Most Reliable Air Conditioners

11 Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices In Nigeria.

Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices In Nigeria: Do you love Air Conditioners like I do? Lets’ talk about them! 

Most Reliable Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are incredibly awesome during  heat / dry season. This particular equipment can mostly be seen in banks, prosperous offices and some houses.

Air Conditioners companies are getting smarter and bigger as the day goes by but the issue here is how can you possibly try to get the best Air conditioner (A/C) for your room or office without spending too much?

Don’t worry about it a single bit, on this short and comprehensive article, I will show you the Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices In Nigeria.

There are a number of factors to consider when buying an air conditioner.

It is always essential to consider the power requirement which is measure by the Horsepower which will determine, the type that will suit your purpose of buying it, the brand and some other basic factors.

Almost all air conditioners are good and efficient although some are way better and of higher quality than others. This is why we have list out the Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices In Nigeria , these Air Conditioners  brands have been officially tested and trusted.

Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices In Nigeria

Here, are  some of the  Most Reliable Air Conditioners & Prices available in the Nigerian market today.

These products listed can be gotten directly from the manufacturers or local distributors around the country. For convenience, air conditioners also be gotten from online stores.

1. Hisense Air Conditioners


Here is another amazing Chinese company that manufactures one of the best cooling systems for homes and offices. Hisense Air Conditioners are suitable for every apartments and if they is no space on the floor, you have the split unit air conditioners.

The company manufactures different types and they includes;
• On / Off Split Unit AC
• Inverter Split Unit AC
• Window Unit AC

Like many other companies out there, Hisense also have the portable and dehumidifier Air Conditioners that suits your choice of need but people no longer urge for dehumidifier anymore but anyways, it is your choice.


You can get any of the Hisense Air Conditioners within the price range of N65k – N200k at any official authorized retailers stores.

2. Samsung Air Conditioners


Samsung products put a smile on your face. The world knows it, the market understands it, the people embrace it.

It is so amazing how this brand has maintained remarkably amazing reputation since they busted into the market many decades ago. They are known for their high quality products.

Their air conditioners only cement their place among the very best of all times. Their air conditioners perfectly fit different environments and serve you far better than you expect.

They are durable and   reliable. Based on customer reviews, Samsung air conditioners are among those ACs you will buy and never regret.


Samsung Air Conditioners are priced within the range of N82k – N639,500.

3. Panasonic Air Conditioners


Is there any other brand you’d expect to come first on this list? Panasonic doesn’t think so. If you grade air conditioners based on efficiency, durability, strength, ruggedness, ease of use and other basic factors, then you should expect Panasonic air conditioner to be among the top on the list.

They are among the most sought after air conditioner brands in the market today for all the right reasons. They are available in the form of window split, wall, standing and ceiling cassettes.

They have varying power ranging from 1 Horsepower to over 10 Horsepower. With Panasonic air conditioners, be sure to get value for your money.


 Panasonic Air conditioners costs around N95k – N639k. For the best price, you can visit the company’s official retailer stores around your area.

4. Polystar Air Conditioners


They are all you could think of, cheap, affordable, budget-friendly, lasts longer, normal cooling technology, suitable sizes for all platforms of establishments.

Polystar electronics are the best known for manufacturing amazing Air conditioners.

• Floor standing AC
• Split Unit Air AC
• Window Unit AC
• Mobile AC

Portability, durability, easy control and installation, is all you could get from the Polystar companies.


You can get the Polystar Air conditioners from any authorized offline or online stores and they costs within the price range of N65k – N179,000, starting from the Mobile AC – Floor standing AC.

5. Haier Thermocool Air Conditioners

Haier Thermocool

If you are familiar with this brand, you will understand why they cannot but make this list. Quality asides, they stand tall among the brands with the best product designs.

You just have to identify their products by their classy designs and very neat finishing. In terms of efficiency, only a few brands can match Haier Thermocool.

They boast of features that make them very easy to use and set up. You don’t have to be an expert to operate their products. Their products vary in power rating and efficiency.

They range between 1 HP to 10 HP. Although they among the most expensive brands on this list, these air conditioners prove to be good buys most of the time.


Depending on the types of Air conditioners, you can purchase any of the Haier Thermocool – Air Conditioners within the range of N80k – N300k (starting from Split Air Conditioners – Package Air Conditioner).

6. Midea Air Conditioners

Midea Air Conditioners

Midea is a Chinese commercial company that manufactures large and small electrical appliances but the company’s Air Conditioners are way more powerful and preferable than most Chinese products.

The company might be based in Chine but you can get it right in Nigeria. They produce A/C for affordable prices and if you are on a budget, you can possibly get it right now from authorized online and offline stores.


The prices ranges from N80k – N195k.

7. LG Air Conditioners

LG Air Conditioners

Take nothing away from LG air conditioners. From their exquisite designs to their remarkable durability, you can always be sure of getting high quality products from LG.

The brand has grown to be the darling of the market, boasting of high sale rate and remarkable success over the years.

They vary in designs, power rating and functionality. They are very easy to maintain and set up.

They are among the most easily accessible products on the list and brags of one of the highest distribution outlet across the country.


The prices of LG A/C ranges from N70k – N340,500 (starting from Window A/C – Floor Standing A/C). 

8. Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin Air Conditioners

Daikin is arguably the least popular air conditioner brand on this list. If quality, durability, strength, functionality and efficiency of air conditioners are factors to go by, then Daikin by all means deserve to be mentioned among the very best.

Gradually becoming a real force in the air conditioner market, Daikin products are seen among the most reliable air conditioners of all time. Their international reputation is on the high and most even rank them in the class of the likes of Samsung and Panasonic.

They are relatively cheap and give you everything you need in a standard air conditioner.

9. Scanfrost Air Conditioners

Scanfrost Air Conditioners

Unlike any other company, the Scanfrost provides a more comfortable and preferable Air conditioners for homes and offices. They are highly professional in what they are producing.

ScanFrost A/C gives you as the end users sweet magical air, cools your home unconditionally and yep, it is more affordable and budget-friendly, when it comes to the pricing aspect. There is the Air coolers, Tower and Split Unit A/C options.


Scanfrost Air conditioners are priced within the range of N50k – N179,999 and they have prominent stores all over Nigeria with official dealers

10. Nexus Air Conditioners

Nexus Air Conditioners

With the Nexus Air conditioners, your home, office or any sort of apartment must have adequate all round cooling. The fresh healthy ventilation air coming out of the powerful Nexus cooling system will keep you amazed and value for your money.

There is a company called Newcastle and they manufactures A/C but it won’t be listed here. They are among the worst company, I’ve ever tested, installed it and within two months or so, it automatically stopped distributing the cool air but Nexus has been wonderful.


You can get the Nexus Air Conditioners right now, they have the Split Unit and Floor standing AC, that fits into every space in any home or office. And they are being priced around N65k – N95k range.

11. Sharp Air Conditioners

Sharp Air Conditioners

Just as the name implies, Sharp is among the best top rated companies to introduce world-class Air conditioners and they have lots of products in Nigeria and they are all affordable and budget friendly.

They have a broader ranges of Air conditioners for your homes, rooms, offices and every suitable apartment. It makes everywhere conducive with its magic spreading AC.

Like Panasonic, they are from Japan and you know how good, any company from Japan is. They put their best interest in whatever products, they are manufacturing.


Sharp Air Conditioners  cost from N68k – N125k from any official retailer store around you.

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