Factors to Consider Making Career Choice for High School Students.

As making career choice is often affected by multiple factors include personality, interest, self concept, identity, globalization, socialization, role model, social support and available resources such as information and finance, there are possible factors to consider making career choice for high school students. This problem is obviously a serious one among high school students as high school is a great time to start thinking about careers.

Although many high schoolers don’t yet know what they want to do, school counselors say that’s perfectly fine. According to them, students are likely to change their minds multiple times, perhaps even after they enter the workforce. It may also be true that some of tomorrow’s careers might not exist today. However, high school students don’t have to know the exact career they want; they should know how to explore different careers and put time into investigating them and learning about their skills and interests.

The dilemma high school students face in the making career choice is why this article focuses on helping both teachers and their many learners come to the knowledge of some factors to consider making career choice for high school students.

Factors to Consider Making Career Choice for High School Students.

  • Interest

This is one of the very effective factors to consider in making career choice for high school students, that is, looking for careers that help you put interests in them to use in order to carry out excellence. If you love sports, for example, you might consider a career as a gym teacher, recreational therapist, or coach. If you like math, a career as a cost estimator, accountant, or budget analyst might be a good fit. There are hundreds of occupations, and most of them involve more than one skill area. School counselors, teachers, and parents can help point you in the direction of occupations that match your interests and skills. School counselors, for example, often have tools that they use to link interests and skills with careers.

  • Personality Test

When trying to choose a career path, a good strategy is to start from the inside out rather than vice versa. In other words, start with what you desire, not what others (or society) want for you. An excellent way to find out what you would excel at and enjoy is by taking a personality test.

A personality test can help you understand who you are, how you work, and the careers that suit your temperament. The test provides a breakdown of your strengths, weaknesses, and ideal working conditions.

  • Taking an Internship for Experience
Basing your career choice on your experiences is one of the easiest ways to go. The problem is most graduates don’t have any. Getting an internship is an excellent way to get experience in the career path you are considering. And you know how it is – every company wants to hire people with experience, even if it is a graduate job.  Choosing the right career takes time and often experimentation. Interning with different companies in different fields will improve your chances of getting it right.
  • Noticing Your Greatest Passion

You don’t need a test to tell you what you are passionate about. However, a test could tell you which of your passions will give you the greatest likelihood of success. Passion gives one the energy and tenacity to follow a career or job through without considering pulling out from the career path. This is one of the very effective factors to consider in making career choice for high school students.

  • Research and Counselling

On identifying possible occupations, you’ll want to learn more about them. Talking directly to workers can help you get information about what they do. If you don’t know workers in occupations that interest you, ask people such as parents, friends, or teachers for their contacts. Some schools have business liaisons or coordinators who help put students in touch with employers—and school counselors can assist, too. These networking efforts might pay off later, even if opportunities aren’t available now.

  • Acquired Skills and Educational Qualification

Every role has educational requirements. While Law and Medicine have strict requirements, others are more open and focus more on transferable skills than your degree. Any high school student who has not yet discovered their passion , interest, or personality may find it difficult making a choice of the skills he should plan to acquire let alone the course they should opt for in the university. This is why it is more important to consider the above highlights if any factors to consider making career choice for high school students.

  • Identification With One’s Character

When companies are trying to recruit candidates, they always make a big deal about their core values. This is why it will be most profitable for anyone to first consider building up their social character first by paying attention to the set societal values. An individual value system must not be ignored as it is quite important to surviving in any environment or society. This as one of the factors to consider in making career choice for high school students is also very important because it helps you identify which career or industry is better for you to work and excel in.

  • Availability in Labor Market

This is probably one of the final factors to consider in making career choice for high school students. It is about considering the availability of the career you are choosing or going for, as this will determine whether you are to follow it through or not. Different societies have their various resources provided for the acquisition of skills for different careers, so is the importance that comes with being careful and studious enough to know which career can be chosen. Better still, the result makes you decide there will be any plan of leaving the country.

  • Financial buoyancy of the Career

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to work in an industry that pays a lot of money. As economic challenges are daily popping up, it is necessary for one to choose a career that is known to be lucrative or most profitable. Although money should not be the only motivating factor, your energy and skills will definitely give huge financial returns.

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