Advantages and Disadvantages of Magazine Advertising

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising in the business world. It’s just that advantages are somehow higher in number than the demerits which are popularized across the internets. The art of advertising entails taking opportunity of creating awareness over a certain product or service that one delivers anywhere one deems possible.

One of the examples of those platforms where the possibility of reaching a wider audience or people who probably may be in need of your product or service is high is the magazine, a print media that is most patronized by the pop culture and community. It can also be regarded as a periodical publication, generally published on a regular schedule (often weekly or monthly), containing a variety of content.

With many types of magazines that are available all over the world, the question is now about whether there are disadvantages attached to any of the varieties as regards their audience that will entangle progress in business, having calculated the major merits of the chance.

Well, to answer your question, let us take a ride to identifying some of the advantages and disadvantages of magazine advertising:


  • It is possible to create a lasting impression.
  • The advertiser can select the particular magazine in which the product can be advertised to create the desired impact. Proper magazine if selected, reaches the right type of target audience. For example, products used only by women can be advertised in magazines intended for women.
  • As the size of the magazine is small, the number of advertisements published in a page may be restricted to just one or two. As a result, the advertisement gets prominence. This is in contrast to newspapers where there is crowding of advertisements in each page.
  • The most important advantage is the length of life. The advertisement may be seen several times.
  • Magazine is something read leisurely. An advertisement, therefore, in a magazine can create better impact.
  • Better reproduction of advertisements than newspapers.
  • The quality of paper used for magazines is superior. Therefore, better visual effects can be created
  • Advertisements in magazines brought out at national or international level can give a very good impact particularly if the product is marketed globally, e.g., electronic goods.
  • More circulation and more readers and so the advertisement cost per reader is much less.
  • It creates prestige, reputation and an image of quality.

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  • The advantage of choosing a particular page, unlike in other print platforms, is not available in the case of magazines.
  • Unlike newspapers, magazines have only limited circulation. As a result, the advertisement may not reach many.
  • The price of the magazine is generally high. Therefore, not many people buy it.
  • These days, people hardly find time to go through even newspapers. Only a very few people go through magazines.
  • Advertisements in magazines cannot be brought out as quickly as it is possible in the case of newspapers.
  • For new product advertisement in magazine alone is not enough.
  • Changes in the copy of the magazine cannot be effected quickly.
  • Preparation of cost of the magazine is higher and hence advertising cost also would be higher.
  • The coverage of the magazine and the coverage of the distribution of goods may not synchronize i.e. inelasticity.
  • The advertisements cannot be brought out in time as needed by the advertiser.

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