How to Start Profitable Clothing Business in Nigeria

Start profitable clothing business in Nigeria is a good  idea because the fashion industry is one powerful sector that will always be vibrant in any economy because all over the world, people have a basic need for clothing. Everyone wear clothes everyday, beyond this need, fashion are also evolving on daily basis due to the huge and diverse interest in styles.

Getting yourself in a space where you want to start profitable clothing business in Nigeria is pretty exciting and then the awkwardness of the type of fashion clothes to sell always pops up, and then we tend to search for answers. This is pretty natural and common thing to do for most of us.

Some people are lucky and know they want to sell clothes in Nigeria. It is really a super safe way to go and perfect starting place, to sell clothes in Nigeria.

While there is available market to start profitable clothing business in Nigeria, there is a lot of competition in clothing business.  But this should not discourage you to start your own little clothing empire, this should encourage you to think a little outside the box.

How to Understand the Type of Clothes to Sell

There are varieties of fashion wears and fashion accessories you can deal on. And the size of your business depends on the money you have at hand. Looking at the type of clothes you would like to sell,

You can take some time to study how to sell  top designers label such as Gucci, Fendi, Channels, TM Lewis, Versace, Karl Cani, Alexandra, etc. If you are dealing exclusively on these labels, your business must be located in a cosmopolitan highbrow neighborhood where people of high net worth could be found.

Another type of clothes you need to understand how to sell is the children wears. This is generally acceptable in many areas because children clothing are relatively cheaper.

You’ll need to create a marketing plan for your brand, find and secure a location. Each of these steps, and many more, are necessary before you start selling children clothes.

Men and Women wear is another area of clothing business you need to know. The top choice of clothing business are women and men wears. If you are a man or woman and you think you’d be more comfortable serving women and men, you may go for this line of clothing business.

How to Start Profitable Clothing Business in Nigeria

To start profitable clothing business in Nigeria doesn’t require high level of logistic and market survey. You only need to put some few and necessary things in place. Some of these things necessary for starting your clothes business are:

1. Startup Capital

Startup capital is what entrepreneurs use to pay for any or all of the required expenses involved in creating a new business. This includes paying for the initial hires, obtaining office space, permits, licenses, inventory, research and market testing, product manufacturing, marketing, or any other operational expense.

Depending on the type of clothes you want to sell, but you can start clothes business with minimum of N300,000 and above for small size business that deals on local designs and some other domestics made wears. But if you are going for well known designers label, then you have to prepare from N2million and above.

2. Do Feasibility Study

Do a feasibility study about  those who sell similar things with what you want to sell, find out what their price ranges are and how often they sell. This will help you prepare your business plan and effective marketing strategy. Having a good Business plan is very important in starting any business venture, this plan should involve the cost of location, business supplies, costs of starting up, staff and marketing etc.

Location is very important clothes business, all you need is to get a very good location with less traffic congestion, probably along the road will be better for easy access to you customers.

3. Get your Clothes Supplier

It’s no secret that clothing business in Nigeria is difficult to break into, especially if you’re a beginner.  After all, it’s one of the most popular type of business in Nigeria.

If you’re looking to launch your own clothing brand, it’s important to make your brand stand out from the crowd. The best place to start? Selling unique products.

Find unique products including apparel and accessories at Handshake, a wholesale marketplace where you can connect with trustworthy suppliers, with high-quality products.

Of course, the challenge is finding those unique products. That’s why many entrepreneurs opt to create their own products instead.  Choosing what clothes to supply and to which types of customers can be tough decisions.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to launch your own clothing business with custom products, you’ll need your own designs. What’s more, you’ll also likely need to work with a clothing manufacturer to turn these designs into products.

Everything you need to know when you’re choosing a clothing manufacturer for your business. Remember, this is a big decision for your business, so take the time to properly do your research and find a manufacturer who fits your business needs. The extra time that you spend now will help you to avoid any larger setbacks in the future.

Wholesale clothing manufacturers can be the way to go if you’re looking to start a small or large clothing business.

Wholesale is a great business model if you have the space to store merchandise. This is because you can purchase large quantities of stock at a reduced cost and then sell it to your customers at a marked-up price.

4. Promote your Business

Good marketing for your clothing business will skyrocket your business. In this kind of business you have to market yourself , invest in advertising, do good marketing, advertise you business on social medias, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Make handbills, complimentary cards, do promos, give discounts on clothes bought so as to attract more customers to your business.

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