Role Of Youths In Achieving Good Governance In Nigeria.

Role Of Youths In Achieving Good Governance, Leadership And Development In Nigeria.

The basic stages of life are inevitable and essential for man to scale through. Right from the cradle to the grave, life may sometimes be presumed to be short and time on a drastic never-ending race. As we grow older to certain ages, we begin to have diverse and formal opinions about basically everything we know.

Then, we begin to learn the numerous concepts of government, leadership and numerous developments in our lives, our families and our societies. Also, youthful ebullience kicks in. And when it does, it therefore needs to be managed and put into good and positive use rather than neglected.

This is the stage when we, the youths, need to formulate positive ideas to promote ourselves individually, protect the numerous ethics, embrace the virtues and condemn the vile vices. Every state in the world has a major problem or another, emanating from either the faults of the citizens or the flaws of their government.

And if our leaders could not trounce them all, we should as the future leaders, strive to correct these various ills. That brings us to the first and arguably the major aspect of the aspired transformations.

Being educated is a huge step in the right direction for the youths of this modern age. Literacy is considered to be a source of mental illumination and enlightenment, according to educators, to eliminate the gloom and obscurity of its opposite—illiteracy.

There is never a nation-leading trait in an illiterate individual. Also, both formal and informal aspects of education are extremely essential.

The economy of a state, as we know it, is never stagnant, it fluctuates. It is therefore apparently our duty to maintain it while giving the government the ultimate support so all the good intentions will eventually come to reality. And that increases explanatorily the development of our state.

Well, our duties do not end there. We must carve a niche for ourselves and be role models or at least good examples for the younger generation. As long as positivity is embraced, as long as resilience is instilled and as long as obstinacy of the so-called government injustice is subdued, morality will emerge to mould and reshape the lives of the younger citizens.

While law enforcers are disseminated across the state to ensure wholly adherence to the laws of the state, the youths should neither deride nor abhor them, but should rather unite and cooperate for the maintenance of law and order in the state. That being noted, innovations and amendments of infrastructure should also be taken control of, even though it falls under the duties of the government, we shouldn’t be left out because the combination of all these aspects contribute to the development of not only the economy, but the entire state itself.

It is widely said, that the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so we need to grab them young because the foundations of man have great impacts in shaping his future. Children and teenagers need to be advised, taught, enlightened and encouraged by the youths. Good morals, modesty and other life and philosophical ethics should be instilled in them. We should convince them that they are all the leaders of tomorrow, we should give assurances of a better future as long as their paths and focus are not diverted, and we should always aid them in solving social, educational, psychological, emotional and all other numerous problems they encounter at the early stages of their lives.

Another extremely crucial point is for the youths to know their roles in their various communities while assuming the important roles of leaders in their families. This has nothing to do with gender or tribe, it is simply one of the ways of being an impeccable leader in the future. It would be highly favourable for the led to lead for once, just to know the levels of approaches possessed by both the former and the latter. We need to know how our government works in order not to fail our people when the time for us to rule our states emerge.

Also, we all need to understand that charity begins at home, and that calls for careful and proper upbringing of children by their parents. The reality is that, before the youths can be encouraged to renew, refresh and maintain the current status of the society, such needs to be done in their families first. Without these necessary ethics, the youths would grow up to be useless to themselves, their families and their domicile. They are expected to learn to maintain their own families as they would sooner or later have theirs as well.

Lastly, juvenility would be non-existent without senior citizens, and that to me, is very glaring. It is therefore the rights and responsibilities of the youths to seek assistance, guidance and ideas from the senior citizens of the state. And it should also be mandatory for these so-called sleuth-like sages to encourage and support the youths for the fruitful benefits of all and sundry. Senior citizens should always assist the younger generation physically, socially, emotionally, and if possible, financially, as these will eventually curb the ills and negativity any youth may portray. Guardian should be given because of the experiences had by the aged, as that is important for the youths to be aware of. And ideas should be channeled via mass media platforms for the intended messages to be circulated.

Conclusively, as a youth, I feel like our government needs to take us very seriously just as we do to them. We need to be supported by the ruling organs so we can do the same in return. I hereby speak for the masses when I say, the roles stated above will henceforth be exercised by all youths in Oyo State Nigeria—rich, poor or disabled. These are not just baseless pontifications because we shall rise and unite for the betterment of our lives, our families, our communities, our diverse states and the nation at large. As we identify and recognize these roles, we should therefore be willing to renew, refresh and maintain the current and especially positive status of our society.

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