5 Most Unprofessional Behavior to Avoid in Your Career

Unprofessional behavior to avoid in your career – Unprofessional behaviour can lead to conflict, chaotic enviroment and most importantly affect performance. Either as a newbie or pro in a field you wouldn’t want to screw up your career or destroy your reputation by exhibiting certain behaviour that is unprofessional like going against your work ethics. Most of these unprofessional personalities definitely have effects if not avoided.

Behaviours You Should Avoid in Pursing Your Career

Being a professional you have to conduct yourself, as a professional you have to be possess some degree of conpetence, knowledge and ethical behaviour. And avoid in any possible way unprofessional behaviours such:

  • Gossip

It might seem normal but can be destructive, it can disrupt team work in the sense that the person being gossip about self esteem and cooperating spirit might get low. Other colleague trust will be eropted feeling once they are not there they will gossip behind their back also, the targeted person won’t trust the co workers, this is unprofessional because it will affect the work in one way or the other, the productivity level might be reduce.

  • Not meeting deadline

When it is not unrealistic deadline then not meeting the required deadline is a behaviour that is unprofessional, its either because the worker is lazy or have poor time management skill, Part of being a professional is being able to manage your time. Deadline helps to one to be accountable, avoid delaying of works. Missing deadline can demotivate other team members and harm professional reputation. As a professional if you can’t meet the deadline give your superior advance notice with tangle explanation, create a new deadline and make sure to meet up with it without excuses by doing  your work professionally. Meeting up with deadline in ones career increase productivity and boost morale. As a professional to avoid not meeting up with deadlines you have to avoid distraction, don’t procastinate, learn to say no sometimes instead of disappointing probably due to hectic work ahead, setting reminder schedule will also help.

  • Avoid shifting blame

When you believe you are always right and can’t make mistakes, you feel other people are to be blame for any error, this is one of the worst behaviour to possess in your career. When the situation fall apart and the next thing is to point fingers on others to increase your own self esteem. This can lead to poor team work, toxic environment among workers and negativety. As a professional you should be able to take responsibility instead of covering up. Figuring out your own mistakes or shortcoming and working on it will make you more stronger, successful because you would have learnt from it than making other people take responsibility for what is your fault. For instance, you claim the mission to capture a criminal that failed was because Mr Mark one of the squad did not give you the signal on time. This leads to accountability.

  • Inaccountability

In any career you find yourself act professional by being accountable for your actions, decisions and avoid the personality of not being responsible. When you are accountable as an individual people will tend to trust and respect you, accountability saves time an money because it prevent problem from getting worse by taking responsibility for your action, seek support when necessary, setting goals and support teams, realising your mistakes and finding solution to it. It shouldn’t be forced instead should be seen as culture. Sometimes lack of accountability is not intentional but have some underlying reason such as poor strategy and limited time

  • Lack of respect for confidentiality of information

Confidentiality is vital in wide range of works, not respecting privacy of information is so unprofessional, for a doctor who knows the detail of his or her patients condition and treatment  shouldn’t disclose it to others, there are legal requirements to keep it safe and secure. You should be able to protect information about individual or documents which they wouldn’t want to disclose, Breaching this is going against the privacy act. Disclosing information that is private requires the consent of individual or union. Personal information should be kept private this behaviour shows how professional you are, it unprofessional conduct to disclose private information. The  consequence of breaching confidential information include; dealing with lawsuit, affects professional reputation, loss of current and future client, employee who violate the agreement on confidentiality maybe fired and criminal charge can occur.

As a professional you can do what unprofessional people feels is impossible  what others would rather not do this behaviour distinguish one from others.

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