Most Influential Country in Africa.

Most influential country in Africa dissects some of the economically powerful countries in the continent and judge them by their influence on the international scene and how this influence overshadows the rest of the continent. Comparatively, there are a number of big countries in the continent that can be considered influential when measured by their infrastructural, tourist, and economic capabilities as opposed to many other African countries.

Out of all these qualified countries are South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria, and m

Most Influential Country in Africa.

Nigeria, with nearly 200 million people, houses nearly a sixth of or so of all Africans. Nigerians also travel, mostly for work, but also for shopping and tourism. There is hardly a nation anywhere without Nigerian immigrants.

Nigeria has over the years been called upon to intervene in many crisis and challenges faced by many African countries. During many of those summits, Nigeria is often recognized as the only African best mediators. This is how we know Nigeria’s influence over countries like Ethiopia, South Africa and many others skyrockets.

Nigeria is therefore the most influential country in Africa.

What are the many areas where Nigeria has proven itself Influential?

  • Politics

Nigeria has been a major player in African politics and the world at large. Nigeria has used their political might to protest against some unhealthy political situations in Africa. They contributed immensely to the eradication of apartheid regimes in Africa. They have sponsored many projects outside the country. They have contributed immensely to the stability of Africa through their political Influence.

  • Economic

One of the things that made Nigeria the most influential country in Africa is that it is home to the richest man in Africa amongst many more. Nigeria is globally known for her business exploits. Her huge population gave her some comparative advantage in the field of business. Nigeria has the highest economy in Africa. A major contributor to the African Development Bank and many other economic institutions across Africa like the New Partnership for African Development NEPAD.

She has made significant strides in the banking sector in Africa. Many African countries today have Nigerian banks operating in them and in many others, they are affiliating with the trailblazer banks in those countries. Brands like Dangote has extended outside Nigeria to so many African countries. All these have given Nigeria influence in Africa.

  • Military

With a force of more than 223,000 active personnel, the Nigerian military is one of the largest uniformed combat services in Africa.  In spite of this contraction in the size and funding of its Armed Forces, Nigeria would boast the only military in West Africa capable of engaging in foreign military operations, such as during its intervention in Liberian civil war in 1990. Nigeria’s Armed Forces would continue to remain an active element in combat operations throughout the African continent over the proceeding decades, with notable engagements including its 2017 involvement as part of the ECOWAS military intervention in the Gambia.

Corruption has historically weakened the Nigerian military’s capacity to face internal security threats, and is cited as being responsible for the continued longevity of rebels and terrorists operating throughout the nation.

In spite of these challenges to its operational readiness, the Nigerian Armed Forces have committed to a number of wide-ranging modernization programs to bolster the discipline and firepower of its troops. This includes the acquisition of new armored vehicles, combat aircraft and aerial reconnaissance drones, and the refurbishing of naval vessels which had suffered from a prolonged periods of poor or minimal maintenance.

Despite being ranked the fourth-most powerful military in Africa and ranked 35th on its list internationally Global Firepower, the Nigerian Armed Forces are still very much respected by countries all over Africa, and this alone makes it the most influential country in Africa.

  • Entertainment

Nigeria has been very influential in many areas and amongst them is the entertainment industry. The country is proud of great and world-renowned artistes like Wizkid, who just won the Grammy recently with Burna Boy, and many more. Ostensible is the mark made by Fela Anikulapo Kuti on the international stage when it comes to music.

The Nigerian entertainment has been so unique that it has shaped a lot of things such as the music industry in Africa and globally.

Also, the Nigerian movie industries have shared their unique stories and these stories went on to change so narratives held about life in Africa. They have portrayed the African culture better than what was previously presented to the world. Her music industry has also used music to showcase talents and African philosophies and her unique heritage. This influence has commanded lots of respect for Nigeria in the committee of nations.

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