Top 10 Underrated Travel Destinations You Must Visit

Have you ever felt the thrill of discovering a hidden gem while traveling? The world is full of well-trodden paths leading to famous destinations, but sometimes, the most memorable experiences are found in places that fly under the radar. Welcome to our guide on the Top 10 Underrated Travel Destinations You Must Visit.

Whether you’re a young adult seeking adventure or an adult looking for a new kind of travel experience, these hidden gems promise to deliver. From the charming streets of Ljubljana to the vibrant neighborhoods of Medellín, each destination we’ve selected has something special to offer. So, pack your bags, grab your travel buddy, and get ready to uncover the beauty and wonder of these ten underrated travel destinations you must visit.

Top 10 Underrated Travel Destinations You Must Visit

These underrated travel destinations offer unique experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural heritage, yet they often get overlooked in favor of more popular spots. By exploring these underrated travel destinations, you’ll not only enjoy fewer crowds and more authentic experiences but also discover the joy of venturing off the beaten path.

The top 10 underrated travel destinations include: 

i. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, often gets overshadowed by its more famous European neighbors like Vienna and Venice. However, this small city packs a big punch when it comes to charm and culture. Despite its status as a capital city, Ljubljana maintains a cozy, small-town feel that makes visitors feel right at home.

One of Ljubljana’s standout features is its vibrant arts scene. The city is dotted with galleries, museums, and public art installations that reflect its rich cultural heritage. The picturesque old town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and colorful buildings, is a delight to explore. Ljubljana is also known for its friendly and welcoming locals, who are always happy to share their city’s hidden treasures with visitors.

Activities to Engage Yourself In 

  • River Cruises: A relaxing boat ride along the Ljubljanica River provides stunning views of the city’s architecture and lush riverside greenery. It’s a peaceful way to see Ljubljana from a different perspective.
  • Tivoli Park: This expansive park is perfect for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. It’s home to beautifully landscaped gardens, walking trails, and the Tivoli Mansion, which houses an art gallery.
  • Ljubljana Castle: Perched on a hill overlooking the city, Ljubljana Castle offers panoramic views and a deep dive into the region’s history. Visitors can explore the castle’s museums, climb the watchtower, and even dine at the on-site restaurant.

For a truly magical experience, visit Ljubljana during the annual Ljubljana Festival, which takes place in the summer. The festival features a wide array of cultural events, including concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions, all set against the stunning backdrop of this charming city.

II. Medellín, Colombia

Medellín, once notorious for its turbulent past, has undergone a remarkable transformation and is now a vibrant and dynamic city. Despite its progress, Medellín is often overlooked in favor of Colombia’s more famous cities like Bogotá and Cartagena. This city, known as the “City of Eternal Spring” due to its pleasant climate, is a testament to resilience and innovation.

Medellín’s innovative transportation system, including the famous Metrocable, has not only improved accessibility but also offers breathtaking views of the city. The city’s rich history is preserved in its museums and cultural centers, and its vibrant street art tells stories of its past and hopes for the future. The year-round spring-like weather makes it an inviting destination any time of the year.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Riding the Metrocable: The cable car system connects various parts of the city, providing stunning aerial views of Medellín. It’s a unique and efficient way to explore different neighborhoods, especially the once inaccessible hillside communities.
  • Exploring Comuna 13: This neighborhood, once known for violence, has become a symbol of transformation. Take a guided tour to see the incredible street art, learn about its history, and witness the community’s revival firsthand.
  • Visiting the Botanical Garden: This lush, 34-acre garden is home to a variety of flora and fauna. It’s a peaceful escape within the city, featuring a butterfly house, orchid collection, and plenty of spots for relaxation.

Don’t miss the Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers), held annually in August. This vibrant festival celebrates Medellín’s floral heritage with parades, exhibitions, and cultural events. The highlight is the Desfile de Silleteros, a parade of flower arrangements carried on the backs of farmers from the nearby mountains.

