Biggest Cosmetic Companies in Nigeria and their Beauty Products

Biggest cosmetic companies in Nigeria and their beauty products > Nigeria is the home to many of the top biggest cosmetics companies in Africa. The following top 10 biggest cosmetic company in Nigeria have been leading the Nigerian cosmetics market for decades. Research studies conducted on the cosmetic industry highlight that the cosmetic market fared well even during the Recession and Covid 19 saga.

Though consumers were price conscious during this time but that doesn’t  stop them from spending on beauty products. Therefore, as today’s environment of rising per capita income, there is immense scope for growth in the Nigerian beauty business. Cosmetic companies across Nigeria are thriving on the diversity of products and demographics at their disposal. For information on the top biggest cosmetic company in Nigeria and their best beauty products, read below;

Biggest Cosmetic Companies in Nigeria and their Beauty Products

The top 10 largest cosmetics companies in Nigeria are:

1. B. J. Cosmetics

B. J. Cosmetics Company Limited is one of the top biggest cosmetic company in Nigeria, it is the cosmetics manufacturing company that produces Happy Care Hair Care Products which ranges from herbal hair treatment products to perfumed baby jelly.

B. J. Cosmetics (Nig) Ltd, the proud producer of Happy Care & Oma Hair Care Products was founded in Lagos, Nigeria in 2005 by a humble wife & mother, J. N. Onukaogu (Late), who was driven by her passion to accentuate human beauty through quality hair care products. It was her desire to make hair healthier and beautiful with her innovation. Over the years, the company has been known for innovative and quality hair care products. It is why our slogan remains: “your pride; our happiness!”

The Management & staff are aware of the importance of quality products thus, in sourcing raw materials, we ensure that we do not compromise in any way. Always demanding for the best from reliable sources in order to satisfy our esteem customers with the best quality hair care products.

In addition, Strict hygienic rules are followed from production to packaging. The company is duly approved and registered by the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administrative Control (NAFDAC). Official Website:

B. J. Cosmetics products include; Happy Care Herbal Hair Treatment, Happy Care Hair Food Plus, Happy Care Hair Treatment Plus, Happy Care Anti-Dandruff & Darkening Hair Cream, Happy Care Hair Conditioner Plus, Happy Care Weavon Oil, Happy Care Styling Gel, Happy Care Shampoo, Oma Hair Food, Oma Herbal Hair Treatment Plus.

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2. Doyin Industries Limited

Doyin Industries Limited is locvated at 4 Agbagbon close, off Ologun Abgaje , Adeola Odeku st, Victoria Island, Lagos. This service Nigerian center offers manufacturing of cosmetics and fragrance products.

Doyin Group of Companies is a highly diversified and indigenous conglomerate comprising of companies that are productive in wide ranging sectors of the Nigerian economy including Manufacturing, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals for over 40 years.

The high level of priority given to quality control is the essence of the company’s longevity and the improvement of the Brands over time.
Doyin Group, since inception has remained the source of quality brands of pharmaceuticals, soaps, detergent, paints, tea, milk and food seasoning for all Nigerians. Official Website:

Their toothpaste, medicament, body cream, water, juice, and drinks have provided the desired comfort and personal care in many homes across the country and beyond. At Doyin Group, the determination is to remain the source of quality brands that you can trust for your essential household needs.

3. Esteem Royale Cosmetics

Esteem Royale Cosmetics is locvated at No. 7 Lingu crescent off Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse II, Abuja FCT, Nigeria.

Esteem Royale Cosmetics is a cosmetics production company that manufactures high quality organic products and formulates soaps, creams and exfoliators. Official Website:

Esteem Royale Cosmetics was created because they believe every person’s beauty desire is important and individualistic. The company want to feed this interesting individuality, empowering you to look, feel and be the best so you can achieve amazing things.

No matter your skin type or complexion, you can find effective products for brightening, lightening or managing blemishes at Esteem Royale Cosmetics store.

