Years of Training Civil Defense Recruit Undergo

The number years of training Civil Defense recruit undergo before they become eligible enough for the positions of being the real Civil Defense officer can be counted and is not much compared to other security forces in the country. This particular security outfit in Nigeria has done more good than the harm ascribed to certain security forces that had come before them.

The Civil Defense is known for their efforts to settle disputes between locals, arrest criminally-minded individuals who are alleged to be mild within the community. Many states now recognize the impact of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps with continuous collaboration to ensure maximum security.

The primary function of the NSCDC is to protect lives and properties in conjunction with Nigeria police. One of the crucial function of the Corps is to protect pipelines from vandalism. The agency is also involved in crisis resolutions.

Short History of the Nigerian Civil Defense

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps was first introduced in May 1967 during the Nigerian Civil War within the then Federal Capital Territory of Lagos for the purpose of sensitization and protection of the civil populace. It was then known as Lagos Civil Defense Committee.

It later metamorphosed into the present day Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps in 1970. On inception, the Corps had the objective of carrying out some educational and enlightenment campaigns in and around the Federal Capital of Lagos to sensitize members of the civil populace on enemy attacks and how to save themselves from danger as most Nigerians living in and around Lagos territory then had little or no knowledge about war and its implications.

Members of the Committee deemed it important to educate through electronic and print media on how to guide themselves during air raids, bomb attacks, identify bombs and how to dive into trenches during bomb blast.

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Civil Defense Transformation

In 1984, the Corps was transformed into a National security outfit and in 1988, there was a major re-structuring of the Corps that led to the establishment of Commands throughout the Federation, including Abuja, and the addition of special functions by the Federal Government.

On 28th June 2003, an Act to give statutory backing to the NSCDC passed by the National Assembly was signed into law by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, the former president and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Recruitment Training Years of Civil Defense Recruit

The general duration of recruitment that should be spent by new intakes in the Civil Defense Corps does not necessarily take years, though the time when they resume work as rank and files may however be considered as part of the years of training to be calculated for the recruits.
Well, it is discovered that the appointed duration for the training may last for five to six Months. The purpose of the program is to provide newly recruited officers with self-defense training as well as a thorough understanding of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.

Allowance for the Trainee or Recruits

NSCDC training allowance (Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps). The current NSCDC training allowance is from ₦18,000 and above.

Recruitment Requirements

  • Two recent passports photographs with your name boldly written at the back
  • One white-colored office flat file jacket
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age
  • Duly completed guarantor’s form
  • Certificate of origin
  • Educational qualifications

Note: Candidates who fail to appear at the training camp will automatically be disqualified.

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