5 Best Cities In Benue State Nigeria and their Image.

While Nigeria is one of the most interesting part of the World, It will be very nice to explore the cities in Benue State Nigeria . Benue State has a fantastic range of places to  make your trip  beautiful and memorable one.

However, If you wish to set a Home in Benue state or wish to take a trip to the state, With this list of best cities in Benue State Nigeria, you will never run out of things to do and places to visit in this wonderful and exciting State.

Getting around Benue is easy with the State’s major airports has access points to major cities. With availability in more than 500,000 cities worldwide, travelers today like choosing Benue State, maybe because of the peaceful coexistence of the state. Benue State possesses enormous tourist potentials.

The geographic location of the state in the way of a trunk A road from South-eastern Nigeria, a railway from Port Harcourt to Northern Nigeria and an important waterway from the south to the north of Nigeria makes a good case for the state to attract visitors both from within and outside Nigeria. Lets’ check out these amazing cities in Benue state.

Best Cities In Benue State Nigeria and their Image.

Our emphasis on the best cities in Benue State placed by School Drillers page is predicated on the realization of our research and experience shared by people of resident. Here’s the top five best cities in Benue state Nigeria and their image:

1. Makurdi Benue State;

Makurdi is the capital of Benue State, located in central Nigeria, and part of the Middle Belt region of central Nigeria.

Makurdi Benue State

The city is situated on the south bank of the Benue River. According to Wikipedia, In 2016, Makurdi and the surrounding areas had an estimated population of 365,000.

Owing to its location in the valley of River Benue, Makurdi experiences warm temperatures most of the year. The period from November to January, when the harmattan weather is experienced is, however, relatively cool.

Makurdi has the best cities in Benue State Nigeria, a city where local and international traveler love to go. The amazing facts about Makurdi city is that Nigeria Airways and other private airlines provide air links between Makurdi and the rest of the country.

The Makurdi Rail Bridge provides the only rail link between the northern and eastern parts of Nigeria. There are so many business opportunities in Makurdi to help you make a better business decisions.

Earlier than now, Benue State Government and Aerotropolis Development Company Ltd signed an MoU for the construction of a new cargo airport in Makurdi, also known as Benue Cargo Airport.

Under a public-private partnership agreement, Benue State will provide 1000 ha of land as well as an equity contribution of NGN5.2 billion (USD26 million) for the NGN37.9 billion (USD190.5 million) development.

The town is divided by the River Benue into the north and south banks, which are connected by two bridges: The Railway Bridge, which was built in 1932, and The New dual Carriage Bridge Commissioned in 1978. The  average Hotel in Makurdi is  ₦4,501 per night.

Benue State University is a state-owned university in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria and The University of Agriculture, Makurdi is a higher education institution in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria.

2. Otukpo Benue State;

Otukpo Benue State is the center location that connect the Idoma and Igedeland. The city is one the best place to live in Benue state.

Best Cities In Benue State Nigeria

Otukpo is a town in Benue State, Nigeria located in the Middle Belt Region of Nigeria. It is also the eponymous name of a subgroup of the Idoma people. Otukpo is the headquarters of the Otukpo Local Government Area.

Otukpo Town is a metropolitan town and the most developed place in Idoma and Igede Land of Benue State, and the oldest in the area.

Aside from Idoma and Igede people, there are communities of other Nigerian tribes such as Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo and Tiv.

Most members of these communities have lived long enough in Otukpo Town and have made it their home thereby becoming Idoma through settlement.

Otukpo is a very peaceful and safe town, the city is said to be  inhabited by civil servants and a vibrant commercial town.

The Otukpo market attracts a huge number of traders and visitors from neighboring towns and villages on a daily basis. To live in Otukpo is very easy. Accommodation, food, other other basic amenities are affordable.

3. Ugbokolo Benue State;

Ugbokolo  is the home of Benue State Polytechnic, the school offer courses of study at Diploma and other levels of vocational, professional education and other branches of learning in order to deliver to the community.

Best Cities In Benue State Nigeria

Ugbokolo  also home Lion Science & Technical Academy (LSTA), one the  high school in Ugbokolo, and a centre for teaching and research in Pure and Applied Sciences, Acts and Commercial Acts, Information Technology and related disciplines.

For the reason, Ugbokolois is one the best place you might need to consider living in Benue State Nigeria.

4. Gboko Benue State;

Gboko in Benue State is the home of limestone and other sedimentary component in Nigeria.

Gboko Benue State

The limestone is made up of thin bedded to massive limestone beds interspersed with laminated grey shale having foraminifera as the dominant fossil.

The Gboko limestone actually exposed at Yandev quarry is a component of the sedimentary fill of the Benue trough.

The limestone is Cretacious in age and is regarded as being part of Asu River Group.

The Bima Sandstone forms the basal fill of the basin and consists of the braided river, lacustrine and deltaic clastics.

The limestone has both mud supported and grain supported texture, and micrites constitute about 75% of the limestone. Mineralogical impurities include quartz, dolomite, pyrrhotite, fluorapatite etc.

This is to tell you that Gboko area in Benue State is a mining and industrial city.

Gboko is a fast-growing town in the Benue State of North-central Nigeria. The name Gboko also refers to a Local Government in Benue State. The city is  mostly dominated by Tiv people and the home of Federal Governement Girls College, https://fggcgboko.com.

FGGC Gboko is an all-girls school founded in 1975, situated on Ihugh Road, Opposite the General Hospital Gboko, Benue State.

5. Oju and Obi Benue State;

Oju and Obi  are  one of the best cities in Benue state. the cities are also local government area in Benue State.

Oju and Obi Benue State

The Igede are the dominant ethnic group Oju and Obi  and the people speak the Igede dialect.

The Igede people are accommodating and tolerant of visitors. The people make the non-indigenous tribes in the locality feel very welcomed and at home.

Igede people at home have a rich culture that is a totality of the people’s way of life, heritage, language, history, geography and belief system.

The traditional rulers have the mandate as custodians of the peoples’ culture to preserve and promote it, alongside the elders of the communities, individuals, and the local government authorities.

The Oju and Obi the home of College of Education which was  first established in 1981 as Advanced Teacher’s College Oju by the Late Mr. Ape Aku, the First Civilian Governor of Benue State.

However, the Advanced Teachers College was phased out by the then Military Administrator, Brigadier John Atom  Kpera in 1985.

Following the creation of Kogi State from Benue State in 1991, Benue State was left with only one College of Education at Katsina-Ala.


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