Easy Methods to Turn Dry/Dark Lips to Pink in Nigeria.

Easy Methods to Turn Dry/Dark Lips to Pink in Nigeria defends the fact that pink lips are beautiful ornaments and human feature that naturally add to the beauty of any human being.

Easy Methods to Change Dry/Dark Lips Pink

That is to say, it attracts a list of smiles and whole lot of open embrace which is most capable of lighting up the world around one so easily, especially among friends and families.

Therefore, it is every man’s and woman’s dream to have some of this adorable trait!

Easy Methods to Turn Dry/Dark Lips to Pink in Nigeria

Having you been longing helplessly to get the pink lips which will give you that classy vibes? Long no more, for here are eleven Easy Methods to Change Dry/Dark Lips to Pink in Nigeria:

1. Honey and lemon mask

Honey is a natural moisturizer. Lemon is a natural bleach.


One teaspoon of honey

½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice

A glass cup. Mix together.

Rub it on your lips regularly.

2. Coconut oil

It helps eradicate dull lips and unveil pink lips. It is also useful for lip balm because of its unsaturated fats which moisturize and hydrates. It also helps to reduce pain through chapped lips.


Spread on your lips for good 14 days night and morning.

3. Sugar and olive oil or coconut oil

This combo is also good for the skin, especially the lips. It works more in exfoliating the skin with a purpose to nourish it.


One tablespoon brown sugar or white sugar

One tablespoon olive oil or coconut

4. Aloe Vera Gel Mask

It is a magical plant that has many usefulness, one of such is the treatment of lips

Aloe Vera gel helps remove cuts or dryness on lips and add hydration to it.


Take a fresh leaf of aloe vera gel. Slice it in the middle.

Scoop out the gel using a spoon. Put it in a glass cup. Add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil

Store in the refrigerator.

Just mix and apply.

5. Almond Oil

Because of its emollient capabilities, this is another natural product that can give a regimen and help you get rid of the black skin around your lips.


Get a bottle of almond oil and apply on the lips every night for 10 consecutive days.

Wash the next day.


This is also another useful fruit for the purpose of helping to change dark lips to pink. The juicy content in cucumber is what the lips need to get its transformation.


Persistent application of slices of cucumber on them for at least 15 minutes daily is an assurance.

7. Baking soda:

This is another fastest method of bringing about some change in lip colouring. Since its business is based solely on battling dead cells which are the main causes of the discoloration noticed on the lips, it tends to help the situation and speed up expectation.


Rub on the area, and wait for your surprise.

8.Lip balm:

Apply a quality lip balm on your lips and clean the balm off with a piece of clean cloth or preferably, a toothbrush to scrub.


Dark lips are as a result of dehydration of the body. You are therefore advised to take enough water, though not excessively, yet take enough.

10. Beetroot

Beetroot with carrot paste is a special mix for your lips to turn pink quickly. Beetroot is rich in minerals that will enhance the beauty of your lips.


Cut a slice of beetroot, mix it with carrot paste and apply on your lips.

11. Milk cream and rose petals

This is also a good combo for your skin.


Place it a cool in a fridge, let it be cold.

Then, apply to lips, wait for fifteen minutes and then wash your lips.

Do continuously and seen the magic.


Other ways to get pink lips:
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid drinking too much tea or coffee
  • Avoid long direct contact with the sun, avoid licking lips as it can make them dry or chapped.

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