An interview with an upcoming actress – Muyideen Tiwalola

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Muyideen Tiwalola is a young and promising actress and producer who knows how to smell a good script even when she’s blind folded. Tiwalola produced her first movie titled IKHMAT in the year 2018, featuring Ibrahim Chatta, Biola Adebayo, Olamilekan Ayinla and Femi Araba among others.
Tiwalola took a step further in this interview by clarifying who she called her inspirer and teacher but still refuse to name him as she have done in her previous interviews. She said her husband has been her inspirer and teacher. This took (Blog name) by surprise as she has never disclose in any interview if she’s married or not. (Blog name) ask if she’s married but she went silent on the answer.
When we ask Muyideen Tiwalola if acting is hard from her perspective, she said….
“No, it’s not, just give it all you’ve got.” When she was asked why she haven’t release another movie after IKHMAT, she replied that she went silent just to rebrand herself and more so IKHMAT is just a test-run.
When we ask her what her plans are for the year, she was optimistic in working in new movies of her colleagues and do not promise to produce for the year. She disclose that she will be opening the year with the movie titled “19” that she’s featuring in.

Muyideen Tiwalola picture

And when she was asked where she sees herself in five years to come, she replied “I see myself still being an actress and working with both superstars and young talents.”

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