Career Skills for Computer Science Major

Top 7 Career Skills for Computer Science Major

When it comes to career skills for computer science major, programming is among the most important skills for computer science professionals. You must be familiar with the basics of programming, the process of designing and creating a functional computer program that can achieve a particular result or perform a particular task.

Apart from the fundamentals of programming, you must know how to use multiple programming languages such as Python, PHP, C, and Java etc.

So, if you are already or planning to enter the computer science industry as a professional, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you about the most in-demand and fundamental career skills for computer science major or professionals so you can prepare yourself for the industry.

Top 7 Career Skills for Computer Science Major

Computer science is a field full of rewarding and lucrative careers. And a degree in computer science can open up a lot of career opportunities.

When it comes to computer science and IT, there are a wide variety of career skills for computer science major that are vital to know. Using these skills, you may code in instructions, design frameworks, and software solutions for your organization. Here are some of the career skills for you:

1. Front-End Engineer

Front-end engineer is one of the popular career skills for computer science major which specialize in user interface (UI) development.

They work closely with designers to make websites functional, fast, and beautiful. As a front-end intern, you’ll use a language stack of HTML/JavaScript/CSS and learn how to test/debug your applications.

2. Back-End Engineer

While frontend engineers deal with the code that runs in the user’s web browser, back-end engineers handle the code that runs on the server.

This could include looking up data, preparing information to be sent over to the browser side, and doing calculations. Back-end engineer interns typically use program languages such as Python, Go, Java, React, Ruby, and SQL.

3. Full-Stack Developer

Want to flex your creative side and your analytical side? Consider a career in full-stack development.

As a full-stack development intern, you’ll learn how to write code for both front-end and back-end work. On the front-end, you may think about what the user is going to see and how they will interact with the website you create.

On the back-end side, you can use your problem-solving skills to make the larger puzzle pieces fit together.

4. Data Science

As a data science engineer, you’ll develop statistical models and draw insights from massive data sets, with the ultimate goal of creating better products and services.

5. Mobile Developer

Mobile developer  (also known as mobile app developer) work closely with other mobile developers to design, develop, and implement mobile applications. As a Mobile developer, you may help build apps for major platforms such as Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

6. Information Security

Security is a super-hot field right now and having this kind of experience on your resume could open you up to a lot of amazing opportunities within the cybersecurity industry. As an information security person, you’ll help monitor an organization’s networks for security breaches and investigate cybersecurity attacks if/when they occur.

7. Product Management

A lesser-known for computer science majors, product management work with the product management team to develop and execute the roadmap for a product or service. During this process, you’ll participate in the development of product strategy and use analysis to inform your decision-making.

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