Top Uses of Smartphone for Students in School

Generally speaking smartphone play various roles in our way of life. Study review that 90%  of people uses smartphone for texting, 80% use it for email, 72% use for Facebook , 89% use it for self camera, 68% use it for reading news, 53% use it for online shopping  and 87% use it for WhatsApp, 45% use it for online banking.

The uses of smartphone for students cannot be overemphasized. Smartphones performs undisputed roles in students learning activities. For instance, some of the uses of smartphone for students include how students use smartphones for registering courses, checking lecture time table and exams schedule, checking grades, having group discussion, reading announcements and for the payment of school fees and many more.

Today, smartphones are not just useful tools for students alone but also survival tools for all. They have sharpened our lives in so many ways, making it seem like they are almost unavoidable by adding more values to our lives and also making tasks easy for us. In various aspects of our lives, we have known to use the smartphones for so many things; in education, daily life, business endeavors, working from home and so on. Smartphones are therefore very necessary for our day to day activities.

Top Uses of Smartphone for Students in School

Smartphones have played crucial roles in the day-to-day academic activities of a student. Here are some of the uses of smartphones for students in school:

  • Reading Notes

Students can use smartphone to read note online. Many schools now upload their course work online for students to download and study. Aside from that, some students go the extra mile using their smartphones to learn more about their school work by streaming tutorial videos online or reading other useful course materials online.

  • School Registration

Smartphones have reduced the stress of flocking at the computer centres to complete student registration processes. Students can now comfortably register their courses and modules anywhere using their smartphones. Payments are also payable using online banking facilities as a gateway for settling fees through the use of smartphones.

  • Campus Connection

Students find it very easy to connect with friends and colleagues on campus without having to walk around the campus environment. Useful information can be easily passed across different group chats and forum.

  • Submission of Assignments

Some tutors now organize most of their classes online even without coming to the classroom. Students are able to attend classes without stepping out of their residence and assignments can even be submitted from home using smartphones. Smartphones made it easy to organize online distant learning programs since most of the materials needed are already uploaded online.

  • Write down ideas

Inspiration doesn’t always come when we want it to. For that reason, try using your mobile device. Smartphones allow us to take down notes any time, any place.

  • Read the news

Many teachers often include news articles as part of their teaching methods (for example, in Economics). With an endless amount of news gathering mobile applications, you can bring news and current affairs into the classroom in an instant.

  • Dictionary

There are a multitude of dictionary applications that allow you to check the meaning of a word instantly.

  • Translator

Again, this can help with meaning and explanation of a foreign word just like the dictionary application.

  • Check facts

Probably the most common use of all. Both students and teachers can now find facts within seconds. This can be very useful when explaining and debating topics.

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