How To Get Federal Government Employment in Nigeria.

Federal Government Employment opportunities in Nigeria can be earned depending on your level of education/qualification which includes your resume, to where your services are required.

There are different jobs people can apply for in Nigeria depending on where they majored in the tertiary institution.

A few of this jobs are Oil & Gas, Information and Communication Technology, Education sector, Economic and the Agricultural sector etc. Job opportunities are open to all suitably qualified persons in Nigeria irrespective of gender, ethnicity and background.

Here is the steps on how to secure Federal Government Employment in Nigeria including the lists of requirements needed for job application. This will enhance your chances of being a successful job applicant.

Requirements For Federal Government Employment in Nigeria

Below are the top basic required documents you need to have available before applying for any federal & state government job in Nigeria. They include;

  1. Original degree certificate or equivalent
  2. Original WAEC, NECO or GCE results
  3. Original birth certificate
  4. Certificate of Origin (Local Government)
  5. Original means of identification (Voters Card, Driver’s License, International passport, National Identify Card)
  6. Marriage certificate (for married women using their husband’s name)
  7. Your Curriculum Vitae

How To Get Federal Government Employment in Nigeria

When applying for the federal  government jobs, ensure you adhere to the information given based on the post you want.

  • Do not submit multiple applications to avoid automatic disqualification
  • Ensure your names are written or correctly spelt
  • Indicate if you are already registered under a pension fund administrator
  • Confirm that your grades are accurate as they are on your certificate to avoid disqualification
  • Ensure that the dates of work experience and graduation are correct

Finally, cross-check entered information before submission.

Difficulties In  Securing a Job In Government Agency

It is not new in Nigeria that before you can get jobs in any of the Nigeria government agencies, you would have to know the right people, you cannot just work into any government offices and tell them that you are in a need of a job, the usual response that you will be given is that the government is not recruiting at the moment, that probably you should submit your CV( Curriculum Vitae) down and anytime the government starts recruiting, you will be called upon.

If you had to submit your CV down at any of the government agencies, the probability of you being called for interview is very slim and they might not even call you forever.

For you to get a job there, you need to know a top officer in that particular agency, whether the Permanent Secretary or top Directors in the agency. Another people that can easily help you could be the Ministers at the Federal Level, Senior Special Advisers to the President or the State Governors, National Assembly Members, either the Senators or members of the House of Representatives, Commissioners at the state levels, Local government chairmen at the Local government level and so on.

Top 10 Federal Government Jobs In Nigeria:

Below are a list of the top 10 federal government jobs in Nigeria

1. Oil and Gas Related Jobs

The oil and gas sector is the highest paying sector in Nigeria. Both individuals working at private multinational firms and individuals working with the federal government are very well paid.

Unlike individuals employed by multinational oil firms, professionals employed by the federal government have secure jobs.

Professionals working with the Nigerian National Petroleum Commission (NNPC) earn up to N5 million annually. This salary comes with multiple benefits.

2. Judges

The position of a judge is the apex position in the legal sector and one of the most honorable positions that can be attained by legal practitioners working for the federal government.

Judges of federal high courts earn annual salary of N1.8 million while justices of the Supreme Court earn an annual salary of N2.5 million. Judges do not only earn good salaries, they also enjoy other benefits that ordinary legal practitioners do not have access to.

3. Military

Jobs associated with the military are some of the most risky jobs that can be done in Nigeria. The risk associated with this job makes it one of the highest paying federal government jobs in Nigeria. This job doesn’t just come with a good pay cheque, it also comes with a lot of prestige and security.

4. Medicine

Medical doctors in Nigeria are some of the best paid professionals. However, if you must earn a good salary as a medical doctor, you will most likely have to work with the federal government.

At entry level, medical doctors earn about 120,000 monthly. This could increase to up to 750,000 for consultants.

5. Nursing

Nursing is a profession that is dominated by females. It is also one of the most appealing jobs to females in the health sector. Prior to the availability of nursing as a course in Nigerian universities, nurses although earned decently, were not as highly paid as they are at the moment.

Matrons working at federal hospitals could earn up to N400, 000 monthly.

6. Banking

The banking sector in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative at all levels. While most bankers in Nigeria work for private firms, a handful work for the federal government.

The central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Bank of Industry (BOI) and the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) are some of the federal establishments where bankers are employed at the federal level.

Bankers with the federal government earn just like their colleagues with jobs at private firms. A banker with a job at the Central Bank of Nigeria earns about N122, 000 at entry level. This salary comes with a lot of allowances and is bound to increase with time.

7. Accounting

Accounting is a job that is reserved for people considered to be of high integrity. This is one of the best paying jobs both in the private sector and at the federal level.

Accountants can work in many federal agencies. Some agencies that need a large number of accountants are the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Bank of Industry (BOI), and the Bank of Agriculture (BOA).

Accountants employed by the federal government are paid as well as their colleagues in the Private sector.

8. Security and Intelligence Agents

The job of a security and intelligent agent is a discreet one and needs a lot of discipline, integrity and responsibility. The set of individuals employed into this position are very well trained.

9. Economists

Economists that work with the federal government fall in the same category with bankers and accountants. They commonly work in the ministry of finance, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Security Exchange Commission and other federal financial institutions.

Economics working with the Central Bank of Nigeria earn about 120, 000 at entry level. They get an increase as they climb up the ladder.

10. Lecturing

Lecturing is a job that up until 1999 when the first private university in Nigeria was established could only be done at the state and federal level. Professors in Nigeria earn up to N500, 000 monthly.

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