4. Beneks Manufacturing Nigeria Limited

Beneks Manufacturing Nigeria Limited is locvated at 4B Dupe Otegbola Street, Opposite Navy Barracks, Alakija Bus Stop, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

Beneks Manufacturing Nigeria Limited provides services in the manufacturing of cosmetics, salsa hair product, wines, living fountain water and dalin baby products. Official Website:

Beneks Group of Companies Limited was established as a private limited liability company on the 20th of March, 2000. The company was further incorporated as a holding company of its subsidiaries.

5. Cybele Cosmetics

Cybele Cosmetics is one of the top cosmetic brands in Nigeria. Since 1967, Cybele Cosmetics has been operating and manufacturing in the Nigerian market.

Its long-standing presence in the competitive Nigerian environment, combined with the success of its leading brands, has earned it a place among Nigeria’s key players. Official Website:

The company’s strengths lie in its ability to identify consumer needs and launch products that cater to the West African market.

This is backed up by extensive production know-how and a dedicated research and development department.

Currently, the Company’s name is associated with over 45 brands, including the popular Passion brand and other products ranging from deodorants to body care products to air fresheners.

The company is a member of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, NACCIMA, and the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and it is governed by NAFDAC and the Standard Organization of Nigeria.

6. PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

Nigeria is PZ Cussons’ largest and most diverse single market, operating in Personal Care, Home Care, Food and Electricals. PZC is one of the top cosmetic companies in Nigeria. PZC Nigeria has been in operation for over 120 years, having been founded in 1899 as Paterson Zochonis Industries Plc. Official Website:

In 2006, the company changed its name to PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc. Its headquarters are in Ikeja, Lagos State

The company has three manufacturing facilities and a large presence in Nigeria. Morning Fresh, Premier, Premier Cool, Cussons Baby, Carex, Imperial Leather, Mamador, Devon Kings, Haier Thermocool, and other well-known brands are under their control.

They take pride in the fact that their employees are their primary source of competitive advantage. It also exports to Angola, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Togo.

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7. Soulmate Industries

Soulmate Industries is a a leading hair care and beauty products company that has been around for over 29 years.

They specialise in making hair products such as hair conditioners, hair relaxers, hair oils, hair styling gels, anti-dandruff shampoos, sulfur, hcp, teen kits, early starter kits, herbal hair grows, bergamot, skincare products such as skin moisturizing cream and skin lightening cream, and makeup products such as eyeliner. Official website:

8. Oenic Industrial Limited

Another well-known skincare company in Nigeria is Oenic Industrial Limited, which manufactures cosmetics, grease and lubricants, resins and soap, and so on.

Their factory is located at Km 22, Lagos-Badagry Expressway, Badagry, Lagos. Although they haven’t been very active online, their products are among the most widely used in the country.

9. N.N FEMS Industries Limited

N.N. FEMS Industries Limited has built a solid reputation in the Manufacturing Industry since 1992, with one mission in mind: to make everyone feel good about themselves.

This quest began in 1992 with the Apple hair care line, which promised to “make you look and feel beautiful.” Since then, they have expanded their portfolio to include a variety of brands and products that cater to a variety of needs, including beauty, personal, home, and baby care. This is done to ensure that their customers have a wide range of best options for improving their lifestyle.

The company strives for excellence by upholding an honest culture, using high-quality ingredients that are safe and effective, and ensuring that its facilities continue to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

10. Evans Medical PLC

Evans Medical PLC is a Nigerian consumer and pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells a variety of over-the-counter, prescription pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical (health) products.

Malaria, infections, asthma, ulcers, hypertension, diabetes, colds and flu, and erectile dysfunction are all products manufactured by the company. Evans Medical also manufactures health products such as vitamins and minerals, topical preparations, and blood-forming preparations.

Founded in 1954 as Glaxo Nigeria Plc, the company changed its name to Evans Medical Plc in 1994. The company’s headquarters are in Lagos, Nigeria.

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