School Debate Topics for Elementary School

Like molding clays into beautiful forms, training young learners with school debate topics for elementary school is academic responsibility of parents as well as teachers. That is because it helps in redirecting the focus of the child or transmuting the natural inclinations of the child into mental energy.

What is understood by the words elementary and school? Elementary school is a school for primary education of children who are 4 to 10 years of age. Primary schooling follows pre-school and precedes secondary schooling. It is the most important stage in the life of the child because of the foundational role it plays in their general character when they become adults.

The relevance of debate topics cannot be underemphasized. Its place in the life of the child is educationally necessary if not compulsory. Functions of organizing school debate topics for elementary school are numerous as it can only be resourced in the process of ensuring the formative years of the child is ultimately and positively influenced. More importantly, it is like preparing the child against the woes of wrong decision-making situations.

Well, without wasting time or mincing words further, below are some of the examples of school debate topics for elementary school:

  • Should schools have uniforms for all students?
  • Teachers or the internet, what is better?
  • What are the ideal timings for school? Early in the day, afternoon, or evening?
  • Should junk food be banned in schools?
  • How long should playtime be in a day?
  • Should children be allowed to watch television or not at all?
  • Is it important to improve your handwriting?
  • Should children be allowed to skateboard inside the school?
  • Storybooks or cartoon network: which is better?
  • Children must make their bed before starting the day

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  • Cats are better than dogs
  • Are Disney princesses heroic or not?
  • Parents should do the homework given to children.
  • Good habits make a child shine everywhere he/she goes.
  • Pets should be allowed in school
  • Must kids eat healthy food or tasty food?
  • Birthday gifts should be special but not expensive
  • Is it okay to eat animals?
  • Kids should not have candies at all

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