Disadvantages of Magazines in Education

As the academics specially allows for the complete use of human intelligence, the disadvantages of magazines in education have become a phenomenon that demands equal attention. Ever since the interruption caused by the parturition of different magazines which represent brands of various human interests, there has been a serious reduction in the usual attention and seriousness young people often give to books.

The buoyed interest in magazines, who many of these students, especially in their teenage and adolescent stages, have been using as medium to get access to many distractive things such as porn, sports, fashion, music and many more, has immensely eroded the value formerly placed on the value of research, logical thinking, etc.

Even as there are some of the merits of magazines to the society, but the disadvantages of magazines in education are hammering  and are therefore highlighted below for parents and responsible stakeholders to read and become conscious of them:

  • Crime Rise

Youth who pays attention to the many flashy lifestyle paraded on the magazine will certainly feel intimidated and therefore start looking for ways to make sure he gets those things for himself. Immediately he or she comes to knowledge of reality that he is still young in a society where older men and women struggle for means, he begins to think crime as the only practicable solution to all his problems!

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  • Distraction from Studies

With more concentration given to magazines because of its many attractive pictures of glamor, cartoon, etc., it is possible that the students get carried away. This way, he draws far away from the library gradually, while he gets much closer to life outside school, that is, life in the magazine!

  • Porn Addiction and Masturbation

Since magazines are generally made for adults, there is no crime displaying pictures of celebrities whom in their fashion parade we often see dress half-naked. Sometimes there are erotic pictures of cleavages, upper laps, and protruding butts. All these regularly attracts the attention of the young people. This might however lead to wrong thinking which are often propelled by adolescent desires; hence, masturbation!

  • High Cost of Advertising

Magazine ad prices vary greatly based on the circulation and readership of the magazine. On the whole, magazine placements are much more expensive than newspaper ads. You can get a better value by purchasing a smaller-sized ad with less use of color, but your ability to standout is minimized.

Options such as bleed pages — where the ad extends all the way to the edges of the page — preferred position in the publication, and half- or full-page space can increase your cost significantly. For a small local publication, you might get a reasonable space for a few hundred dollars, but a national publication usually costs several thousand dollars at a minimum.

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