III. Luang Prabang, Laos

Nestled in northern Laos, Luang Prabang is often overshadowed by the more frequented destinations of Southeast Asia like Thailand and Vietnam. However, this UNESCO World Heritage city offers an enchanting blend of serene temples, French colonial architecture, and stunning natural scenery that makes it a truly underrated gem

Luang Prabang is known for its tranquil atmosphere and spiritual ambiance. The city’s numerous temples, or wats, are beautifully maintained and provide a glimpse into the region’s rich Buddhist heritage. The influence of French colonialism is evident in the architecture and the delightful cafes and bakeries that line the streets. The surrounding natural beauty, including waterfalls and mountains, adds to the city’s allure.

 Activities to Engage Yourself in:

  • Alms-Giving Ceremony: Participate in or observe the traditional alms-giving ceremony at dawn, where monks in saffron robes collect food offerings from locals. It’s a humbling and spiritual experience that showcases the city’s deep-rooted Buddhist traditions.
  • Kuang Si Waterfall: A visit to this multi-tiered waterfall is a must. The turquoise pools are perfect for a refreshing swim, and there are hiking trails that offer stunning views of the falls and the surrounding jungle.
  • Night Market Exploration: The vibrant night market is a great place to shop for local handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. It’s also a fantastic spot to sample delicious Lao street food and interact with friendly vendors.

For a panoramic view of Luang Prabang, hike up Mount Phousi, located in the heart of the city. The climb is relatively easy and offers breathtaking views of the city, the Mekong River, and the surrounding mountains, especially at sunset.

IV. Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is a city that beautifully blends the old and the new. Despite its rich history and unique culture, it remains under the radar for many travelers who typically opt for European destinations like Paris or Rome. However, Tbilisi’s mix of diverse architecture, vibrant nightlife, and rich culinary scene makes it a must-visit destination.

Tbilisi’s charm lies in its eclectic architecture, which ranges from Eastern Orthodox churches to Art Nouveau buildings and Soviet Modernist structures. The city’s vibrant nightlife, with its array of bars, clubs, and live music venues, caters to both young and mature audiences. The local cuisine, a delightful fusion of flavors influenced by the Middle East and Eastern Europe, is another highlight.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Strolling Through Old Town: Wander through the narrow, winding streets of Tbilisi’s Old Town, where you can explore historical buildings, quaint shops, and charming cafes. Don’t miss the colorful houses with wooden balconies and the ancient sulfur baths.
  • Visiting Sulfur Baths: Experience the traditional bathhouses in the Abanotubani district. These baths, fed by natural hot springs, offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The Orbeliani Baths, with their striking blue-tiled facade, are particularly famous.
  • Tasting Georgian Wine: Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Take a wine tour or visit local wine bars to sample unique Georgian wines, particularly the famous amber wines made from white grapes fermented with their skins.

For an unparalleled view of Tbilisi, take a cable car ride from Rike Park to the Narikala Fortress. The fortress itself is a historic site worth exploring, and the panoramic views of the city from the top are simply breathtaking, especially at sunset.

v. Valletta, Malta

Valletta, the capital of Malta, often gets overlooked in favor of larger Mediterranean destinations like Rome or Athens. However, this small but mighty city steeped in history offers stunning architecture, beautiful harbors, and a rich cultural scene. Its compact size makes it easy to explore, allowing visitors to uncover its many treasures without the crowds typical of more famous destinations

Valletta’s historical significance is evident in every corner of the city. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, it boasts a wealth of architectural marvels, including baroque churches, grand palaces, and fortifications. The city’s scenic harbors and vibrant waterfront add to its charm, making it a picturesque destination that feels like stepping back in time.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Exploring St. John’s Co-Cathedral: This stunning cathedral is a masterpiece of baroque architecture, with intricate interiors and impressive artwork, including Caravaggio’s famous painting, “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.”
  • Strolling Through Upper Barrakka Gardens: These beautifully landscaped gardens offer breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. It’s a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.
  • Visiting the Grand Harbour: Take a boat tour or simply walk along the waterfront to appreciate the impressive fortifications and the bustling activity of this historic port. It’s especially beautiful at sunset when the golden light illuminates the ancient walls.

