Reason Why Starting A Pig Farming Business In Nigeria is Lucrative.

Pig Farming Business In Nigeria has  became a lucrative and very popular day to day business. Although any type of farming business can survive in Nigeria because Nigeria has an amazing  population and good market.

Pig Farming Business In Nigeria

No doubt that pig rearing in Nigeria is a wonderful business idea and very profitable. You can get return of your total investment within very short time.

Pig farming is very easy and pig meat has a huge global popularity. This is the main reason of increasing this business in Nigeria.

Pig farming is the raising and breeding of domestic pigs as livestock, and is a branch of animal husbandry. Pigs are farmed principally for food and skins.

Pigs are amenable to many different styles of farming: intensive commercial units, commercial free range enterprises, or extensive farming

Here’s is the reason why starting a pig farming business in Nigeria is lucrative and profitable.  Pig farming in Nigeria is a great source of employment and income.

It is very easy to start raising pigs both in domestically and commercially.

Reason Why Starting A Pig Farming Business In Nigeria is Lucrative:

1. Pig can convert more energy/nutrient into protein and as a result they grow faster than cattle, goats or other livestock animals.

2. Pigs can survive and produce more by consuming little amount of low quality foods. You can feed them roughage, kitchen garbage, agricultural waste etc. for the purpose of reducing feeding cost.

3. Need less amount of investment. Although, investment depends on the size of your farm.

4. There are so much benefits in  pig farming in Nigeria. Here we would discuss the commercial benefits of pig farming business in Nigeria.

5. The reproduction period and system of pig is faster than any other livestock like cattle or goats.

6. Many Nigerians are experiencing malnutrition problem due to absence of sufficient protein in their regular food. By raising pigs, we can meet up this demand.

7. A large amount of daily necessary protein derives from plant and a little amount from animals. Animal protein is very essential for human body because of it’s high biological value and contains the building stones for good health and proper growth. By raising pigs, we can easily meet up this demand.

8. A sow generally give birth of piglets twice a year. Each time they give birth of 10 piglets (sometimes more). And the gestation period is not more than 115 days. So, you can go for large scale commercial production within very short time if you start with few pigs.

9. Weather condition and geographical location of Nigeria is very suitable for pig farming.

10. Pig farming is a very profitable business idea with great ROI (Return of Investment) ratio

11. Pig Farming is a very Lucrative business in Nigeria. Pig farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative and profitable livestock businesses anyone can think of. Most people who have started the pig rearing business have seen so much success already.

12. Pigs have a faster growth rate. When compared with other livestock in the same category, you will discover that pigs have a faster growth rate. Fatteners (piglets you’re raising for meat) can reach marketable weight within six to eight months. Because of this, you can be very sure of making profits within a short period of time. Of course, with the best pig management practices.

13. The setup cost and management of commercial pig farming business are easy. Another reason why you should consider Pig farming is because it only needs a small investment in buildings and equipment.

14. Pig meat (pork) is in high demand in Nigeria and in Foreign market. Trust me when I say pork sells very fast in the market. The best benefit is you can retain almost 70 to 80% the of body weight of pig as meat after butchering.

Since pigs provide red meat which is a good source of protein, it has gained an excellent demand in Nigeria and in the export market too. China alone consumes over 50% of global pork production. So, you can see the high foreign demand.

15. Apart from meat, there are other products gotten from pigs. They include; pig fat, skin, hair, and bones used to make some luxury items.

The chemical industries have an increasing demand for pig fat. This is because, it is used for the production of paints, soaps and other chemical products.

In addition, other processed pig byproducts like ham, bacon, sausages, lard, pork (meat) have good market worldwide.

16. Commercial pig farming in Nigeria creates employment. Commercial pig farming in Nigeria can create employment and help the financially weaker sections/communities. Pig farm managers, cleaners, veterinary doctors, drivers, etc. are required to run the piggery efficiently.

