Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

Goat rearing is one of the most lucrative enterprise in the Nigerian farming business. The recent prices of goat in Nigeria: how much is goat is one of the frequently asked questions by most people who have need for goats probably and especially for their various home or public events, or even celebrations of any kinds. Goat meat are not only sweet and tasty when eaten, but they are also popular and even sobriquet-ed ‘Isi Ewu’ all across the streets of Lagos’ beer parlors, guest houses, and hotels, where it is available in pepper soup, as barbecue, etc.


The popularity alone has helped contribute massively into the business of buying and selling of goats. The business is reliably a jackpot basically because there are other products that can be derived from goat, such as milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and butter. Anything that cow milk can offer, goat milk can also do. Meanwhile, many people also prefer to rear them at home basically for subsistent consumption. Therefore the rearing of goats is really a highly profitable venture and undoubtedly, the wheel of fortune is possibly spinning across the head of anyone who’s planning to dive into it.

Then, the question of how much is goat in Nigeria in this period is important and as much necessary as many businesses cannot do without the need to first make calculations or estimates of potential costs, profits, and losses. The same thing goes for those who will like to know the recent prices of goat in Nigeria: how much is goat particularly for personal estimation of their pockets.

Goat is a small ruminant reared in various parts of the world. In African countries, including Nigeria, goats are kept by farmers and families especially in the rural areas. Goat breeds vary from location to location and in Nigeria the breeds that thrive in the North are different from those in the South.


  • The first on the list of what is needed for the rearing of goats is the wide expanse of land which is not really compulsory as far as there are other facilities which are needed for proper and effective goat rearing. These are fencing, shelter or pen, feeding racks, water, loafing sheds, feeds or silage storage, animal sick bay, and manure handing bay. The shelter can be in the form of a fence or a goat pen. A goat pen is a closed space used to keep goats, while a fence is structure built around the pen to prevent straying and poaching.
  • Also, the need for more female goats is compulsory if multiplication must really take place. The female goats should be more than the males because the females are majorly used for breeding. The male goats mate with the females to produce more goats. However, for raise-and-sell farmers, males only could be procured because breeding is not in focus.

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

The affordability of the purchase of goats in Nigeria does not come with any extra cost when compared to the price of cattle. So it is very easy for you to get a goat or goats for any purpose at all rather than getting cows. However, the prices of goats in recent times are dependent absolutely on the state and locality from where you hope to get them.

It also depends on the breed you are buying or you prefer. The goat have two breeds. The first being Local Breed and the other is the Foreign Breed. Since the focus of this article is on the Local breeds that is the ones that can be easily found in NIGERIA. Examples of this type of breed and their recent prices are:

1. West African Dwarf goat

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

West African Dwarf goats in Nigeria are distributed widely throughout the northern savannah and southern humid zones of the country. A registered Nigerian Dwarf for breeding purposes will set you back around #25, 000 to #35, 000, depending on their bloodline and availability. Those meant to be kept as pets are significantly cheaper, costing between #12, 000 and #15, 000.

2. Sokoto Maradi Red goat

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

The animal is harmonious, fairly slender, measuring 0.62 to 0.67m and weighing 30 to 35 kg in adulthood. Its horns are moderately developed and its ears are fairly not too long. The Red Goat of Maradi is found in central Niger and is economically important in rural households for its milk and skins. Its cost is between #20, 000 and #30, 000.

3. Kano Brown

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

The brown colour ecotype of sahel goats in Borno State probably owed much of their ancestry to the Kano Brown/Red Sokoto gene pool. The Kano brown goat is an ecotype of Red Sokoto goat. It is light brown in colour with similar body weight as the Red Sokoto goat. Twenty male Kano brown grower goats weighing 116.75 kg – 9.00kg, and aged between 5 – 8 months. Each of them is said to cost around #30, 000 and #55, 000.

4. West African long-legged goat

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

Sahelian goat belongs to a Savannah group of goats. It has many types and sub-types in this group and they are raised in Saharan and sub Saharan regions of the world. This breed is also known as the Sahel, West African long-legged, Cheever barioleee, Gorane, Nioro, Fulani, and Sahelienne. It however is costing between #32, 000 and #50, 000.

5. Kalahari Red (recently imported from South Africa by FUNAAB)

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

The Kalahari Red is a meat-type goat breed that originated in South Africa. The namesake comes from the Kalahari desert, which spans the borders of Botswana and the other country. Kalahari Red goats are a distinct breed, despite the belief that they are simply solid red Boer goats or Savanna goats. These breeds of goat cost around #30, 000 and #55, 000.

6. Bornu Red (Sahelian Goats)

Recent Prices of Goat in Nigeria: How Much is Goat.

This goat is undoubtedly fine as meat and very easy rare. It does not cost much in terms of price and rearing if need be. It costs between #25, 000 to #35, 000.

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