Country That’s Better to Live Between Germany and UK: Why?

Choosing the right destination to live is an important decision for international migrants. UK and Germany are amongst the top countries that offer many opportunities for international migrants.

Both Germany and United Kingdom are awesome place to live in, choosing from Germany and UK dependence on personal preference and ones priority. These Europeans countries are unique in their ways, so both are amazing option.

Germany is well known for many things. It has a strong economy, is the birthplace of classical music and philosophy, has a rich culture, and is known for its scenic beauty. Additionally, Germany is known for its engineering and automotive industry, as well as its precision manufacturing.

In the other hand, the U.K. is known all over the world for its sports and literature. Soccer, rugby, cricket, boxing, and golf were all invented in the United Kingdom. And the U.K. has produced many notable writers, including William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen.

If you are looking at a cheaper option and more viable way to explore manufacturing industry, you should go for Germany, especially if you are okay with the language barrier. On the other hand, England is a much more evolved and international country with better work opportunities.

Which is Better to Live Between Germany and UK 

When considering either to relocation to Germany or UK you have to take into account different factors. such as job opportunities, salaries, cost of living, standards of living, university admission rate, option to work while studying, taxes, visa requirements, location, safety, health system, employability, language barrier, weather, and culture. Each have their prons and cons. Taking consideration on the country that’s better to live between Germany and UK, here are some factors to consider before you make your choice:


Both Germany and the UK are considered safe countries to live in. The crime rate in the United Kingdom was 75.88 per 1,000 people in 2022–2023. Germany is safe and laws are strictly respected. There are lot of tourist attractive centre which give room for pickpockets and people who will be ready to scam the tourist. In general, virtually all countries have some crime rate in which these two countries are not an exception so it is always important to be careful of  your surroundings regardless the country

Education and career

UK is the homes of one of world best universities, when it comes to education you or your kids can receive a world-class education. Germany has outstanding educational institutions also provides free education to deserving students with excellent academic outcome. German and English are both European languages, there can still be a language barrier in Germany, over the years there has being increase in learning of English language

Uk which is Europe’s second-largest economy where London as its capital also one of the largest financial markets in the world. As such, the UK offers a large range of opportunities for foreign students and professionals such as doctors, dentists, technician, engineers, scientists, IT specialist, nurses, carers and so on. Also one of the most existing countries. Likewise Germany, though some German expert living in UK claims job opportunity is more flexible in UK than it is in Germany because professions are systematically regulated


Both countries have a rich culture, and there are many places to see, things to, food to eat and dress. In terms of food, Germany is known for its delicious sausages and beer, while the UK is known for its fish, chip and classic cup of tea. Festivals, music, religion and believes. Which are fantastic things to experience. Germany shares a border with 11 beautiful countries in terms of distance to neighboring countries  which can be affordable for visitation. While in UK you would need to travel by plane to visit neighboring countries which could get costly.


Just like many countries your tax rate depends on how much money you earn each year.  In gemany increment and Deductions can be made, deduction are granted for circumstances such as children under 18, unavoidable situation such as serious illness. You can earn a tax-free income in Germany if you make up to €450 per month. Your income might not be taxed in the UK if your country entered a tax treaty to avoid double taxation. Your liability to UK tax depends primarily on your residence and domicile status.

Health system

Germany has a mandatory public health insurance system for all residents and hospitals operate as independent including students. Access to the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK is included in your visa application fee. Though, some treatments requires charges.


Germany experiences four different season while summer is warm and winter is cold, the spring and fall which being about unstable weather. UK as well can experience different weather in a day but experience more rainfall than Germany 

Living costs

If you are not living close to the main cities the average cost of living for a family of four in the UK is between £4,000 and £4,500 depending on where you will be living. Germany is one of the cheapest countries in Europe when it comes to living cost, With an average cost of living between €1,698 and €3,561. In Germany, you can work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. In the UK, you can only work up to 20 hours per week during term time or full-time during holidays. However, finding a paid job in the UK during your studies can be difficult as most companies want to hire employees with more experience, however German companies can employ students and intern. Moreover, unpaid internships are still rampant in the UK.

Deciding on where to live in between Germany and UK depends on subjective choice so far both are nice places with lot of opportunities.

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