Why Scammers Do Not Video Call on WhatsApp

There are quite a lot of reasons why scammers do not video call on WhatsApp. Many of them are society-influenced, others are self-decided, while majorly these reasons are concentrated upon self-protection. However, the answer to this question of why scammers avoid doing video call on WhatsApp or any social media platforms is obvious and it is handy.

Ever since the advent of the internet, many users from across the world have grown to harness its beautiful functions wrongly, oftentimes to their selfish advantages. By daily experience, these scammers increase lurking from the many corners of the world against the innocent.

Millions of people around the world use online dating sites and apps. And there are many success stories of people finding love and companionship online. But as well as the successes, there are also online dating scams – and these are on the rise.

Online dating scams, also known as romance scams or romance fraud, take place when someone believes they have made a connection or match through an online dating site or app – but the person they are talking to is, in fact, a scammer using a fake profile.

Why Scammers Do Not Video Call on WhatsApp

Here are some of the few tips why scammers do not video call on WhatsApp:

For Identity Reason

The very first reason why scammers do not video call on WhatsApp is simple. Identity must be kept safe. They won’t Skype or video call you or meet in person. This is so you won’t get to know them or see their real face online as it is for security reasons and it is that they are not having the real intentions in the first place. They are so fake!

Scammers often do not bother writing or constructing their profile or bio or text or message. What they do is, copy messages from other websites or dating profiles or love messages on complimentary cards. You can run research suspiciously through an online google search tool to see if any matches come up. If they do, don’t message back or respond.

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WhatsApp Don’t Have Pre-Recording

The scammers eventually do not do video calls on WhatsApp actually. This is because WhatsApp do not have a pre-recorded version where they supposedly prepare before they do on a video chat. So, at first, they might tell you they can’t do it.

Some of them will tell you they can’t do it because they don’t have one of those pre-recorded video calls or a way to change their voice. With pre-recording version on WhatsApp, they can’t really design their presentations to suit what or how they want their preys to see them.

To Avoid Keeping their Victims on Toes

They also do not do video call on WhatsApp because they need to keep pampering their victims with lies and make him or her think he is still dealing with the truth. Their desire is to let him keep romancing with his fantasies, which are their own lies. Once they try to video call on WhatsApp, then it’s like disillusioning him.

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