Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

There are Nigerian snack businesses that are lucrative and very financially reliable. In Nigeria, some of the businesses that are reliable are those that are consumables or that go with the ordinary day-to-day use.  Some of those lucrative businesses is the snacks business. It is so profitable that no matter how bad the economy is, anyone who is into it will certainly get something huge in return for all the stress of making the business happen.

Snacks are not necessarily the main meal but due to the economic situation of the country plus the need to double up the efforts, an average Nigerian takes snack as food may be in the morning, afternoon, or even night. With this, it is sure that going into the business of something as indispensable as this (probably owing to its edibility) can never be a dead end. More reason for any one thinking of the business must not have a doubtful mind as concerning it because the profit probability is much higher than its loss estimates.

Nigerian Snack Businesses That are Lucrative.

Snack business does not require much from you. Not big money, not too much stress. All it requires from you is the passion and skill to prepare it. Most snacks are produced mainly with flour. Some of those snacks include Cakes, Doughnuts, Chin chin, Sausage Roll, Meat Pie, Fish roll, Egg roll, Puff Puff, Buns, Fried Yam, Plantain Chips, Cake, Small Chops, etc. Therefore, your major concern is on flour and other important ingredients that make them unique among the ones made by your market competitors. The Nigerian snack businesses that are lucrative will be discussed below one after the other:

1. Small Chops

Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

Given its popularity in expensive social events, small chops are sumptuously becoming acceptable and a good point of sale for anyone such as students, etc. who dabble into its business. You do not need to wait for big parties for business opportunities to come your way. People love small chops so much that they order it for small gatherings such as meetings, picnics, etc. With small chops, you will have even caterers patronizing you because many do not like going through the stress of preparing small chops themselves. Make sure your small chops are nice and tasty so you have your customers for life.

2. Plantain Chips

Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

Plantain chips is one of the most popular snacks sold in Nigerian traffic. Branded plantain chips can come as fried unripe or ripe plantain. In capitals and other major cities in the country, you will find many people selling chips. There is no doubt as to the profitability of the Plantain chips business. You can start your plantain business in the comfort of your home and deliver to retailers such as supermarkets and other shops. You can also sell to hawkers who will sell to people in traffic. Ensure your plantain chips are soft and good to taste. You can also package your plantain chips well to reach a wider market.

3. Chin Chin

Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

It is no news that Chin Chin one of the most popular snacks in Nigeria. You can package your chin-chin in small containers or sachets. The selling point of a good chin-chin is its softness and creaminess. You can also target major supermarkets, schools and offices to have a successful chin-chin business.

4. Meat Pie

Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

Meat pie is one of the Nigerian snack businesses that are lucrative because many big restaurants and catering services sell meat pie and cart away with big money at the end of each day they do so. If you are wondering if you can make it in the catering business despite its popularity, the truth is you can. You will only need to have your business strategy right. Many Meat pie sellers lose customers because their meat pie is not stuffed and delicious enough. Meat Pie is meant to be rich and nutritious. A good business strategy is having a great recipe that will mark your meat pie out for more patronage. You can also target big restaurants, supermarkets and eateries which offers you bigger sales and a wider audience.

5. Puff-puff

Nigerian Snack Businesses That Are Lucrative.

Puff-puff is a spongy, deep-fried, spherical snack that is very popular and often served as finger-food at parties and events. It is made from simple ingredients (flour, sugar and yeast) and is sold openly in markets. Puff puff is a ready made profitable business and one of the Nigerian snack businesses that are lucrative in the country.

Ways by Which You Can Start the Snack Business

Below are the ways by which you can start the Nigerian snack businesses that are lucrative:

  • Research Your Market 

Doing a feasibility study of the area you intend to start the snack business in is a very reasonable step to take in order to give yourself some security. It is simply okay to ask questions about the proposed snack business both from competitors who are already in the business, friends, and people living in your area on the snacks they would prefer if started.

  • Check if You Have the Training/Skills

Do you know that when your product is of good quality that you will get and retain a good number of people who will walk miles just to buy snack from you? Certainly, this should come first as having the needed expertise on how to prepare snacks is a necessity that fuels the need for the business in the first place.

  • Have the Capital

Having an idea of the amount roughly needed for the snack business is a good one as it would give you a glimpse into how much you will need to save for the business. Once you know the amount needed, you can then think of where to get the capital from. Either from your savings, loans from friends or family, or even seeking from a microfinance bank. The snack business does even need much to start. It is cheap and as well profitable.

  • Buy the Needed Tools and Ingredients For the Business

Ingredients such as Flour, Baking powder, Yeast, Salt, Margarine, Nutmeg, Water, Oil, Milk, Sugar and Saccharine are always the usual ones to get for the snack to be made. Having got all that, is it not fine to get these tools too: Baking utensils eg. frying pot and oven, Bowls, Rod(to stir), Rolling pin, Fork/ Spoon, Table or flat surface, Show glass, Packaging materials, Tray, Source of fire, etc.

  • Spice Your Business Up With Being Creative

This may be the act of adding unique ingredients or even packaging your goods in a different manner. Every business that must survive and thrive must give room for creativity as this is the real salt that speak of your fine tastiness and sweetness. It makes your competitors fear and respect you.

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