Who Is Left Handed?

Who Is Left Handed? Brain teasers test your intelligence quotient and improve logical reasoning. No doubt, solving puzzles and brain teasers is a fun activity but they also enhance problem-solving and decision-making powers. Plus, you learn how to scan things within seconds and how to respond early. These all things change your overall lifestyle. Besides, these riddles and teasers offer opportunities to think out of the box. In simple words, these brain teasers bring several health and personality benefits to your life. 

In this article, we’re going to present a visual brain teaser that will amuse you as well as check your IQ. In the given puzzle, you need to point to “Who is left-handed?” You also can find such kinds of puzzles on the official IQ test website

Take a look at this puzzle!

The Given Puzzle 

In this puzzle, you have to spot who is a left-handed person in the picture. You can see five people with different activities. Take your time to identify the left-handed one. You have 45 seconds to spot the person, your time starts now! Did you succeed? If not, we will help you to solve this puzzle. Let’s solve it!

Analyzing Given Image

Who Is Left Handed?

In the given image, your task is to find the left-handed person. But first of all, you must focus on their situations and activities. 

General Rule of Working

The left-handed person performs tasks with the left hand and the right-hand person performs tasks with the right hand. It is very simple and everyone knows it. When you have failed to solve it?

The right-handed person will perform the task with the right hand and the left-handed person will perform the task with the left hand. Let’s break down the puzzle so you can easily understand who is left-handed.

First Person

The person who is beating the hammer on the nail is using his right hand according to the picture. 

Second Person

The second person is cutting the wood with a saw. He is using his right hand to perform this activity. 

Third Person

The third person who looks like an editor, is writing a paper on the desk with his right hand. 

Fourth Person 

The fourth person is a cameraman and is clicking a picture using both hands. Somehow, the fourth person is not clear regarding the general rules of working to some extent. 

Fifth Person 

The fifth person is a who is serving drinks on the table. But he is carrying a tray in his right hand.

I hope, you can solve it easily now, if not, don’t worry. We will explain everything in detail so you can easily solve this without any ambiguity. 

The Answer

The Answer

According to performing tasks, you have a clear image in your mind of who is doing what. But there is no clarity between the two persons, the cameraman who is using both hands and the waiter who is going toward the table carrying the tray with his right hand. 

If you observe with focus, you will see that the cameraman is clicking pictures with his right hand’s finger. 

On the other hand, the waiter is going toward the table carrying the tray in his right hand. But he has to serve the drink with his left hand. So, the waiter is a left-handed person in this picture. As you know, lefties can easily hold the tray in their right hand and service drinks with their left. 

So, the answer to this mental quiz is that “the waiter” is a left-handed person. 

Final Word

Brain teasers stimulate your brain and require a logical approach. You also learn how to focus and correlate things with each other. In the above article, you have observed the general rule of working and its application in different situations. Now, you have prepared enough to crack such puzzles easily. As you know, improved mental ability matters a lot and such puzzles are the best tonics for that. So, if you’re looking for an IQ test and want to improve your cognitive abilities, you should take tests and puzzles from the official IQ test websites. 

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