Why do I Need an Education? Reasons Education is Important

Why do I need an education? The situation in the world makes it impossible to maintain excellent mental health. We are not even mentioning those who are planning to enter the university. How do applicants turn to the university and specialty in conditions of crisis, quarantine, and global educational changes? Will the universities return to the usual educational process in the spring? How long have we been stuck online, and how can we not get lost in the whirlwinds of constant change that are sweeping over us one by one?

Why do I Need an Education?

Below are a few suggestions for entrants and parents.

On the one hand, education has become close through the forced introduction of online learning. We got free access to various resources, teachers, and a global knowledge base. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages:

  • We critically lack “live” communication.
  • We have only an approximate idea of how the introductory campaign will develop.
  • We cannot predict precisely how the new academic year will begin.

When we think about education as a process, it is essential to understand that it is a complex process that requires a lot of effort and time. It’s not about completing all assignments; it’s about finding think you are passionate about. So if you need to devote more time to a particular subject or work and are ready to sacrifice some other tasks, do it. Prioritizing is one of the best things you can take from the educational process. Also, many things can help you with that. You can find a thesis writer to help you with your writings or use a Pomadorro method to study more effectively. 

We who quickly go online also often forget that not everyone has access to the Internet or gadgets of adequate capacity. And this is not only a Ukrainian problem but also a global one. My colleagues in Lebanon say that it is not as much of a challenge for them to prepare good material to deliver it to students who have no means of communication.

Nowadays, it has become much more challenging to get money. Will we have the opportunity to go abroad, how mobile will we be, and what protocols will we have to pass for this? On CNN a few days ago, there was a video about the road between Japan and Hong Kong. In the past, as the hero of the report says, the path took five years, but now with all the requirements for testing, isolation, and results, it takes 21 years! And with an optimistic scenario. And then another 14 days of self-isolation, regardless of the development of the test.

In the U.S., many applicants have already decided on an educational institution. They are changing their minds in favor of the nearby location of the school because they are not ready to go to the other end of the country. There is a notification from the universities under which conditions and under which rules, presumably, the training on the campuses will begin. And the word “allegedly” is significant here. 

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