Why Students Should Practice Self-Discipline?

Do you really want to know why students should practice self-discipline both at home and in school? If yes is your answer, then this content is prepared just for you. The truth is, as a student, you deserve the right to enjoy at least the tinge which often come with the attainment of success especially in your exam results, or in the result of the competition you just participated in.

However, every one of such feelings is borne by the sacrifices which were made in the hope for their realization. These sacrifices, on the other hand, could only be facilitated by what is now called self-discipline. It is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. As an executive function, it is a cognitive process that is necessary for regulating one’s behavior in order to achieve specific goals. This is also known as self-control.

With this habit beautifully cultivated, there is no way a student can fail nor is there any way such could miss the opportunity of ever emerging with flying colors in all endeavors which are embarked upon. Unlike a student who fails to nurture him or herself with discipline, self-disciplined individuals are without low self-control and they also tend not to be impulsive, insensitive towards others, risk takers, short-sighted, and nonverbal.

As a matter of fact, they are always the rulers and easily noticed for their significant impact in every situation they find themselves. So if you truly aim to know some reasons why students should practice self-discipline anywhere, below are the highlights:

  • Academic Success

Being disciplined is very paramount for excellent performance. Students who are disciplined tend to get better scores and perform excellently than their peers. Education becomes incomplete without learning discipline. It is often said that discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

To be a successful student, you will need to be ready to pay a price, either by sacrificing your time, energy, sleep, money or even food, to attain that height. Success never comes by chance. It comes to those who deserve it.

  • Develops Leadership Character

Of course, only failures are isolated. Disciplined students are admired by their friends, course mates, and even teachers/lecturers as well. Everyone admires excellence. Statistics have clearly shown that disciplined students have grown up to be top leaders in society. They exhibit the basic qualities of a leader.

They become role models everywhere they go. Their fellow students aspire to be like them and some would go as far as making them their private tutors, the cost notwithstanding. Lecturers also go ahead to make them class monitors, prefects, course-reps, etc.

  • Avoidance of Negative Contingencies

Discipline would help you to avoid unnecessary running around to get things done. At the early stage of your life as a student, the penalty for delayed submission would be punishment or rejection of assignments. However, you must take note that as you go further in life, it may not always be so.

Mistakes and non-challant attitude could be easily forgiven but a time might come when you would wish you had done better. Such regrets may last for a lifetime. It’s a bitter truth a lot of students fail to accept. What discipline does is that it helps to prevent the aftermath attracted by failure to carry out a particular task at the appropriate time.

  • Boosts Your Activeness

Disciplined students, often stay healthy and active throughout the whole day. What do I mean by this? Their choices and decisions are usually taken after careful consideration of important factors.

A good number of disciplined students have their activities and schedules for the day already outlined. At the end of the day, there is little or no time at all for aimless roaming or unprofitable discussions.

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  • Increases Self-Confidence

Discipline and success work hand-in-hand. A disciplined student would never fail to succeed because success is never achieved by mere wishes but it is a conscious effort. Discipline is like a driving force that compels you to take that decision even when there’s no external motivation.

As you strive to do better each day, your self-esteem and confidence are being built. As a result, other people would believe in you, your fellow students can confidently bring a difficult task to you for assistance, your lecturer can also call on you to represent the school in a contest.

  • Time Consciousness

A disciplined student would have enough time at his/her disposal. You would agree with me that the student who does the assignment promptly, would have enough time for other things compared to the one who does it a few minutes before the deadline.

If you continue to postpone tasks that could easily be done now, the whole work will become a burden. Hence, it becomes harder to carry out the next task. To achieve efficient management of time as a student, you must learn to discipline yourself to do things at the appropriate time.

  • Sharpens Moral Sanity

As a disciplined student, you will know what is good or bad for you. You will know what time of the day you can study and assimilate easily.

You will also know a good time to engage in other extra-curricular activities. You’ll study, eat, rest, sleep and wake up on time. A disciplined student is never caught off guard during exams. You end up with an atmosphere where the brain relaxes at the right time and performs better when necessary.

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