and compassion from each other, as well as coping skills to help them move through the process.


For various reasons, a family may need to relocate to a new city, state, or even country. This type of move can cause a mix of different emotions in the family, from excitement to dread to fear. The mismatch can be challenging to deal with, as can the practical logistics.

Plus, studies suggest that having strong social connections can help with stress resilience, so the time between moving to a new place and building new connections can be an extra stressful period for the family. While relocation can bring stressors, it can also be an opportunity to start anew for families.

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