What’s Not Allowed In Babcock University (Rules & Regulations).

What’s Not Allowed In Babcock University?

What Is Not Allowed Babcock University

The University was established to provide opportunities for students to develop those higher qualities of character that will enable them to maximize their service to God, the Church, and society.

Babcock University is operated under Christian world view. The University is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The University was established to provide opportunities for students to develop those higher qualities of character that will enable them to maximize their service to God, the Church, and society.

The University in its admission policy is committed to equal opportunity and does not discriminate against qualified persons on the basis of handicap, gender, race, color, nationality or ethnic origin.

Babcock strives to maintain an environment favorable to the spiritual, intellectual, social, vocational, civic and physical development of students.

To lead each student to a total dedication of life in selfless service for God and humanity and to guide in the formation of a character marked by integrity, self-discipline, responsibility, tolerance, loyalty and spiritual leadership are the objectives at Babcock University

What Required Of You As a Student In Babcock University 

This is to remind you, as an individual student of Babcock University to avoid those ways of life that can deface the identity and erode the foundation of the uniqueness as an institution.

Your embracing the institution’s standard makes you to be unique every time, everywhere and in every situation. As such, refresh your memory with what is contained in the Babcock University Students Handbook, so that you will not forget what is required of you as a student. Here are some of the things you should take note of:

  • Bizarre hair-styles are not allowed.
  • Indecent dressing is discountenanced, hence, skirts and skirts suits must be long enough to cover your knees. Cotton materials are, therefore, strongly recommended rather than jumping or clinging or body hugging materials.
  • Cooking in any form in the halls of residence is disallowed.
  • Loitering and association with opposite sex at wrong place, wrong time and inappropriate manner will not be treated lightly.

Its our prayer that the Almighty God will build you up to be what He intends you to be in order to do what He intends you to do so that you will not have your life messed up.

I pray that you will not be a disappointment to God, to yourself, as a person, to your family and to the society at large.

It is my prayer that God will empower you to say yes to virtues, say no to vices and carry out every transforming instruction that God sends your way in Jesus name.

Dressing Offences In Babcock University 

Henceforth, it is an offence to wear:

  • SKIRTS and DRESSES showing BODY contours. It will be treated as Sexual Harassment
  • Skirts and dresses above the knee length (ALL MUST BE 3inches below the knee
  • JEAN AND JEAN-LIKE materials at any time on campus
  • JELLABIYA to Classes, Churches and Cafetaria

Stiff Sanction will be applied to Offenders


Does Babcock University Allowed the Use of Mobile Phone?

The answer to the question whether Babcock University allowed the use of mobile phone on campus is YES.

After receiving so many comments asking, are phones allowed in Babcock university? we take step to interview some Babcock University students and they confirmed to us that use of phones are allowed but using it wrongly is not allowed.

Babcock is becoming one of the best private universities in Nigeria in terms of Academics as the administration there is placing priority on academics and sports.

it’s improving in socials with the recent performance of music stars like d’banj,Kc presh and styl plus.

Unlike some private universities Babcock allows the use of phones and only suspend/expel when actions threaten the life and property of students.

Babcock is also engaged in research works in nearly every field of study offered by the university and this is seen as a criteria in the rating of any university in the world.

What’s Allowed In Babcock University

  • Bed sheet sets with bed spreads, pillow case.
  • Corporate dressings: Shirts, trousers, ties and suits for men: skirt suits, dresses and shirt blouses for ladies. All female clothing must be at least 3 inches below the knees
  • Laptop is allowed
  • Bucket, laundry bag, towels, wash cloths, pressing iron, alarm clock, soap and toiletries
  • Flash lights and study lamp
  • Table size radio or tape recorder
  • Electric kettles
  • Rechargeable lamps

What’s Not Allowed In Babcock University

  • Jeans:  dresses, skirts and trousers, pencil trousers.
  • Low neckline clothes, spaghetti straps, tight cloths, jewelries and colored make-up kits.
  • Any cloth that reveals the upper extremities, mid-riff or other suggestive areas of the body.
  • Cooking utensils or food that need to be cooked (indomie)
  • Personal furniture
  • Weapons, candles, boiling ring or any other dangerous appliances.
  • Knives, forks, bottles.
  • Bushy hair and beards

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