5 Steps Guide to Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

Bulk SMS reselling business in Nigeria  is a method used to send out messages via the internet to the phone numbers of a large number of persons or organizations. Messages can be announcements, advertisements, events, meeting notices, updates, e.t.c.

Bulk SMS business is a profitable venture considering its high demand and usage by many in Nigeria. Additionally, many establishments are turning to the use of bulk SMS as against traditional text messaging. Because bulk SMS business is profitable in Nigeria, people are now diving into the business just like data reselling business in Nigeria.

To start bulk SMS business in Nigeria, the first step is feasibility study of the business. It is imperative that you conduct a thorough feasibility study about your target market, the cheapest companies with the best reselling plan to go for. Find out those already in the business and the reseller plans they use.

Conducting a feasibility study will save you from spending unnecessary money or subscribing to a plan that’ll affect your profit. There are several reseller companies and if you are not careful, you can fall into the wrong or expensive hand.

Another important area to consider to starting bulk SMS business in Nigeria is how to register your business name with CAC. This step is important because you need to open a corporate account that your customers will pay into. And, it’s impossible to open a corporate account in Nigeria without your business registration certificate.

In Nigeria, it is easy to get your business registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). All you need to do is visit CAC’s portal and follow the required procedures.

Steps Guide to Start Bulk SMS Business In Nigeria

The joy of venturing into bulk SMS reselling is that it is very profitable and it is a business that requires little capital to start. Here’s how start.

1. Get the Basic Things

To be a bulk SMS reseller, you would need the following: Little cash, A tablet or a Personal Computer with a reliable internet connection to get started. What you need to start bulk SMS business? To become a bulk SMS reseller, these are the basic things you need to start

  • Laptop, or desktop computer
  • Internet
  • Little start-up capital.
2.  Get User Friendly SMS Website

One of the steps guide to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria is by building an SMS website, the SMS website is entirely different from creating a blog or simple site. You should get the service of a professional to help you do that.

3. Register your Bulk SMS Site

Registering your bulk SMS site with a bulk SMS wholesaler is another step guide to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria. Find a reliable SMS wholesaler online that has good reviews and offer good services and register because you will be buying and selling custom SMS units from them.

Although, most SMS wholesalers will provide you with your own bulk SMS reselling platform for a fee that will serve as the means and link through which your customers can buy SMS units directly from you and send them out. If you have a website for registering, the better.

The SMS wholesaler is the easiest and cheaper option to go for as a beginner to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria. With this option, you wouldn’t need to bother yourself about building a website or linking your website to a SMS gateway provider.

A lot of wholesaler websites create a reselling portal for its customers. Through this portal, you can purchase your custom SMS directly.

To register with an SMS wholesaler, there are certain charges you will be required to pay. The pricing differs based on the wholesaler’s platform you choose.

4. Buy Custom SMS Units

When done registering with the wholesaler, you would need to buy a specific volume of custom SMS units to kick start your SMS business. You can start with 10,000 units.

The wholesaler will credit your account after purchase with the number of units you bought and send you guidelines for setting up reselling portal if you do not have one.

You are not in bulk SMS business until you fund your account. After registration, you will buy a specific volume of custom units to start.

This SMS unit is what you will re-sell to your customers. In most cases, the wholesaler platform gives the SMS units to you at a cheap rate that allows you margins for profit. Once this is done, the wholesaler will then forward your detail and the guidelines for setting up your portal to you.

5. Promote your Business

This is one of the most important categories if you want to generate sales and make profit. You will have to advertise your SMS business offline or online. Advertise on blogs that have good readership, promote your business on social media and you can also use Google adwords to reach out to potential buyers.

Without promoting and marketing the business, nobody will hear about it which in turn means there will not be clients, sales, and any form of profit. Here are the sectors to target when sourcing for customers:

  • Banks
  • E-commerce and logistics
  • Advertising and Event Management
  • Airlines and Travels Agencies
  • Religious Organisations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Media and Entertainments
  • Political Parties
  • Academic Institutions

Start by promoting your business online because most of your customers are online. An active account on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is a good way to start. Google Ads is also very effective in this type of pf business. Offline advertisement is equally important when promoting your business.

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