Origin of Supernumerary Police in Nigeria

Origin of Supernumerary Police in Nigeria (Spy Police).

Origin of  Supernumerary Police in Nigeria popularly known as Spy Police can be traced to Section 46, of the Police Act CAP 359 of the 1968 as amended under Section 418, of the Police Act CAP 359 of laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1990.

Under this act, “any individual (counting any administration division) that wants to benefit himself/herself of the Spy Police in Nigeria of one or more official police of this nature, for the security of property claimed or constrained by him/her, may apply to the Inspector-General of Police of the federation or State Commissioner of Police, expressing the nature and circumstance of the company being referred to and giving such other investment as the Inspector-General may require”.

The Nigerian Spy Police or  supernumerary has some sort of service similar to the reserve army service obtainable in many countries! The Spy Police or  supernumerary are usually attached to banks, financial institutions and organizations that require their service.

The  Spy Police is a department of the Nigerian Police Force. This is a special police outfit which was set up considering the declining condition of security in the country.

The essential objectives of the body is to consistently put on the specific and expert ability of the security system.

The security officials are generally arranged police officers with the significant capacities to maintain lawfulness inside their areas of posting. The Spy Police officials, act perfectly in their special expert work environments.


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