For an immersive historical experience, visit the Malta Experience, an audiovisual show that chronicles the island’s 7,000-year history. It provides valuable context and insight into the rich cultural heritage of Valletta and Malta as a whole.

vi. Aysén Region, Chile

The Aysén Region in Chile is a remote and sparsely populated area that remains largely untouched by mass tourism. Its isolation, rugged terrain, and harsh weather conditions often deter visitors, making it one of the most underrated travel destinations in South America. However, for those willing to venture off the beaten path, Aysén offers some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the world.

Aysén is characterized by its pristine wilderness, glaciers, fjords, rivers, and dense forests. The region’s diverse wildlife and dramatic scenery provide endless opportunities for adventure and exploration. Its untouched beauty and tranquil environment make it an ideal destination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Trekking in Patagonia Park: This vast conservation area offers numerous hiking trails that take you through stunning landscapes, including mountains, rivers, and valleys. It’s a haven for trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts, with chances to spot guanacos, condors, and other native species.
  • Boat Tours in General Carrera Lake: Explore the Marble Caves, a network of sculpted caves and tunnels with striking blue and white patterns. Boat tours offer a close-up view of these natural wonders, with the clear turquoise waters providing a stunning backdrop.
  • Visiting the Marble Caves: Located on General Carrera Lake, the Marble Caves are a true natural wonder. The caves, formed by erosion, illuminate intricate and beautiful patterns in the marble with the blue waters of the lake.

The best time to visit the Aysén Region is during the summer months (December to February) when the weather is more favorable and the days are longer. Be prepared for unpredictable weather, and pack accordingly with layers and waterproof gear.

vii. Chefchaouen, Morocco

More famous Moroccan cities like Marrakech and Casablanca often overshadow Chefchaouen, a small town in the Rif Mountains of northwest Morocco. Despite its size, Chefchaouen is a stunning destination known for its distinctive blue-painted streets and buildings. Its tranquil atmosphere and cultural richness make it a hidden gem worth exploring.

The iconic blue streets of Chefchaouen are a photographer’s dream, creating a serene and otherworldly atmosphere. The town’s relaxed pace and friendly locals offer a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. Chefchaouen’s rich cultural heritage, with influences from Andalusian, Jewish, and indigenous Berber traditions, adds to its unique charm.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Exploring the Medina: Wander through the narrow, winding streets of the medina, where every corner reveals a new shade of blue. The medina is filled with artisanal shops selling handmade crafts, textiles, and souvenirs. It’s a perfect place to immerse yourself in the local culture.
  • Hiking in the Rif Mountains: The surrounding Rif Mountains offer numerous hiking trails with breathtaking views. One popular hike is to the Spanish Mosque, located on a hilltop overlooking the town, providing a panoramic view of Chefchaouen and its picturesque blue buildings.
  • Visiting Local Markets: The vibrant markets in Chefchaouen are brimming with local produce, spices, and traditional Moroccan goods. It’s a great place to experience the local way of life and sample some delicious Moroccan cuisine.

To fully appreciate the beauty of Chefchaouen, visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the light casts a magical glow over the blue streets. These times also tend to be less crowded, allowing for a more peaceful and immersive experience.

viii. Ghent, Belgium

Ghent, often overshadowed by its more famous Belgian counterparts Brussels and Bruges, is a hidden gem that combines medieval charm with a vibrant cultural scene. This historic city offers a wealth of architectural marvels, artistic treasures, and a lively atmosphere that appeals to travelers seeking a more authentic Belgian experience.

Ghent beautifully preserves its medieval architecture, showcasing Gothic churches, picturesque canals, and an impressive castle. The city’s cultural scene is equally rich, with world-class museums, music festivals, and a thriving student population that adds to its dynamic ambiance. Ghent strikes a perfect balance between old-world charm and modern sophistication.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Visiting Gravensteen Castle: This medieval castle, located in the heart of Ghent, offers a glimpse into the city’s feudal past. Explore its fortified walls, towers, and dungeons, and enjoy panoramic views of Ghent from the top.
  • Exploring Saint Bavo’s Cathedral: Home to the famous Ghent Altarpiece by the Van Eyck brothers, this cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. Its interior features stunning stained glass windows and intricate wood carvings.
  • Taking a Canal Tour: Discover Ghent’s enchanting canals on a boat tour, which provides a different perspective of the city’s historic buildings and bridges. It’s a relaxing way to soak in the atmosphere and learn about Ghent’s history and culture.

