How To Register For Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria 2021.

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria topic trending on Twitter has became a popular subject all over Africa.  The association which stands for motto of  Let Me See What I Can Do., recently has got more and more Nigerian celebrities share mock-ups of membership cards for the group.

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

A tweet by music producer Don Jazzy of his own card has been retweeted more than 11,000 times.

Tweeters have been joking about creating an anthem, a headquarters and an oath.

It is unclear to us how the trend started in Nigeria, but the idea has already been spreading around Africa.

Back in December, a supplement to Uganda’s Daily Monitor published an article outlining a proposed constitution for the Ugandan arm of the group.

In that article, Ian Ortega wrote: “This constitution drafted in the year of the Pandemic will for generations to come define the meaning of austerity.”

Some parts of the his “constitution” hit out at girlfriends asking their boyfriends for money.

“Any daughter of Eve that asks for money shall be treated as an illegal immigrant and be labelled; ‘not wife material,’” he wrote.

He went on say that “a member must feel no shame whatsoever in rejecting any monetary request presented to him.”

This includes requests for money for transport or airtime.

About Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

Unlike the ‘Sweet Boys Association’, which trended in 2018, and was used to describe a prestigious league of well-mannered and ambitious gentlemen, SMAN is basically meant for men who are unwilling to spend money on not necessarily women alone, but anyone who seeks their financial help.

Since it began to trend online, many Nigerian men have shown their interest in the association, with many sharing their identity cards and others asking how they can become members.

‘Let me see what I can do’

Judging from their motto which reads: “Let Me See What I Can Do”, men belonging to the association will always give excuses whenever someone, especially a woman asked them for financial support.

Asides the association’s Motto, below are some excuses members are expected to give any female who demands for cash from them:

1. “I wish you had told me earlier.”

2. “I am expecting some money next week.”

3. “Let me call you back.”

4. “I will let you know”, or any other excuses to avoid billing.

How To Register For Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

If you’re interested in becoming a member of this association, here is how to Register For Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria  and become a member;

Step one: Get a Membership Free Form

The membership form for Stingy Men Association of Nigeria is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for it. It is free entry and free registration.

Stingy Men Association Application Form

Stingy Men Association Application Form

Step Two:  Get Your ID Template

The ID template is all you need to become a legitimate member of the association. We have the ID card template below; All you need to do is use a photo editing app like PicArts and then insert your details and picture in the designated positions.

Stingy Men Association ID Card

Stingy Men Association ID Card

Visit this link below to generate your own card free of charge:

Rules and Regulations of  Association

Members are also expected to abide by the following rules:

1. No dates, no birthday showers, no baby showers.

2. When she says, I miss you, I love you, reply a day later.

3. If she ask you for money or urgent 2k, block her and delete her number.

4. Don’t ever send her transport money or airtime, you are not her father.

5. A stinger should fake a call to rush somewhere if she brings her friend during a date or shopping.

6. Don’t offer to pick up your dates let her trek or take a bus.

How To Generate Stingy Men Association ID Card

The Stingy Men Association Card Generator – To generate your ID Card, visit   Add your pic, write the name, department, branch and download and print your card.

Click Here To Download.

Aim of  Stingy Men Association in Nigeria

Stingy Men Association is basically meant for men who are unwilling to spend money not necessarily on women alone, but anyone who seeks their financial help.

And the motto of the association is: Let Me See What I Can Do.

Members of this Association” will always give excuses whenever a woman or someone asks them for financial help.


Successful Members Of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

If you must know, popular music producer Don Jazzy, Mr Eazi, Praiz and DJ Neptune recently declared being members of the Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria  (SMAN).

1. Don Jazzy

He completed Registration recently;

2. Uncle Njobvu

Also completed Registration recently

Historical View Of Stingy Men Association 

The Stingy Men Association began in Zambia as a social media trend where Zambian men pledged not to pass K5 Zambian currency on their girlfriends but rather invest and earn from it.

According to the Zambian Observer, Mr Loenard Mweembe was reportedly arrested for assault after beating up his wife because she asked him for money to make her hair.

Mrs Mweembe, the wife to the suspect, asked her husband money for her hair a week ago but the husband kept replying he is now a member of SMAZ and can’t afford to give her a K150 but rather a K10.

“It started like a joke,” explained the injured wife who was later rushed to Ndola Teaching Hospital.

In November 2020, the Zambian Observer reported that the Stingy Men Association Of Zambia (SMAZ) reportedly bought 800 capacity seater aircraft to convene its members to any occasion.

The funds were reportedly gotten from the savings of the members.

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