Most Effective Insecticide for Mosquitoes

In response to the insurrection of mosquitoes around us, there have been the most effective insecticide for mosquitoes other than the various examples of insecticides which have been and are being produced around the world.

The major responsibility of these insecticides is to control the daring influx of skeeters that roam our community, particularly the African continent, in search for human blood. The other negative side of their invasion is that they also pass sickness, a major example of which is the notorious malaria, into whatever body they pierce their blades to suck.

Thus, there have been a quick and wide spread of malaria around the dark continent. And this is recorded to have killed so many children, women, and men too who are careless enough to have exposed themselves, their bodies to the dangers of getting bitten by mosquitoes, who are common, flying insects that live in most parts of the world. Over 3,700 types of mosquitoes can be found worldwide.

Examples of diseases spread by a mosquito are chikungunya fever, dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, and Rift Valley fever. The female Anopheles mosquito can transmit malaria and they must have been infected through a previous blood meal taken from an infected person.

However, in attempts to prevent this problem from totally flushing particularly the black community out of the surface the earth, several philanthropists as well as health organizations across the universe have risen to the call. There have been the provisions and productions of nets, insecticides, and orientations on the preventive measures to take when without the means of the earlier mentioned.

Well, in order to help you with what and what most effective insecticide for mosquitoes to use, we have listed options which you may be interested in with you below:

  • Syngenta Demand CS

Syngenta Demand CS is our favorite option for residential mosquito control. We love that this product is approved for indoor and outdoor pest control and offers a micro-encapsulated formula supercharged with an advanced-generation pyrethroid. This allows it to stick to pests’ bodies and provide long-term protection for your outdoor areas.

This product can be used as a structural perimeter spray to control mosquito populations. This product is pet-safe when dry (as long as you use it according to label directions). Syngenta Demand CS should be mixed and diluted with water and applied with a backpack fogger (wear PPE to protect yourself during the process). T

To use this product outdoors, mix 0.4 fluid ounces with a gallon of water. Apply the product as a structural perimeter spray to your landscape plantings, turf, and building foundation, making sure to apply it to all shrubbery in your yard. Let all treated surfaces dry thoroughly before allowing humans and pets back into the space.

  • Raid

Raid is a leading insecticide brand in Nigeria that is manufactured by S. C. Johnson, an American FMCG company headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin. This insect killer has been in the Nigerian market for over fifty years and it continues to lead the way in the Nigerian market as far as mosquito repellent is concerned.

Raid kills mosquitoes, flies, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, fleas, bedbugs, wasp, non-biting gnat, and yellow jackets. It is formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around the household and Nigerians have come to love it for its longevity and efficacy over the years.

  • Mosquito Barrier Liquid

Mosquito Barrier Liquid is an excellent repellent product for anyone who wants to keep buzzing pests away. Since this product doesn’t contain chemicals (the formula uses the natural pest-repelling properties of garlic!), it’s safe for the environment, animals, and humans.

Thanks to this product’s highly-concentrated formula, one application lasts up to 2 weeks, and a single diluted gallon covers up to 5 acres. Unlike formulas that contain harsh pesticides or insecticides, this product is safe for bees, butterflies, fish, birds, cats, dogs, and other small animals. For your convenience, the product can be used in hot or cold misting systems or applied via a pump spray.

Shake the formula well before mixing. Add eight teaspoons of mosquito barrier to a gallon of warm water for light infestations. For heavy infestations, add 16 tablespoons to a gallon of warm water. Stir the mixture well and apply between 8 am and 11 am or later in the afternoon, between 5 pm and 7 pm. Avoid spraying this product in the heat of the day, and do not spray in windy conditions or if rain is expected within 24 hours.

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  • Rockwell Labs EVMT016 EcoVia MT Mosquito & Tick Control

Rockwell Labs EVMT016 EcoVia MT Mosquito & Tick Control is an excellent option if you’re looking for an eco-friendly mosquito control product. Unlike conventional insecticides, this botanical insecticide contains natural pest-eliminating ingredients like lemongrass, clove, and citronella oil.

Because this product is oil-based, it sticks to leaves and foliage better than many synthetic insecticides, which allows it to provide long-term control. This product is safe for use in sensitive areas, like the area around marine environments, including pools and ponds.

To control adult mosquitos, dilute this product at the rate of 0.33-0.66 fl oz per gallon of water. Apply to outdoor shrubbery, ground cover, heavy vegetation, and other areas until the treatment area is thoroughly wet. For maximum efficacy, use a fogger to apply this product to the underside of leaves (where mosquitoes breed and rest).

  • Summit Mosquito Dunks

Summit Mosquito Dunks are small, convenient, mess-free briquettes that can be used in permanent standing water sources where mosquito larvae grow. By killing larvae before they can become biting adults, these convenient briquets effectively and quickly control mosquito populations and provide continuous control for up to 30 days.

Place the recommended amount of briquet directly into the water. If the water is moving, anchor the briquet using a string tied through the center hole or staking it at the edge of the water feature.

  • Sniper

As the name implies, Sniper is a very potent poison against mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects and should never be ingested by humans, in fact, all insecticides are poisonous and should never be consumed by humans as this can lead to instant death. Sniper is a popular pesticide brand in Nigeria and across West Africa.

The brand was developed in response to the growing need for a credible solution for in-home pest control, it became apparent that it was time for Sniper to extend the same trust consumers bestowed on it into the insecticide segment.

The range of products under the Sniper umbrella brand include the Sniper Cockroach Gel, Sniper Rat killer and the Sniper Insecticide Spray, which was made available in three exciting variants: Sniper Crawling Insect Killer, Sniper Flying Insect Killer & Sniper

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