Production Team Leader Average Salary & Functions

A production leader is a professional who works in manufacturing and oversees the production process for various items and products.

A production team leader is in charge of leading and overseeing the efforts of a production team, ensuring projects are carried out in adherence to its goals and timelines.

It is their duty to set guidelines and objectives, manage budgets and schedules, liaise with internal and external parties, and assess the performance of team members. They must also monitor the progress of operations and address issues and concerns, resolving them promptly and efficiently.

Moreover, a production team leader must encourage and lead staff to reach goals while implementing the company’s policies and regulations.

Functions & Average Salary of Production Team Leader in Nigeria

Production Team Leader Average Salary in Nigeria: The average rate of salary for Production Team Leader in Nigeria is ₦171K.  For Senior Level,  The Salary for Production Team Leader in Nigeria is ₦229K and above.

Here are the functions and responsibilities of real production team leader;

  • Manage manufacturing department operations to ensure compliance with establish quality specifications and  production levels.
  • Enforce policy and procedures.
  • Request parts from materials warehouse, assist and troubleshoot assembly procedures; research part numbers, build procedures and schematics.
  • Improve general production and quality of product by ensuring strict commitment and standard operating procedures.
  • Develop quality paperwork tacking database to monitor operations group.
  • Work closely with management and program engineers to troubleshoot manufacturing issues and develop programming and implementation resolutions.
  • Lead targeted decision-making across fast-pace production operations for this growth.

Production Leader Job Description

Production leader job skills and description is a brief overview of the professional tasks, job duties and accomplishments that individuals can include on their resume. There are a variety of productions leaders, and their roles and responsibilities may differ. This means that their job titles and responsibilities can vary depending on their specific role and area of expertise. These professionals include:

  • Production team leader: A production team leader manages a team within a particular manufacturing unit. They can delegate tasks to team members, provide others with advice and recommendations and ensure that employees adhere to quality and safety standards. They can also give specific directions regarding production and manufacturing tasks.

  • Production line leader: Production line leaders help coordinate and organize production line tasks within a manufacturing unit. They may implement new procedures, help increase team participation and collaboration and ensure their team members attain their production goals and objectives.

  • Manufacturing team leader: These professionals may be responsible for developing or implementing business processes, overseeing production operations for a specific team and creating a positive and collaborative work environment. They may provide leadership and guidance to employees within their manufacturing unit.

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