For a unique experience, visit Ghent during the Ghent Festival (Gentse Feesten), a 10-day cultural extravaganza held every July. The festival fills the city with music, street theater, food stalls, and lively celebrations, making it an ideal time to experience Ghent’s festive spirit.

ix. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania, Australia’s island state, often lives in the shadow of mainland Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne. However, this charming waterfront city offers a unique blend of heritage, natural beauty, and vibrant culture that sets it apart as a must-visit destination.

Hobart’s historical significance dates back to its colonial past, evident in its well-preserved Georgian and Victorian architecture. The city is set against the backdrop of Mount Wellington and the Derwent River, providing stunning vistas and outdoor recreational opportunities. Its thriving arts scene, culinary delights, and welcoming atmosphere make it a hidden gem for travelers seeking a more relaxed and authentic Australian experience.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Climbing Mount Wellington: Take a drive or hike to the summit of Mount Wellington for panoramic views of Hobart, the surrounding landscapes, and the Tasman Sea. The mountain offers hiking trails, mountain biking, and even snow activities in the winter months.
  • Visiting MONA (Museum of Old and New Art): Explore Australia’s largest privately-owned museum, which houses a diverse collection of contemporary and ancient art. MONA is renowned for its provocative exhibitions, stunning architecture, and scenic vineyard setting.
  • Exploring Salamanca Market: Held every Saturday along the historic Salamanca Place waterfront, this vibrant market showcases local produce, crafts, arts, and street performances. It’s a great place to shop, dine, and immerse yourself in Tasmania’s culture.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a ferry ride from Hobart to Bruny Island, known for its pristine beaches, wildlife, and gourmet food experiences. It’s a short journey that offers a glimpse into Tasmania’s natural beauty and culinary delights.

x. Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv, located in western Ukraine near the border with Poland, boasts a rich history and culture, yet it attracts fewer visitors compared to other European cities. Its charming old town, abundant architectural heritage, and lively cafe culture position it as a hidden gem awaiting discovery by travelers seeking authenticity and unique experiences.

Lviv’s architecture reflects its diverse cultural influences, with Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau buildings adorning its streets. The city’s historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its cobblestone streets, ornate churches, and picturesque squares. Lviv’s lively cafe scene, where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy coffee and conversation, adds to its distinctive charm.

Activities to Engage yourself in:

  • Walking Tours of the Old Town: Explore Lviv’s medieval old town on foot, visiting landmarks such as the Market Square (Rynok Square), the Latin Cathedral, and the High Castle Hill for panoramic views of the city.
  • Visiting Lviv Opera House: Attend a performance at the Lviv Opera House, one of the oldest and most beautiful opera houses in Ukraine. Its stunning architecture and rich cultural performances make it a must-visit for art enthusiasts.
  • Enjoying Coffee in Historic Cafes: Lviv is known as the coffee capital of Ukraine, with numerous historic cafes dating back to the 19th century. Take time to savor locally roasted coffee and indulge in delicious pastries while soaking in the atmosphere of these iconic establishments.

For a unique cultural experience, plan your visit during Lviv’s annual Lviv Coffee Festival, held in September.

The festival celebrates Lviv’s coffee culture with tastings, workshops, and cultural events, providing a delightful insight into the city’s love affair with coffee.


Exploring the world’s top 10 underrated travel destinations has been a journey through hidden gems and cultural treasures waiting to be discovered. From the charming streets of Ljubljana to the vibrant neighborhoods of Medellín, each destination offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and authentic experiences that defy expectations.

As you plan your next adventure, consider stepping off the beaten path and exploring these lesser-known treasures. Embrace the thrill of discovery, indulge in local cuisines, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of these remarkable destinations. Share your own underrated travel experiences with others, and continue to seek out new horizons that expand your understanding of the world.

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