How To Start A Pig Farming Business In Nigeria (Step By Step)

1. Secure a Pig Farmland

If you are a new to pig farming, then a plot of land wouldn’t be bad for a start. For large scale pig farming, a big farmland will be worthwhile because it will enable the pigs to graze in the open and then retire to the pen where they’ll continue feeding and playing.

In pig farming business, the land is your primary investment. Once you can secure a pig farmland, you’re halfway near a successful business empire.

Getting a farmland in rural areas can save you lots of money. One acre of land in a rural area should be roughly N300,000. It’s best you do in-depth research regarding getting a farmland for this business.

Once the land is set, you can be transporting your goods to nearby town. Sometimes, butchers may even come to your farm to buy, thus saving you cost for transportation.

Getting a large farmland favors the growth of pigs because the pigs will be able to graze around and also exercise their bodies by playing.

2. Construct a Pig Pen

Setting up a good pig  pen is necessary in pig farming. A well-equipped and spacious pen can save you lots of money which would have been spent on treating diseases.

3. Construct a Drainage System

A proper drainage system is essential to avoid stagnation of water around the pen which could attract disease vectors.

To prevent your pigs from getting dirty, building a water pool water pool where they’ll play, swim and cool themselves will be necessary. This concept is essential for their wellbeing.

4. Buy Good Breed Of Pigs

If you’re looking to buy pigs that will produce enough profit,  and be more productive, then you should consider a good breed of pigs

It is advisable to start with a small number of piglets and then increase gradually. This way you’ll be able to learn the nook and cranny of pig farming business and eventually, your risk will be minimal.

You can choose both local and hybrid piglets. For commercial purpose crossbreed of exotic and local breeds are very suitable. This types of crossbreed pigs consume more feed, grow faster and become healthier than other available breeds.

There are various types of crossbreeds available. So, it might difficult for you to select the right breed for your pig farming business. So, while purchasing pigs look out the following signs.

  • The selected pig has a pair of bright eyes.
  • Has a glossy coat.
  • It must have to be alert and responsive to it’s surrounding environment.
  • Never purchase and aggressive pig. The selected pig must have to have good temperament.
  • It has good appeal to food.
  • Easy and normal movement.
  • Free from lameness or any other unnatural signs.
  • Try to purchase pregnant pigs. It not available then good quality piglets are OK. During purchasing piglets, ask the producer about their parents and their health information, production history and other records. Ask the producer if the pig has been vaccinated and dewormed or not. If not, ask him to do it urgently.
5. Proper Feeding

Proper feeding is essential for the growth and development of pigs. Healthy feeding implies good sales. If you don’t properly feed your pigs, your pig farming business is bound to fail.

Pigs need foods containing a high amount of fibre, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and minerals to grow properly. The sole aim of feeding pigs is to make them market ready, so feeding should be properly done.

Pigs like other farm animals need a constant supply of fresh water. We all know the behavior of pigs and we must ensure that their water is changed regularly. Galvanized troughs are easy to clean and should be part of your pig farming budget. Whatever promotes cleanliness and healthy living to your pigs should be properly carried out.

In summary, pig farming is one sure way of becoming a millionaire in Nigeria. When you employ these guides in your pig farming business, success wouldn’t be far from you. Do the needful and your bank alert will be “Kpakam”

6. Breed Your Pigs

Breeding process of pigs are easy and simple. Generally, the gestation period of pigs is not more than 115 days. Sow give birth of piglets twice a year. And produce more than 10 kids each time.

After delivery, the kids will be feed on the breast milk for their first nine weeks of age. After completing the grower stage of piglets, the sow become suitable for mating again.

7. Market Your Pigs

There is a good market of pigs meat. You can sell your products in your local market or international market. China is the world largest pig meat consumers. Pig meat is tasty, nutritious and has a great global popularity.

Pig farming in Nigeria has a great business opportunities for unemployed educated people, women and for the people who want to raise pigs commercially.

If you are beginner in this business, try to learn more about pig farming, read a lots of books, visit pig farms as much as possible and finally do it.

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