Origin of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria.

Origin of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria can be traced to Zambia when a social media trend online where Zambian men pledged not to pass K5 Zambian currency on their girlfriends but rather invest and earn from it.

Origin of Stingy Men Association

The origin of stingy men association of Nigeria began when the Nigerian singer and music producer, Don jazzy escalated the association and  shared a membership ID card on his Twitter handle.

Since it began to trend online, many Nigerian men have shown their interest in the association, with many sharing their identity cards and others asking how they can become members.

Stingy men association of Nigeria (SMAN) trended all over the Nigerian social media by mostly young bachelors. The organisation aims to help men stop the habit of spending money frivolously on Nigerian women.

The association would rather have men spend money on themselves and on reasonable investments than have women be the first users of their money.

The association had top Nigerian celebrities such as Don Jazzy, Rudeboy and others as members. The members of the association did not stop at making the organisation trend for days on the media but also went as far as printing ID cards, T-shirts, making memes, making videos of them being stingy to the female folk, creating a Twitter page and as petty as making custom padlocks for their pockets, wallets and every other safe place a man’s money can be kept.

For those who have been asking on how to become a member of “Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria (SMAN)” we have provided how the association started.

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