List of Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Nigeria.

The list of multipurpose cooperative society in Nigeria is here outlined. Multipurpose cooperative societies are solely prepared for multifarious functions which are hellbent on willingly meeting the financial, material, and social needs of its ,members. They are usually autonomous societies which have a united front or individuals, forming an enterprise owned and controlled by a certain group of persons.

Oftentimes, multipurpose cooperative societies are connected to legal authorities as a financial body that exist on regulations that guide member funds. Going by its name, this financial society does not concentrate its functions on a single aspect or field of human affair as those whose focus is on farmers, doctors, skilled men and women, etc. Rather, their loans and aids go beyond just that. This means they award financial help to everyone as far as you are a member and you have savings in their account. Financial cooperatives such as the multipurpose cooperative societies provide sustainable financial support for people excluded from the traditional banking system.

Functions of Multipurpose Cooperative Societies

  • It help facilitate the growth of businesses through its very impressive lending culture
  • It provides jobs to members and raise standards of living
  • It assists members’ confidence in securing an affordable lifestyle
  • It fast-tracks individual development and then national economic growth
  • It helps to build local expertise and profits
  • It encourages the saving culture

List of Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Nigeria.

Here are the list of multipurpose cooperative society in Nigeria:

1. SRG Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited

SRG Multipurpose Cooperative Society is a self-help organization that draws its membership from professionals and entrepreneurs who pool funds together for financial intermediation and investment opportunities that provide mutual benefits to its members. It raises funds by obtaining loans, investments and deposits from members and non-members to further its objectives.

The multi-purpose cooperative society aims to attract people with common vision who desire knowledge and economic growth to meet their aspirations through a common vehicle. It is located around 303A, Samfa Plaza, Ndola Crescent, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja. This society is first on the list of multipurpose cooperative society in Nigeria.

Email :

Web :

Phone contact: +234 806 388 0126

2. Lagos State Cooperative Federation Limited

Lagos State Cooperative Federation Limited (LASCOFED) is an independent Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in line with international and national best practices as the umbrella body to unite, represent and serve cooperative societies in Lagos State. Second on the list of multipurpose cooperative society in Nigeria, LASCOFED like all other cooperative societies in the state is registered under the Lagos State Cooperative Societies’ Laws.

All cooperative societies registered in the state are statutory member affiliates of LASCOFED. Members of LASCOFED are found in all sectors of the economy including agriculture, banking, health, transport, the informal sector, corporate organizations and industries as well as Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies including Houses of Assembly. It makes the Co-operative Movement a reference point for economic empowerment programs in Lagos State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Address: 13 Isaacstan close. Ikeja, Lagos State.


3. Cowries Multipurpose Cooperative Society

Cowries Multipurpose Cooperative Society is a limited liability and multipurpose co-operative society established with the aim of coordinating likeminded young professionals and entrepreneurs in organizing a pool of private funds to serve as a reliable source of credit and investment opportunities. Every ordinary member is an equity owner in our society. Minimum equity ownership for any member is N50, 000.00 payable within the first six months of membership. The equity can be more than N50, 000.00 and dividend is payable for every profitable year, so we encourage members to own equity in excess of the minimum requirement. Below are some of the benefits of being a member:

  • Access to free mentoring with inspiring and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Quarterly entrepreneur training and development (Free or Highly Discounted fee as the case may be).
  • Interaction and brainstorming with other entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals
  • Business Marketing, networking opportunities, investment sessions and opportunities.
  • Funding for both personal and business needs at the interest rates possible.
  • Regular savings, modest living, personal improvement opportunities and brainstorming sessions.

Ordinary Members: Minimum share subscription of 50,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 1,000,000 units,
Preferential members: Minimum share subscription of 250,000 units @ ₦1.00 per share subject to maximum of 5,000.000 units.
Cowrie’s Cooperative membership fee: Non-refundable Application fee of N10, 000 and an Annual Subscription of N5, 000 per member.

Address: House 6, G.A. Taylor Estate, 2 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: +234 (0) 808 536 9976, +234 (0) 808 536 9898


4. Dakkada Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society

Dakkada Multi-Purpose Co-Operative Society is mainly focused on inspiring and enabling hardworking smallholder farmers, small-scale entrepreneurs and young professionals to reach full potential without bias.

Phone Contact: 0708 099 7600


5. Tiny Seed Cooperative Multipurpose Society

It is said that this multipurpose cooperative society operates on the Biblical injunction and promise of “give and it shall be given unto you; good measure pressed down and shaking together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom”. Tiny Seed Multipurpose Cooperative Society, as one of the list of multipurpose cooperative society in Nigeria, is a community of like-minded men and women who share a common vision of helping one another and seeing to the general welfare of the members.

This society encourages savings and thrift among their members and give them loans to start new businesses or expand existing ones. It also duly register with Lagos State Government of Nigeria under section 10 of cap 15 of the laws of Lagos State 2003. Its system is aimed at destroying lack, want and financial stagnation among members and launch them into financial fortune and abundance.

Address: 148/150 Ikotun Ejigbo Road, Cele Bus Stop, Egbe Lagos.

Other Ones on the List of Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Nigeria:

  • The Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA)
  • Benevolent Cooperative
  • Cherit Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited
  • NNPC Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited
  • SeedersHub Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society Limited
  • Addax Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited
  • The Nigerian Police Cooperative
  • Zero Interest Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society
  • Sweet-Suinix Investors, Savings And Loan Cooperative Multipurpose Society
  • NNEW National Secretariat
  • Nigeria Police Cooperative Society
  • LUTH CMUL Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited
  • Frankis Cooperative Thrift & Credit Society Nigeria Ltd
  • Lagos Local Governments Co-operative Multipurpose
  • Prime Asset Housing Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Limited
  • Lekki Cooperative Multi-Purpose Society Limited

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