What Africa Need to do and Develop.

What Africa need to do and develop is a very important question which is systemically staring African leadership in the eye with far more challenging globalization and efficiency questions. In the midst of rising problems and economic crises in the continent, it behooves of African governments to find this article essential if they must at all proffer answers to the question: what Africa need to do and develop.

What Africa Need to do and Develop.

These are the key notes to focus on what Africa need to do and develop its society.

  • Global Interdependence
Globalization is a process of integrating economic decision making such as the consumption, investment, and saving process all across the world. It is a global market in which all nations are required to participate. Therefore, for their development, and confronting the 21st century, challenges must be ready and prepared for globalization, the interdependence of states. The private sector in developed countries is to be encouraged to invest in Africa.
  • Conquering Insecurity
Internal security and external security should be crucial considerations in the pursuit of development alternatives. In order to attract more investment in Africa, states would reduce the high rate of insecurity, uncertainty etc. Governments in Africa must be ready to put some safety measures into place and therefore offer some life assurances if foreign investment is to be attracted, there is evidence that good economic governance is a necessary condition for attracting foreign investment, but none of this can ever thrive if security of life and property is not guaranteed.
  • Observance of Fundamental Rights and Laws
The need to achieve international cooperation is germane if Africa need to develop at all. In any way, that need actually fuels the need for African government to start promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and fundamental liberties for every of its citizens without political bias. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, such as cut across all spheres, must be considered in its dealing with her citizenry and even the general public if the question of what Africa need to do and develop must be answered.
  • Consistent Participation in International Trade

One of the many ways through which the independent African states have been relevant to international interference is trading and being a value in the world trade system. Trade has been one of the key elements which have shot the African region into globalization since the end of colonial rule.

With an economy already geared to produce commodities to supply the industrial interest of developed countries, the managers of the post colonial state found themselves entrenched in deep seated traditions of trade from which they could hardly extricate themselves completely if what Africa need to do and develop is a sincere question confronting African leadership.

  • Adoption of Traditional-Modern Democracy in African Leadership

For the love of economic growth and development in all aspects of governance, Africa has had to merge the inherent values of the democratic principles that were adopted in old African traditional political culture with those ones in the western/modern political culture. Good governance is characteristic of democracy and this by implication promotes efficiency in the economy. Any society with an up and running economy has without doubt positioned itself for development across all sectors.

Each African country therefore needs to invest heavily in human capital as part of its dream to attain economic prosperity. Growth in today’s information-based global economy depends on a flexible, educated and healthy mindset which is not merely acquainted, but strongly informed about the traditional democratic ethos of the past African society and just the same way with the western democracy.

  • Imbibing Growth Orientation in Leadership

Growth is a process of continuous technological innovation, industrial upgrading, economic diversification, and improvements in the various types of infrastructure and institutional arrangements that constitute the context for national development; the governments of African nations then are required to make immense efforts in building up their mindsets to the need for growth of their milieus. There is a potential role to play in leadership in order to help overcome the various problems which arise inevitably in the process of modern economic growth and social development.

So, in order to know what Africa need to do and develop, many of these ideas identified above need to be adopted and practically used for effectiveness.

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